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    Dodge is considered to be America's fastest growing brand. It has a reputation for producing cars that are a more comfortable alternative to iconic muscle cars with stylish interior and roominess. That's why CARiD stores a wide range of lights to keep your Dodge in top shape and ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. You know how valuable powerful illumination can be in the darkest of the night or when it's snowing or pouring down.

    Driving with faulty or worn out lights is rather dangerous, because you can easily get involved into a car accident. That's why CARiD stores an amazing selection of automotive lights for your Dodge to help you replace your defective lights and enhance your safety while on the road. Incorporating robust materials and the latest technology, experts designed high quality, extra durable lights so you can enjoy the continuous, non-flickering operation. Projector headlights for an excellent look and visibility, LED or Euro tail lights, fog lights with superior light output so that other drivers can see you clearly even in the thickest fog – all these lights and more are affordable at a reasonable price on CARiD.

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    Ram 392, Challenger ACR and More Will Be Brought to SEMA
    Ram 392, Challenger ACR and More Will Be Brought to SEMA

    Because Chrysler Group joined up with Fiat, Fiat vehicles, as well as Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, and Dodge are now included in brand portfolio. This translates into more cars for Mopar. Chrysler announced that 30 different modified vehicles will be brought to SEMA this year. Here are just some of these 30 "Moparized" vehicles.

    As for SEMA show in Vegas, the Chrysler itself will be represented by the 300 SF6, equipped with Mopar intake, exhaust, and headers, as well as KW coil-over suspension, upgraded brakes, and 22-inch alloys. The car is dedicated to the Spring Festival of Chrysler 300 owners in Southern California. Dodge Challenger SRT8 receives the ACR treatment with exhaust, shifter, upgraded suspension, front splitter, and 20-inch wheels. Another Dodge's model is the Durango, also known as Tow Hook. It is decked out in black and orange, featuring 22-inch wheels on a dropped suspension. The model gets many Mopar and custom parts as well as mods.

    As for the Fiat 500, there will be a pair of cars, the 500 Titanium and 500 Carbon. There are heavy doses of carbon fiber are found inside and out, new wheels and tires, body kits, and the other traditionally changed parts for the SEMA-style small cars. As for the Ram division, it will be repesented by the 392 Quick Silver with a 470-horsepower Hemi V8 fitted in its engine bay.

    Fuel Efficient and Powerful Pentastar V6
    Fuel Efficient and Powerful Pentastar V6

    Nowadays the fuel efficiency is on minds of most drivers, because of the gas prices that seem to grow all the time. If you wanted to get a decent MPG you had to sacrifice horsepower and torque, though with the appearance of this new engine any sacrifices are no longer needed. The new 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 offers both great performance and a decent fuel economy.

    This revolutionary engine is now available for the most popular models, i.e. Avenger, Charger, Challenger, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey. This engine will make your driving a pleasant experience without making you a bankrupt every time you need to fill up. The Pentastar V6 was named one of the Ten Best Engines of 2011.

    Confirmed: Dodge Viper to Return in 2012
    Confirmed: Dodge Viper to Return in 2012

    It’s official: the Snake is back! The Dodge Viper was ceased shortly after Fiat partnered with Chrysler, but Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s vice president of product design kept his loyalty to the Viper and recently he has confirmed the Snake will return in the summer of 2012 as a 2013 model.

    Mr. Gilles has disclaimed the rumors that the new Viper would share its underpinnings with a Ferrari model or the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. "Where the cabin is, relative to the wheels, is unique," said Gilles who is also head of design. "The Viper cabin is very rearward and the hood is very long. Few cars in the industry are designed with those proportions anymore."

    It has also become known that the revived Viper will have a new engine instead of its current 640-hp 8.4L V-10. There’s no word yet on what this new engine will be, though. According to Gilles, “there won’t be a part of the car untouched”. Chrysler’s intention is to make the new Viper accessible to more people by offering an out-of-the-box stability control for a softer and more forgiving ride.