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Truck Bed Caps

For Cargo Security & Protection

Bed caps, camper shells, toppers, whatever you know them as, may have been the first truck bed accessory. A truck bed is just an open box, and it’s natural that someone would want to enclose it, for cargo security or to create a temporary shelter. Early caps were boxy structures appropriate for the utilitarian trucks of the time, with corrugated aluminum shells and few frills. Today you have many more choices in styles, features, and materials.

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Although a cap over a truck bed still creates a dry place to roll out a sleeping bag on a camping trip, most caps are used for protected and secure storage of cargo, tools and equipment. When you’ve got more gear than you can fit under a tonneau cover, and security is paramount, you need a bed cap. Strong, lightweight aluminum caps are still available, and these are often favored for work use, but today most caps are made of rugged, durable fiberglass.

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Truck Bed Caps the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Bestop, Pop and Lock the Truck Bed Caps we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Instead of something that looks like an afterthought, modern fiberglass truck caps are designed to complement your truck’s styling, and many are available painted to match the exterior finish. These tops integrate so well into the design of the truck that from a distance it can be difficult to distinguish a pickup with a cap from its SUV brethren. Along with traditional features like sliding side windows, there are many features and options available in truck caps that enable you to select and equip the cap exactly according to your needs.

Features vary according to manufacturer and model, but in general most caps are custom designed for the application and available in cab height and higher rise styles when you need more vertical room. 3rd brake lights are integrated into the shell for a seamless appearance, with tinted locking glass doors supported by gas lifts. Many caps are available with dome lights, headliners, and interior storage compartments including shelves, overhead compartments, and cargo nets. Most caps are also strong enough to be equipped with a roof rack and haul recreational equipment like bikes and kayaks.

One option you may not have thought of for your truck bed is a convertible top. When you have more gear, or taller gear, than will fit under a tonneau, but still want complete, unobstructed access to your truck bed, a convertible top is the way to go. In the raised position, the top provides all the space and protection of a hard shell cap, but when full bed access is desired, the top can be folded forward in minutes. Like the convertible tops we offer for Jeeps, the truck bed top features premium fabric, removable, zip-out tinted windows, heat sealed seams, heavy-duty molded tooth zippers, and industrial strength thread.

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Truck Caps, Tents & Camper Shells Reviews
Average rating: 3.5 3.5 - 1 reviews
1999 Ford F-250 | Posted by William | (Sahuarita, AZ)

The super top looks good on the truck. I didn't like how it fits in some places it had ripples where the side windows met the top. It had leaks on both top seams, its possible they could have been fixed with seam sealer, but I never bothered and just sold it. I also didn't like how the front part of it velcroed to the front of the bed, because I had a bed liner I had to go and screw the velcro down and then it still leaked. I also didn't like how you had to carefully remove the side windows and store them somewhere flat in order to roll it up.

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