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In its original factory state, your truck bed is designed to be exposed to rain and snow, which is why there is normally a gap between the truck bed and the tailgate to allow any water that accumulates to drain out. However, if you happen to cover up the top of your truck bed with a tonneau cover or truck bed cover, you'll find that the drainage gap may actually be what's allowing moisture and dirt into your truck bed instead, making it a liability rather than an asset!

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That is why under those circumstances, you should definitely look to tailgate seals as the solution to your problem. At CARiD, you'll find tailgate seals for practically every type of truck on the road, along with truck bed covers and other accessories that you may need as well. If you have any questions that need answers, our customer service representatives stand ready seven days a week.

Make no mistake, using tailgate seals without a truck bed cover or tonneau cover would be a big mistake. Once you seal off the gap between the truck bed and the tailgate, any water that accumulates within the truck bed won't be able to drain out as easily and this could lead to further problems. Both covers and seals need to go hand in hand to be effective and really protect your truck bed from the elements as well as dirt and dust that might find its way in otherwise.

Without a tailgate seal, moisture will gradually accumulate in the gap between the tailgate and the truck bed. Also, as you drive, small pieces of dirt will end up getting stuck in there too. Normally, this dirt would end up being 'flushed out' as water drains from the truck bed, but since no water is draining due to the tonneau cover, it will just stay there and could very well scratch and damage the finish. With moisture trapped there too, it is only a matter of time until corrosion begins to set in and the bottom of the tailgate begins to rust.

Unlike other truck accessories, generally speaking, you won't have to find a tailgate seal that is specific to your truck. Most tailgate seals are universal fits and you'll simply need to cut out the length that you need to completely seal off the gap between your tailgate and truck bed. After that, all you need to do to install it is peel off the backing paper to expose the adhesive side and then stick it where you want it to be applied. If you install it properly, the seal will fully block the gap but won't get in the way when you're moving items on or off the truck bed itself.

Some brands that manufacture tonneau covers and truck bed covers also have their own lines of tailgate seals. Although it might be worth using seals that come from the same brand as your cover, it isn't compulsory and so long as you choose a tailgate seal that is reliable, long-lasting, and durable enough – you shouldn't have any problems. The last thing you want is for the seal to tear shortly after you've installed it, in which case you'd have to remove it and install a new one if you want your truck bed to remain dry and clean.

Apart from the regular dust and moisture, you'll find some seals that also claim to be able to deal with UV, gas, oil, and other materials. While this may sound impressive, they aren't features that are completely necessary in most everyday situations. However, it never hurts to be more protected than you need to be, so it is really up to you. So long as the tailgate seal you apply covers the entire gap between the tailgate and truck bed, you should be sufficiently protected from practically all the elements that you need to worry about.

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The Extang Maxseal tailgate is advertised as being 12 feet long but when I measured the seal out of the package, it was only 10 feet long. There is enough to do the job, but somebody needs to change the advertised size. Thank You. Bob.

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