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As trucks have gotten taller and buyers have grown older, the effort required to get into the pickup bed has become more of an issue. So much so that recently manufacturers started equipping their new trucks with steps to make it easier to access the bed. But you don’t have to buy a new truck to get this convenient feature. We have truck bed steps that can be mounted where you need them most, including models that retract out of the way when not needed.

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Without steps, getting into a pickup bed means clambering onto the tailgate on your knees and then standing, and even if you’re young and in good shape this can get tiring if you have to do it repeatedly to load and unload cargo. Truck bed steps allow you to climb into the bed on your feet, just like climbing a short flight of stairs. Truck bed steps make the job go faster. You can work longer, get more done, and feel better afterward.

Of course, we offer bed steps that mount at the rear, for easy access to the bed with the tailgate down. But because the bed rails on most new trucks are so high it can be almost impossible to access anything in the front of the bed from the side, we also offer bed steps that can be mounted at the bed sides. With side bed steps, you won’t have to find something to stand on, or risk damaging the finish on your truck when you want to reach cargo that’s in the front of the bed. These steps are especially handy for accessing tools and supplies from a bed mounted tool box.

Along with offering steps for various positions, we also have steps in a range of styles, including metal steps with textured surfaces and treaded rubber steps for traction even with wet or muddy boots or shoes. And most of our steps can be retracted under the bed by foot when not needed, for a clean look, increased ground clearance, and to prevent banging your knees or shins accidentally on a step sticking out. The one thing you won’t have to worry about is ruggedness. Most of our steps are designed to handle up to 300 lbs., so you can step on them even with an armful of cargo.

In addition to single steps that fold out or down from under the bed, we also offer a folding ladder that mounts to your tailgate. This sturdy ladder is constructed from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy, and mounts securely to the inside of the tailgate with the included self-tapping screws. When you need to load or unload cargo, just open the tailgate and fold down the ladder. You get 4 evenly spaced steps with textured surfaces for traction that allow an easy climb into the bed. When not needed, the ladder folds in 3 sections to a compact size that stores right on the tailgate.

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Tailgate Steps Reviews

Average rating:  5  4.8 - 11 reviews
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4.8 of 5
1999 Ford F-250 / Posted by Edward (Weymouth, MA) /

Looks good, when it's in the up position it's cons, it's concealed you almost wouldn't know it's there. It's all foot operated. Easy installation, took me about 20 minutes. Makes my life so much easier getting in and out of the back of my truck.

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