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    Today, we would like to pay our attention to the exhaust system. This system consists of various components that you should definitely know. They are exhaust manifold, tail pipe, catalytic converter, and the exhaust pipes. They are built for a particular engine. Do you know that the functions of all the components are linked like a chain? If one of them fails, the chain will be broken, and the whole system will be out of order. The first element that receives gases from the car’s engine is the exhaust manifold. Its function is to burn and funnel any leftover fuel, which was not burned by the engine, down through the exhaust pipe to the catalytic converter.

    The latter is known to be an important component that keeps harmful emissions out of the air. Thanks to this component, harmful pollutants are converted into less toxic substances before they leave your lovely auto. Then, the exhaust gases pass through the muffler. It is used to break up sounds that are produced by the engine. Moreover, your vehicle has a resonator that reduces the noise the muffler cannot decrease. The last part the exhaust gases visit is the tail pipe that provides additional exhaust silencing. If you are going to replace these parts, come to CARiD where you will find our great variety of the Honda Exhaust Parts.

    The exhaust system is of great significance as it is responsible for ridding of dangerous chemicals. Being a complex unit, the system is made up of numerous components working together and relying upon each other for the whole mechanism to function. Once broken, any piece from the assembly will bring damage to the entire exhaust system. That is why it's so vital to keep each and every component in apple-pie order. CARiD will gladly help you with that difficult yet important task. We store hundreds and thousands of top-grade replacement parts for your exhaust system. Just browse our wide range of products and compare over 3 exhaust parts reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars to choose the right piece for your vehicle.

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    1998 Honda Odyssey
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    "Pipe fit car as specified, and cost about half what dealer wanted. Beefy and well made. I will note that one of the gaskets that came with it was incorrect: It needed a donut type gasket, not the circle that was ordered/sent in error. Muffler shop had one that would fit, so it was not a big issue, but it could have been. Be certain you are ordering the right gaskets: On-line drawings can be pretty spotty."