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There are many manufacturers of marine products in the market today but none can beat or come close to what Fusion makes. The company has been in the business for many years and over that time, it has come to be regarded as a leader in the manufacture of marine products. While many manufacturers market their products as ideal for marine installation, Fusion items come across as very durable and of very high quality.

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    Showing 1-15 of 120 Products

    When your marine audio system starts giving a less-than-perfect sound, you need to start looking for the ideal company to give you the best replacement for the failing system. If you are looking forward to taking long marine voyages and the audio system is not 100% solid, Fusion is the place you should head to first. The company will provide you with the widest range of marine products to help you restore and even revamp your audio system.

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    Fusion Electronics Ltd was founded in 1998 in New Zealand. The company was formed based on the enthusiasm the founders had for car audio systems. They were very much into cars, music and street culture. With the passage of time, countless opportunities for growth have presented themselves and as a result, the company has grown relentlessly into a big player in the field of top notch audio parts. Fusion has grown over the years mainly because of its passion for high quality audio and its ability to come up with products that fit right in with the technology of the day.

    The company takes note of the fact that boat makers are constantly improving their machines, and so it builds audio systems that can be used in these modern boat designs. Because of their adaptability and the ease with which they can be integrated to navigation and satellite systems, Fusion marine equipment remain relevant no matter how much automobile technology changes.

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    Great looking product, installs just as easy as any speaker. They need to figure out why the quit working being 2 months old.

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