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Chrome Body Side Moldings

Not so long ago, chrome and polished stainless steel body side moldings were a staple of automotive styling. These trim pieces were used to add interest to the body design, accent body lines, border paint colors, and indicate trim levels. Unfortunately bright moldings eventually fell out of favor for vehicle design, and if a car or truck had body side moldings at all, they were black or body color and only installed to guard against door dings.

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In their heyday, many makes and models had bright side moldings that were so distinctive the car could easily be identified by the shape and sweep of the moldings alone. However, as these moldings disappeared, more and more cars became slab-sided monotone rolling jellybeans that all looked very much alike. Thankfully, the use of bright side moldings is seeing a resurgence among car makers as modern stylists realize their aesthetic value.

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Chrome Body Side Moldings the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as SAA, Putco, RI, SES Trims, Retro USA, Dee Zee, DAWN the Chrome Body Side Moldings we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.


But you don’t have to spend a lot on one of Detroit’s, Asia’s, or Europe’s latest offerings to enjoy the great look of bright body side moldings. We have a large selection of custom designed stainless steel and ABS plastic moldings in chrome or mirror polished finish for a wide range of existing models, as well as universal stainless steel moldings in brushed and polished finish. Our custom moldings are designed for specific vehicle applications, so you can be assured of precise fit and appearance that will complement your vehicle’s styling. Universal moldings come in several sizes and can be cut to fit as necessary.

We offer moldings designed expressly to enhance appearance, moldings that protect against door dings from other vehicles, and many that do both. Browse the examples shown on this page and punch in your year, make, and model to see what we have for your car or truck. Whichever style you choose will provide you with many years of great looks. Our stainless steel moldings are manufactured from a high grade of metal selected for its strength and high chromium content for resistance to corrosion. ABS plastic is impact, chemical, and heat resistant, and widely used by the auto manufacturers to create original equipment parts.

Once your moldings are delivered you can be enjoying their great looks in minutes because they’re so easy to install. There are no holes to drill or fasteners to tighten, so leave your tools in the tool box. Our body side moldings attach with 3M acrylic foam tape, an adhesive so strong that it’s used by the vehicle manufacturers to secure trim at the factory. The only labor required is to thoroughly clean the area where the molding will be applied. The surface must be free of dirt, oils and wax which could prevent adhesion. Then just peel back the protective film from the adhesive and press the molding into place.

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One of the more eye-catching tricks automobile manufacturers have used to differentiate higher-priced luxury versions of a car model from value-priced versions of it has been to vary the amount of chrome trim on the vehicle. Base model cars and trucks (also known as "strippers" or "entry level") have little if any chrome while luxury and top-of-the-line ones...
Is Chrome Back in Style?
The brilliant gleam and glimmer that comes from bright chrome and polished stainless steel can transform almost every part of your vehicle! Besides the great selection of trim accessories, you also benefit from the high quality of today’s chrome and stainless steel parts.
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Chrome Body Side Moldings Reviews
Average rating: 4.5 4.6 - 236 reviews
2015 Hyundai Elantra | Posted by Vera | (Suwanee, GA)

The product looks nice, however, should jut out more on the side to do of the job of protecting the doors from nicks and dings. Otherwise the product looks good.

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