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    The Chrysler Pacifica is a midsize crossover wagon that first rolled off the line for the 2004 model year. One of the model's keynotes was that it was the first vehicle developed under the merger of Chrysler with DaimlerBenz. At its debut, the Pacifica showed off seating for up to six people arranged in three rows of two. Second and third-row seats could be folded flat into the floor to make room for extra cargo and ease loading. The rear seats could be set-up with only one seat folded down in each row in order to fit long objects such as 2x4s and other pieces of lumber. As for the model's dimensions, the Chrysler Pacifica measured in with a wheelbase of 116.3 inches, a width of 79.3 inches, a height of 66.5 inches (2007- 68.3 inches), and an overall length of 198.9 inches (2007- 189.5 inches). Two and four-wheel drive was made available.

    Only one trim level was offered at the vehicle's launch. The only engine was a 3.8L V6 good for 210 horsepower and 240 pounds-per-foot of torque mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. However, in 2005 that all changed, as Chrysler introduced four separate trim levels: base, Touring, Limited, and the Signature Series. The primary 3.5L V6 engine was given a boost up to 250 horsepower and 250 pounds-per-foot of torque. Base and Touring versions of the Chrysler Pacifica could be had with either front or four-wheel drive while the Limited trim came with four-wheel drive only. The Base trim is equipped with two-row/ five-passenger seating, and it has a CD stereo, full power accessories, and remote keyless entry in the list of standard Chrysler Pacifica parts. The Touring showed off 17" alloy wheels, three-row/ six-passenger seating, automatic climate control, and more. Limited variants displayed 19" wheels, heated leather seats, a power moonroof, and a power liftgate.

    In 2006, the Pacifica received revised underhood parts, minor styling revisions and a larger glovebox. The main change was that the previous base engine was dropped in favor of the punchier 3.5L V6. A year later, the base front-wheel drive engine was a 3.8L V6 which got credit for churning out 200 horsepower geared to a four-speed automatic transmission. For all-wheel drive models as well as both the Touring and Limited trims, respectively, was the bolder 4.0L V6 capable of 253 horsepower. The 4.0L was mated to a standard six-speed automatic transmission. Also for 2007, the rear-seat entertainment system was given a new 8" video screen while the vehicle's audio system became equipped with MP3 playability. Safety features were upgraded as well, as side-curtain airbags and stability control were made standard parts across the board.

    One of the more versatile vehicles to hit the market in some time, the Chrysler Pacifica offers drivers a treasure trove of amenities, including foldable second and third rows for extra cargo space, seating preference memory, and high-tech audio options. Besides the roomy comfort and delightful interior layout, solid performance standards and customizing options also highlight this Chrysler gem. The Pacifica is comfy and fashionable, as the model attracts drivers who want the space of a minivan with the style of a modern luxury machine.

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    Reasons Behind Pasifica Discontinuation
    Reasons Behind Pasifica Discontinuation

    In the fall of 2003, DaimlerChrysler introduced their first co-developed product - the Chrysler Pacifica, which was meant to combine a minivan’s utility with an SUV’s machismo. In fact, the Pacifica was a lifted six-seat station wagon, closest in concept to Audi’s Allroad Quattro.

    Early Pacificas featured a 250hp 3.5-liter V6 and a four-speed transmission, a combination that allowed fuel economy at a less than desirable 15/20 mpg. The Pasifica has gone on sale with a price tag around $35,000, which was more than most consumers would want to pay for a mid-lux CUV. For the 2005 model year, Chrysler fixed the pricing problem but it had no significant effect on sales.

    The vehicle’s introduction concurred in time with explosion in the CUV segment. Buyers could choose from a wide range of models and the competition appeared to be too tough for the Chrysler Pasifica.

    Good safety ratings earned in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing didn’t help the Pacifica get rid of the low seller badge. Therefore, the Pacifica production was ceased in late 2007.