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    The Buick Rainier is the first SUV sold under Buick brand since 1920. It was first unveiled in 2004 as the Oldsmobile Bravada replacement and featured body-on-frame construction, revised underhood parts, and rear-wheel drive powered by the 4.2L and 5.3L V8 engines. The Rainer exterior accessories and styling was almost completely borrowed from the Bravada truck, and though it had a front end conformity with other Buick models, the Rainer added a bit of diversity to the company cars lineup. It was only available in a 5-passenger form and had never been offered in the seven-passenger extended model.

    The Buick Rainer was produced only in one generation, and had an upscale CXL and CXL Plus trims, featuring such parts as the enhanced Bose audio system and XM Satellite Radio. The all-wheel-drive system was also available as an option. The Quite Tuning sound dampening features, like the acoustic laminate glass and enhanced thicker sound-absorbing pads, were installed.

    2007-2008 the Rainer gave its place in the Buick's SUV lineup and made way to the superior Enclave crossover. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested the Rainer SUV and gave it an 'Acceptable' score.

    One of the princes in Buick's crossover kingdom is the Rainier, a sporty and capable model that helped shape the current SUV-oriented landscape. Delightfully accessible handling combined with pleasing extras that get everyone's attention is what has ushered the Rainier into the big show. Offered in both V6 and V8, the Rainier carries enough performance to meet anyone's blacktop expectations. The Rainier is also the first Buick to be offered with the QuietTuning system, demonstrating another element that has made this model so appealing.

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    Disclosure: Why Buick Rainier Was Dropped
    Disclosure: Why Buick Rainier Was Dropped

    Being based on the same architecture as Chevy TrailBlazer and GMC Envoy, the 2004 Rainier brought some variety in the company's models line up. Offered in CXL and CXL Plus trims, the Rainier carried a powerful 4.2 liter 6 cylinder engine as well as a 5.3 liter V8 engine as an optional offering. The model was dropped after 2007 production year, because of recalls which occured every production year. What exact problems did the vehicle feature in its last year of production? The Rainier's power steering hose didn't meet the standars. While turning the steering completely left or right when applying brakes, it was prone to fractures what caused the fluid leakage.

    While driving the models with hydro-boost power brakes, the additional braking effort was also required. The power steering fluid in its turn was more likely to be sprayed on hot engine components, causing fine in the components. With the presence of this problem, the dealers had to inspect the power steering hose and replace the component. As a result, it was detected that piping, hose, and other connections were affected on 123,592 untis. A big amount of recalls of Buick Rainier was one of the main reasons why the vehicle didn't gain any popularity.