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      # sp18673
      Crate Muffler by Borla®. Give your ride the sound it deserves! Premium-quality Crate Mufflers™ tuned to optimize the sound and performance of popular crate and custom-built motors. Available in a variety of Borla® sound options to...
      $220.99 - $255.99
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      # sp155394
      Mach Force XP™ Muffler Assembly by aFe®. This MACH Force-Xp exhaust system can be used with most aftermarket axle-back exhaust systems, or retain your factory tailpipe, and use this exhaust system to tame the exhaust tone. Constructed...
      2-1/2" mandrel bent, 409 stainless steel14" long, round high-flow stainless steel muffler
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      # sp22595
      Muffler Delete Kit by MagnaFlow®. MagnaFlow D-FIT kits replace the restrictive factory muffler, while maintaining the OEM piping & tailpipe. The straight through design muffler or muffler delete reduce backpressure creating more power &...
      $244.97 - $358.86
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      # sp110023
      Silverline™ Rear Muffler Assembly by Ansa®. It is engineered to improve your vehicle’s overall performance by generating more horsepower and torque. Made of extra durable materials, the product offers the ultimate resistance to...
      Provides maximum torque and powerReduces exhaust gas temperatures and improves gas mileage
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      # sp114645
      Street Muffler by Flowmaster®. The 2-chamber design of this muffler, incorporating the patented Flowmaster Delta Flow Technology, has enabled the company to create a performance muffler with an aggressive exterior sound combined with a...
      $169.19 - $400.18
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      # sp94086
      Xlerator Performance Mufflers by AP Exhaust®. Today’s exhaust performance market continues to cover a broad spectrum of vehicles. The unique nature of this market is that a product demand is not based on vehicle age or use but instead...
      $22.12 - $210.12
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      # sp109894
      Resonator Assembly by Borla®. Upgrade the looks, performance and sound of your ride with just a muffler swap. These Borla mufflers increase exhaust flow and horsepower, and they come fully polished with an exhaust tip already installed....
      $229.99 - $419.99
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      # sp109906
      Race Series Bullet Muffler by DynoMax®. DynoMax® Race Bullet mufflers feature 100-percent welded construction for lifelong durability. The 'Pure Unadulterated POWER' and lightweight, compact design make it the ultimate race muffler....
      $52.53 - $82.98
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      # mpn4478615059
      Sport Series Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler Upgrade Kit by Corsa®. Muffler Inlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Outlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Flows 11.15% Better Than Stock. 6lbs Lighter Than Stock. CORSA's Patented...
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      # sp22766
      Super 10 Series Muffler by Flowmaster®. Flowmaster's Super 10 Series 409S Stainless Steel, Single Chamber mufflers are intended for customers who desire the loudest and most aggressive sound they can find. Because these mufflers are so...
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      # sp20699
      Aero Chamber™ Muffler by Hooker®. Muffler Series: Aero Chamber™. Inlet Diameter: 3". Outlet Diameter: 2.5". Muffler Body Height: 4.75". Muffler Body Width: 10.25". Muffler Body Length: 20". Bi-Directional Turbo Style. The all...
      $82.54 - $106.95
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      # sp66773
      High-Flow Muffler by MBRP®. Tame that exhaust system with a perforated-core muffler. By using a straight piece of pipe that’s been perforated with countless small holes, MBRP lets the higher-frequency bark and rasp through, to be...
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      # mpn1766278
      409 SS Round Exhaust Muffler Kit by Diamond Eye®. Muffler Inlet Diameter: 4". Muffler Outlet Diameter: 4". Muffler Configuration: Center - Center. This products is created for those who are not afraid of the power. It is fine-tuned to...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
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      # sp4403
      Ultra Flo™ Welded Muffler by DynoMax®. This muffler-back exhaust system includes pipe, clamps and Ultra Flo™ Welded muffler that features unrestricted, straight-through design for a dyno-proven increase in power and maintains a deep...
      $61.96 - $242.20
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      # sp28803
      Afterburner™ Muffler by Flowtech®. If you really want great sound and maximum horsepower, kick on the Afterburner - and kick a little butt. FLOWTECH Afterburner mufflers are your very best bet for optimum performance and awesome...
      $61.40 - $80.05
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      # sp28855
      Sidetube Slip-In Muffler by Hooker®. For 4" sidetube sound control, Hooker builds long lasting slip-in mufflers. These mufflers are easily removed for racing purposes and are available in a performance style glasspack or our quieter all...
      $208.95 - $252.95
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      # sp3649
      Monster™ Stainless Steel Mufler by Banks®. Get increased power and torque from reduced backpressure with this straight-through muffler. With its straight-through, massive 4" core, this muffler presents essentially no backpressure to...
      $163.42 - $357.58
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      # mpn2574182824
      Touring™ Exhaust Muffler by Borla®. Adding this muffler to the 11933 Rear Section and the 60622 Mid-Pipe assembly will achieve the "Touring" sound level or it can be used with the 11934 ATAK® rear section and the 60622 Mid-Pipe to...
      Made from high quality stainless steelBuilt to Last
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      # sp155382
      FlowFX Exhaust Muffler by Flowmaster®. Designed as a direct-fit replacement muffler. This easy to install direct-fit muffler delivers a moderate to aggressive interior and exterior sound level that will appeal to anyone looking for a...
      Bright 409s Stainless Steel ConstructionModerate to Aggressive Exhaust Tone
      $299.97 - $499.97
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      # sp17064
      Outlaw™ Stainless Steel Direct-Fit Muffler by Flowmaster®, Flowmaster's Outlaw direct fit muffler is perfect for the person looking for a very deep and AGGRESSIVE sound level outside and inside the vehicle with all of the performance...
      $299.97 - $348.53
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      # mpn4498132231
      Super 40 Series Delta Flow™ Aluminized Steel Oval Black Exhaust Muffler by Flowmaster®. Muffler Inlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Outlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Body Length: 13.5". Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Muffler Structure:...
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      # mpn4498132236
      Super 40 Series Delta Flow™ Aluminized Steel Oval Diesel Black Exhaust Muffler by Flowmaster®. Without Hangers. Muffler Inlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Outlet Diameter: 3". Muffler Body Length: 13.5". Muffler Overall Length: 19.5"....
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      # sp38937
      Super 44 Series Delta Flow™ Muffler by Flowmaster®, , 4" Thick x 9.75" Wide x 13" Case Length x 19" Overall Length. The Super 44 has the deepest, richest, most aggressive muscle tone of all 4” street mufflers Flowmaster has ever...
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      # mpn4495849382
      304 SS Muffler Delete Set by AWE Tuning®. Muffler Structure: Delete Pipe. Muffler delete pipes include genuine German HJS 200 cell metal core catalytic converters, the only catalytic converters proven to keep the Check Engine Light off...
      Loud, Light, and Low RestrictionUse with or without stock tips
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      # sp127891
      Muffler Set with Cat Kit (Shipping Restrictions) by AWE Tuning®. One of the most engaging aspects of a sports car is the engine note. Manufacturers had to compromise on the factory exhaust because of Federal Mandates, leaving much to be...
      Comprehensively DesignedBolt-on components
      $3,610.88 - $5,259.44
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      # sp127893
      Performance Muffler Set by AWE Tuning®. The short and sweet of it is that this muffler, like all AWE Tuning mufflers, went through a rigorous development period where we ironed out some odd sounds that this engine can make when uncorked.
      Incredible SoundEasy bolt-on installation
      $1,590.06 - $2,547.29
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      # sp124169
      Muffler by Billy Boat Exhaust®. Mandrel bent from the highest-grade T-304 stainless steel. Designed, tested, and manufactured to the finest hand-made integrity found in any exhaust system. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and...
      Limited Lifetime WarrantyIncorporates 3-generations of fabrication skill and racing talent
      $725.70 - $1,171.71
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      # sp124174
      Rear Section Mufflers by Billy Boat Exhaust®. Pair. Mandrel bent from the highest-grade T-304 stainless steel. Designed, tested, and manufactured to the finest hand-made integrity found in any exhaust system.
      Limited Lifetime WarrantyIncorporates 3-generations of fabrication skill and racing talent
      $685.57 - $795.39
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      # mpn4489408035
      Sport Exhaust Mufflers by Billy Boat Exhaust®. Pair Mandrel bent from the highest-grade T-304 stainless steel. Designed, tested, and manufactured to the finest hand-made integrity found in any exhaust system. Limited Lifetime Warranty....
      Limited Lifetime WarrantyIncorporates 3-generations of fabrication skill and racing talent
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      # sp126582
      Diesel Series™ Exhaust Muffler by dB®. Straight through nonrestrictive system design maximizes airflow improving performance and fuel economy. All components even clamps and hangers of the system are constructed of premium grade...
      Engineered Specifically for Each ApplicationSound Tuned to Character of Vehicle
      $344.24 - $547.87

    Although pipe diameter and mandrel bending have a significant effect on exhaust flow, by far the most important factor in improving exhaust flow, and sound, is the muffler. When factory mufflers are designed, making the vehicle quiet has priority over performance, because the quality of the sound from the speakers is much more important to the average driver than what comes out of the tailpipe. Our performance mufflers are designed for enthusiasts, not average drivers, because we know you not only want better exhaust flow for more horsepower, you want your car or truck to sound awesome.

    When an engine operates, both exhaust gas and the sound waves created by engine combustion travel through the exhaust system. Factory mufflers are constructed to effectively quiet the sound, but in the process substantially restrict exhaust flow, which creates excessive backpressure that can significantly reduce an engine’s power output. Replacing the restrictive OE muffler with a performance muffler will increase flow and allow your engine to produce the power it’s capable of, and at the same time provide an exhaust note that will let everyone know your ride isn’t just another stock machine.

    But creating a performance muffler takes a lot of hard work, because while everyone wants increased exhaust flow and more power, we don’t all want the same exhaust tone. Modern performance muffler fabrication starts with sophisticated computer aided design and proprietary software. Our manufacturers perform extensive R&D work with airflow and acoustical test equipment, as well as dyno and real world on-vehicle testing. Several muffler designs are used to achieve performance and sound goals. Chambered mufflers have internal chambers that reflect and cancel out sound waves without reducing exhaust flow; turbo mufflers have several perforated tubes to reduce sound while reducing backpressure; and straight through mufflers have a perforated tube surrounded by sound absorbing packing.

    Regardless of design, it’s the end result that counts. No matter what you drive or do with your vehicle, we have mufflers to suit your needs, from the top performance exhaust companies. Whether you’re racing or towing a boat, have a screaming turbo 4-cylinder or big V8, we have the mufflers to give you the power and sound you want. If you tow a trailer with your truck you may want more pulling power but with just a moderate rumble and minimal resonance inside the cabin. Or you may have a big inch street machine and want the least restriction and most aggressive sound available. Many race tracks and racing organizations have decibel restrictions which require mufflers that reduce noise but with minimum restriction. We offer mufflers for each of these applications and more.

    Besides getting the right power and sound, the performance mufflers on our digital shelves are also available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and configurations, with a wide range of inlet and outlet diameters, so you can get the muffler that perfectly fits your exhaust system and space requirements. Most are universal fitment and ideal for custom exhaust building, but we also have vehicle specific mufflers. Our selection includes round, oval, compact, low profile, and slimline designs; as well as collector mufflers, mufflers with integral exhaust tips, and much more. Our mufflers will deliver the power and sound you want today and well into the future, because each is constructed from long lasting, durable materials like stainless steel or aluminized steel.

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