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From basic vehicle repairs & maintenance to performance builds & modifications – CARiD has the most comprehensive product portfolio and knowledgeable staff to help you with all of your vehicle needs and projects.

We share the same passion for vehicles as you do. Our focus is to provide you with the ultimate experience through exceptional service.

  • Affordable Prices
    We aim to provide the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible.
  • How-to Videos & Articles
    Get insider knowledge through our free articles, shopping guides & videos.
  • Easy Navigation
    Conveniently organized product catalog for easy navigation and online shopping.
  • 120,000+ Customer Reviews
    Get product-specific feedback & opinions from our other verified customers.
  • Active Brands5.5K
    High-quality parts & accessories made by the most reputable names in the industry.
  • Products (SKU)17M
    Widest selection of products to cover all your automotive needs.
  • Vehicle Applications1.8K
    Universal and model-specific parts for all sorts of modern and classic vehicles.
How We Succeed

Our long-term commitment to exceeding customer expectations is the driving force behind our success.We are a team of professionals who are working hard to provide you with the best products at the best prices, delivered to your door as soon as possible.

Our Vision

We offer the online shopper a one-stop digital commerce platform with the largest selection of automotive parts and accessories available anywhere.

Our Mission

We appeal to the automotive enthusiast, from novice to expert, with an attractive, thorough, and easy-to-use website. Whether it’s repair parts they need or accessories they want, we have the selection to turn their automotive dreams into a reality.

Our Goals

We want to ensure that your online shopping experience is easy, fun, productive, and ultimately meets your complete satisfaction. Since we share the same passion for vehicles as you do, we have made significant effort to distinguish ourselves from the competition in these ways:

  • FITiD
    It is critical when making vehicle repairs that the part you select is the correct one for your year, make, and model vehicle. Our “FITiD Technology” is our own in-house proprietary software which helps ensure that you are selecting the right part the first time.
  • Helpful Articles
    and Videos
    Whether you are a DIYer (Do It Yourself) or a DIFM (Do It For Me) type, our free access to hundreds of online guides helps point you in the right direction. We strongly believe that the more you know about your own car or truck, the more satisfied you will be with your purchase from us.
  • Largest selection
    It’s only at CARiD where you have such a broad choice among both repair parts and accessories. When you NEED a mechanical or body part for a maintenance or repair job, choose from genuine OEM parts, name-brand aftermarket parts, or value-leading house brands. When you WANT to accessorize to improve or to impress, our site runs the gamut from interior, exterior, and performance pieces; lighting and electronics; and our state-of-the-art wheel and tire shop. Let’s not forget every automotive tool you could possibly need, and our new EV (Electric Vehicle ) parts store. At 17 million parts and counting, we literally have it all.
  • You Are What
    You Drive
    Our ultimate goal is to empower you to personalize your vehicle as an expression of your unique identity!
Our Story

PARTS iD, Inc. is a technology-driven, digital commerce company focused on creating custom infrastructure and unique user experiences within niche markets.

PARTS iD was originally founded in 2008 as Onyx Enterprises, Int’l, Corp. Its vision was to create a one-stop digital commerce destination for the automotive parts and accessories market.

This was achieved via CARiD.com, which has become the premier category leading marketplace. The success of CARiD inspired pursuit of our long-term strategy to scale into similar markets via our proprietary built, modular digital commerce technology platform

While our core focus continues to be automotive, in August 2018, we launched seven new verticals: BOATiD, MOTORCYCLEiD, POWERSPORTSiD, CAMPERiD, RECREATIONiD, TRUCKiD, and TOOLSiD. All these retail marketplaces address similar market challenges and focus on the enthusiasts’ needs by implementing our seamless shopping experience using proprietary tools and techniques.

All these retail marketplaces address similar market challenges and focus on the enthusiasts’ needs by implementing our seamless shopping experience using proprietary tools and techniques.

In November 2020, Onyx merged with Legacy Acquisition Corp. to form PARTS iD, Inc. Our data intelligence, integrated platforms, product cataloging, digital marketing expertise, and virtual warehousing have ensured our continued leadership in the competitive marketplace.

Our journey of building one of the most comprehensive and varied product portfolios has made PARTS iD a worldwide leader and a proven brand builder. The organization remains committed to delivering revolutionary shopping experiences and continued innovation.

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