Exhaust Kits

Exhaust Kits
  • Borla® - Exhaust System
    Borla®Exhaust System
    # sp17451
    Exhaust System by Borla®. This unique system allows you to adjust your level of sound and power, from quiet and restrictive to louder and free flowing. It features a patented Borla straight-through muffler and mandrel bent pipes...
    $455.99 - $5,334.99
  • MBRP® - Installer Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Installer Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp813
    Installer Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The Installer Series from MBRP brings you the best in high-quality construction: these reasonably-priced systems are manufactured on the same tooling and with the same processes as MBRP's Pro...
    $184.99 - $1,049.99
  • Gibson® - Exhaust System
    Gibson®Exhaust System
    # sp17452
    Exhaust System by Gibson®. Straight Out The Back Exit. Let the engine in your muscle car breathe and make it sound like a real muscle car with an American Muscle Car Stainless Steel Exhaust. The mandrel bent tubing and CFT Superflow...
    $326.11 - $1,615.15Save: up to 15%
    $277.20 - $1,372.88
  • Flowmaster® - Exhaust System
    Flowmaster®Exhaust System
    # sp17450
    Exhaust System by Flowmaster®. American Thunder exhaust system is perfect for the person looking for a moderately aggressive sound level outside of the car, while maintaining a mild sound level inside, with all of the performance...
    $159.95 - $1,579.95
  • Takeda® - Exhaust Systems
    Takeda®Exhaust Systems
    # sp1802
    Exhaust Systems by Takeda®. Get increased exhaust flow and more horsepower and torque with this stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. Many hours were spent testing this system to ensure it produces maximum power gains with the...
    $250.00 - $3,561.00
  • Borla® - S-Type™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®S-Type™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp228
    S-Type™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla Exhaust. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to...
    $455.99 - $5,334.99
  • MBRP® - XP Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®XP Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp804
    XP Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The XP series exhausts from MBRP is for the no-compromise enthusiast who insists on a rugged system that can take whatever the road throws at it and last. Constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant...
    $119.99 - $1,199.99
  • iD Select® - Exhaust System
    iD Select®Exhaust System
    # sp251110
    Exhaust System by iD Select®. Swap out your worn-out or malfunctioning part with this top-notch exhaust product from iD Select. It’s built to OEM specifications to offer the same fit, form, and function as your factory component....
    Direct OEM replacement for your malfunctioning exhaust partMade to deliver the ultimate in quality, reliability, and value
    $158.72 - $303.88
  • Flowmaster® - American Thunder™ Exhaust Systems
    Flowmaster®American Thunder™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp25
    American Thunder™ Exhaust Systems by Flowmaster®. American Thunder gives you the Mild-Moderate Sound / Moderate Sound / Aggressive Sound / Moderate-Aggressive Sound / Mild Sound (depends on application and exhaust type) of a...
    $159.95 - $1,579.95
  • Gibson® - Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp790
    Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. Get increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range where you need it most, with this Swept Side Cat-Back Exhaust System. This Gibson exhaust system makes maximum low end power, which is best...
    $326.11 - $1,015.26Save: up to 15%
    $277.20 - $862.96
  • Torxe™ - Exhaust Systems
    Torxe™Exhaust Systems
    # sp119264
    Exhaust Systems by Torxe™. Increase your exhaust flow and get a bump up in horsepower, torque, and efficiency by installing a performance exhaust system – all while enjoying one of the best values on the market today. Larger diameter...
    $127.50 - $590.00
  • Borla® - ATAK™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®ATAK™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp227
    ATAK™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla. Borla straight-through, multi-core ATAK mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to...
    $667.99 - $6,845.99
  • Walker® - Replacement Exhaust Kit
    Walker®Replacement Exhaust Kit
    # sp18723
    Replacement Exhaust Kit by Walker®. If you are looking for the ultimate in quality and value, then this superior replacement exhaust kit by Walker is what you need. All its components are designed with precision craftsmanship in...
    Mufflers and Resonators Designed for OE equivalent sound and precision fitOE-style louvered tube technology for a premium, factory-like sound
    $17.14 - $2,755.71
  • Gibson® - Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp132810
    Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. The Black Elite Series product line truly displays Gibson's commitment to dominating performance and style. Each T-304 stainless tip is offered with a premium black finish applied with Gibson's...
    $236.63 - $1,611.44Save: up to 15%
    $201.13 - $1,369.72
  • aFe® - Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems
    aFe®Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp109
    Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems by aFe®. Get increased exhaust flow, more horsepower and torque, improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures with the aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust System. aFe dyno tests every system for maximum...
    $149.00 - $6,091.00
  • Gibson® - Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp788
    Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. Get increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range where you need it most, along with the look of dual exhaust, with the Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust System. This Gibson exhaust system makes...
    $491.19 - $1,100.55Save: up to 15%
    $417.52 - $935.47
  • Gibson® - Extreme Dual™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Extreme Dual™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp787
    Extreme Dual™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. When you're ready to take your truck to the next level, get the Dual Extreme Cat-Back Exhaust System, for powerful sound and a bold look, with increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range...
    $576.93 - $1,000.20Save: up to 15%
    $508.14 - $880.94
  • J2 Engineering® - Exhaust Systems
    J2 Engineering®Exhaust Systems
    # sp119262
    Exhaust Systems by J2 Engineering®. Maximize your horsepower output and torque with J2 Engineering. Designed to ensure an efficient path for exhaust gases to escape, this product will give you an increase in performance and power you...
    $60.00 - $784.00
  • Stillen® - Exhaust Systems
    Stillen®Exhaust Systems
    # sp144777
    Exhaust Systems by Stillen®. This is a pleasing tone, authoritative and yet responsible. Not only does this exhaust system have a sharp, show ready look, but it also offers impressive horsepower and torque gains as well as a lifetime...
    Authoritative Tone Under ThrottleIncrease of Horsepower and Torque
    $296.55 - $1,697.78Save: 15%
    $252.07 - $1,443.11
  • Borla® - Touring™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®Touring™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp230
    Touring™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to deliver the...
    $499.99 - $2,674.99
  • aFe® - Large Bore HD™ Exhaust Systems
    aFe®Large Bore HD™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp108
    Large Bore HD™ Exhaust Systems by aFe®. Get increased exhaust flow, more horsepower and torque, improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures with the aFe Large Bore HD Exhaust System. aFe dyno tests every system for maximum...
    $320.00 - $1,160.00
  • AP Exhaust® - Replacement Exhaust Kit
    AP Exhaust®Replacement Exhaust Kit
    # sp20762
    Replacement Exhaust Kit by AP Exhaust®. Today’s exhaust performance market continues to cover a broad spectrum of vehicles. The unique nature of this market is that a product demand is not based on vehicle age or use but instead on an...
    Superior replacement for your worn out exhaust partHelps put your vehicle back to its tip-top shape
    $8.93 - $3,719.88
  • MBRP® - Pro Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Pro Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp808
    Pro Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The PRO series exhausts from MBRP is for the no-compromise enthusiast who insists on nothing but the best. For you, that means a system constructed entirely of long-lasting T304 stainless steel. The...
    $289.99 - $1,879.99
  • DynoMax® - Ultra Flo™ Exhaust Systems
    DynoMax®Ultra Flo™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp20963
    Ultra Flo™ Exhaust Systems by DynoMax®. Ultra Flo™ Welded performance stainless steel mufflers feature 100-percent welded construction for lifelong durability. The unrestricted, straight-through design dyno proven to flow up to...
    $253.44 - $1,077.17
  • Invidia® - N1 Racing Exhaust System
    Invidia®N1 Racing Exhaust System
    # sp18815
    N1 Racing Exhaust System by Invidia®. For a good balance of price and performance, Invidia offers the motorsports enthusiasts a strong line-up of Invidia N1 Exhaust is constructed with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, CNC-machined...
    $496.30 - $2,133.60
  • Legato Performance® - Exhaust Systems
    Legato Performance®Exhaust Systems
    # sp191651
    Exhaust Systems by Legato Performance®. Legato Performance exhaust systems are designed to unleash the power and sound locked within your factory exhaust. Their exhaust systems reduce back pressure and allow spent exhaust gasses to exit...
    High performance exhaust systemStainless Steel construction
    $294.38 - $491.77
  • MBRP® - Black Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Black Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp816
    Black Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. Murder out your vehicle with a black exhaust system. Specially coated in high heat black, these aluminized steel systems are the hottest thing in the exhaust market today. They're manufactured with...
    $304.99 - $1,059.99
  • Gibson® - Super Truck™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Super Truck™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp789
    Super Truck™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. When quiet is the least of your concerns, get the Super Truck Cat-Back Exhaust System, for a loud powerful sound and race truck looks, with increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range...
    $540.30 - $773.28Save: up to 15%
    $459.26 - $657.29
  • Pypes® - Exhaust System
    Pypes®Exhaust System
    # sp17463
    Exhaust System by Pypes®. Want that rumble when you start up your truck? How about that growl when you step on the gas and run along side a little hatchback? Pypes' Gas truck systems offer the best combination of performance and sound,...
    $107.75 - $1,280.75Save: up to 23%
    $82.75 - $1,240.75
  • AWE Tuning® - Track Edition™ Exhaust Systems
    AWE Tuning®Track Edition™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp124122
    Track Edition™ Exhaust Systems by AWE Tuning®. Sophisticated sound and impressive performance. Featuring a straight-through design, the Track Edition Exhaust revamps the attitude entirely, providing a more pronounced, aggressive tone...
    $495.00 - $3,095.00

Is your car sounding louder than it used to? Do you hear rattling or thumping noises coming from under the car when you go over bumps or potholes? Do parts under your car appear to be closer to the ground? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you probably have exhaust system problems. A perforated muffler or exhaust pipe can result in an exhaust leak and noise; loose exhaust shields and defective catalytic converters can rattle, and broken hangers can make the exhaust system hang too low. For these and other exhaust system woes our replacement exhaust kits can be the solution.

In order to silence the noise of combustion, auto makers use mufflers with baffled chambers and perforated tubes that are tuned to reduce sound to a minimum, which unfortunately creates excessive backpressure and exhaust flow restriction, and reduces power. The exhaust pipes are also often smaller in diameter, which further restricts exhaust flow. In contrast, a typical performance system has larger diameter pipes and muffler(s) tuned to reduce backpressure and restriction, which increases exhaust flow and horsepower, and provides a deep exhaust tone that is still within legal limits.

But improving exhaust flow is much more complicated than bolting on sewer pipe sized tubes and empty cans for mufflers. Pipe diameter is increased, but not to the point where it negatively affects exhaust velocity. And making a loud exhaust is easy, but it takes know-how to create mufflers that flow better for more horsepower while emitting powerful sound that you’ll enjoy when you step on the gas - without irritating drone when cruising on the interstate. All of our manufacturers design these systems using sophisticated airflow and acoustical measuring equipment, so you get pipe/muffler combinations that deliver the most power possible with the best sound quality. Each system is also dyno tuned and real world tested to make sure it will work and sound right on your car or truck.

Muffler configuration will vary according to manufacturer and application. Modern performance mufflers are complex components designed using proprietary software. In general, chambered mufflers have internal chambers that reflect and cancel out sound waves without reducing exhaust flow; turbo mufflers have several perforated tubes to reduce sound while reducing backpressure; and straight through mufflers have a perforated tube surrounded by sound absorbing packing. All of our manufacturers mandrel bend their exhaust pipes to ensure smooth bends and so the pipes maintain their size and shape through the entire length. Tubes that aren’t mandrel bent can lose a percentage of their diameter in sharp bends, creating exhaust flow restriction.

While we offer some universal systems like chrome lake pipes and side pipes for custom builds, most of the performance exhaust systems you’ll find on our digital shelves are vehicle specific. These systems are especially designed for each particular application, so along with more power and great sound you can also count on perfect fit. In addition to full systems for racing and street use, many of our most popular systems like axle-back, cat-back, and DPF-back, are easy to install because they only replace a portion of the factory system. Cat-back and DPF-back systems are installed behind the catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter respectively, so you get great performance while your vehicle remains 100% emissions legal.

Many systems also offer a choice of exhaust exit location, at the side or rear of the vehicle, and some cat-back systems have two pipes exiting the muffler to give the look of dual exhaust. Some of our systems for V-type engines feature an H-pipe or an X-pipe. With these pipes, exhaust flow is increased because now both cylinder banks can make use of both sides of the exhaust system, and increased exhaust flow means more power. You’ll enjoy the increased power and great sound from your performance exhaust system for many years to come because all of our systems are constructed from durable and corrosion resistant materials like stainless steel or aluminized steel. And each system comes with all necessary clamps and hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

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Part is fine but not sure if it was dented when shipped or got dented on the way to us. But it wasn't in a box so it was dented. Got 2 parts both not in box and both dented.
Posted by courtney (Benton Harbor, MI) / March 11, 20212010 Chrysler Town and Country
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