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Fender Flares | To Paint, Or Not To Paint?
by Michael Grayen  /  12.08.16
Fender flares do more than make your 4x4 look stylish, they protect your fenders from debris thrown up by big tires. Because once you put those big tires on your ride, you suddenly notice how much further they stick out on the sides. Unlike factory wheels that were fully contained within the wheel wells, wider tires often protrude by several inches. Magnifying...
Why Are Caliper Covers Only Available For My Front Brakes?
by Timothy Zahl  /  12.01.16
When it comes to creating the right look for your car or truck, a shimmering set of wheels can do more to make or break its appearance than almost any other accessory. The flip side of the coin is when you stand back and look at that new set of custom rims, you suddenly realize brake hardware that used to be hidden is now completely visible - especially disc...
Dash Cover Material & Color Choices
by Michael Grayen  /  12.01.16
Today's dashboard covers are more than just loosely cut pieces of excess material taped across the top surface of your dash. They're handsome-looking, stylish pieces that boost the looks of any car or truck interior. They can also bring the look and feel of suede, velour, plush carpeting, and even real carbon fiber to the inside of your ride - on your dash, which...
Towing Mirrors | The Aftermarket Solution To Best Vision When Trailering
by Timothy Zahl  /  11.30.16
Whether you're towing a trailer, boat, RV, or other equipment, keeping an eye on the road behind you becomes a challenge. Without proper side mirrors mounted further outboard, changing lanes or backing up requires a huge leap of faith - along with worry about just how high your insurance deductible is for certain types of incidents.
Toolbox Tonneau Covers | The Best Of Both Worlds
by Timothy Zahl  /  11.30.16
Tonneau covers that fit over the top of your pickup bed offer a number of advantages. First, they give any truck a smooth, finished look - concealing any dents and scratches that inevitably find their way onto bed floors. Second, they keep any cargo you're carrying out of sight and out of the weather. And third, they eliminate wind drag from air that gets...
Convert Old-School Drum Brakes With a Disc Brake Conversion Kit
by Michael Grayen  /  11.30.16
Ask any professional automotive tuner or hot rodder about upgrading the stopping power of drum brakes, and they'll tell you to ditch the drums completely and make an upgrade to disc brakes. This kind of swap is performed often in the automotive world, especially on collector cars that have some power behind the wheel. In fact, it's so commonly done that major...
Exhaust Kits | The Easy Way To Replace Your Exhaust System
by Michael Grayen  /  11.29.16
If your exhaust needs repair, chances are the section you noticed with a hole in it isn't the only piece on its last legs. Take a close look at that one pipe or muffler that needs replacement, and you'll find pieces on either side of it are usually pretty far gone as well. Corrosion and rust aren't selective - they attack all exhaust pieces equally.
Two Sets of Wheels? Get Two Sets of TPMS Sensors!
by Timothy Zahl  /  11.29.16
Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors (TPMS sensors) have been around since the 1980s, but only became a legal requirement on vehicles sold in the United States since the 2008 model year. They're an integrated part of tire valve stems, with built-in batteries and sensors that sit on the inner edge of the wheel concealed within the tire.
LED Fog Light Bulbs | Brighten Your View on Foggy Drives
by Timothy Zahl  /  11.17.16
When you consider the vital role that fog lights play, it's easy to see that brighter is better. Because fog lights are positioned lower to the ground, the light they cast illuminates the surface of the road much closer to you. On uneven or poor road surfaces, this lets you see tire-damaging potholes in time to avoid them.
What is a Bumper Valance?
by Michael Grayen  /  11.08.16
Maybe you've heard the term "bumper valance", or "valance panel", but you're not quite sure what one is. When it comes to non-automotive applications, the dictionary defines a valance as a piece of material that hangs loosely from a bed, table, or shelf to conceal what's underneath for decorative purposes. So how does it relate to an automobile?
Hood Pins | Definitions, Selection, and Installation
by Michael Grayen  /  10.31.16
Hood pins are a great-looking style element that can be added easily to any vehicle. But did you know they actually serve an important purpose? These pins keep the hood buttoned down in the event the main latch should fail - preventing the hood panel from flying open at speed. This often happens after accidents, that's why many racetracks require hood pins to be...
Off-Road Fog Lights | When the Road Ends and the Fog Begins
by Michael Grayen  /  10.26.16
Experienced off-roaders say one of the most valuable things you could have on your vehicle when riding over the trails is a strong set of lights that help you see through the darkness - in any kind of weather. Since the best times of year to enjoy the woods and the trails happen to be the seasons when outside temperatures change drastically from afternoon to...
Replacement Fender Moldings & Trim | The Finishing Touch When Replacing a Fender
by Timothy Zahl  /  10.26.16
Most cars and trucks, especially older ones, have so many exterior trim pieces that it's hard to know where to start when it comes to replacing worn and weathered bits that drag down an entire vehicle's appearance. In this article, we'll take a look at the moldings and trim pieces we carry for wheel well openings, fender flares, side marker lights, and quarter...
LED Headlight Conversion Bulbs | The Cost-Effective Way to Better Lighting
by Michael Grayen  /  10.25.16
Exciting advances in technology have finally made it possible for the benefits of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to work effectively as automotive headlight bulbs. Engineers have been working on perfecting LED headlight bulbs for years, but it just recently that heat and temperature issues were solved. Because headlights burn much brighter than any other bulb on...
Classic Car Seats | Finish Your Interior Restoration in Style
by Timothy Zahl  /  10.25.16
When you've got an unrestored classic car, it's almost par for the course that the original seats are worn out structurally, if not visibly. You may have gotten used to the sagging, pinching, and squeaking that comes from tired or broken seat frame components, but the point always comes where you just can't take any more.

Taking care of your vehicle or modifying it can be challenging if you don't have accurate and thorough information. If you're like the average enthusiast, you have plenty of questions about parts and accessories. You may want to know how to lower your car or what you need to do to fit your truck with big tires, how spoilers work, how to set up your truck for towing, or how your car will benefit from adding a cold air intake or cat-back exhaust. Maintenance and repair jobs present their own set of queries, like how do you change coolant, what parts are needed for a tune-up, what tools are necessary for brake service, or how do you know when to replace shocks. We created these Helpful Automotive Articles to answer these and many more parts and accessories buying and automotive service questions.

Our staff of professionals has decades of combined automotive experience, and they've compiled these articles to give you the benefit of their accumulated knowledge. If you're considering buying accessories to improve the look or performance of your car or truck, or obtaining parts to perform routine maintenance or repairs, these articles will help you make an informed purchase. And if you're unsure about working on your car or how parts and accessories are installed, we've prepared articles that detail the most common service issues, including how to tell when replacement is required, how to use specific tools, and how to perform the service procedure. Even if you ultimately decide that you'd rather have a professional technician do the job, you'll still have a basic understanding of what's involved so you can better communicate with the service provider.


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