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by Timothy Zahl September 15, 2017
Wherever you park your vehicle, a car cover protects it from a constant onslaught. If parked inside, it blocks dust and humidity as well as accidental scratches, spills, and dings. If it's outside, bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, falling branches, and a variety of extreme weather conditions can cause permanent damage. The sun's UV rays can oxidize the clearcoat and fade the base color layer.
by Michael Grayen August 31, 2017
When it comes to any automotive electrical work, things usually begin with the testing of circuits - probing connections and wires to verify whether electricity is passing through them or not. Testing at different points helps you determine where electricity flows or stops, and how stable or unstable the quality of that flow is. And sometimes, you need to crank the engine while conducting such tests - not an easy thing to do on your...
by Timothy Zahl August 30, 2017
Exhaust work can be challenging. Old parts are usually corroded and difficult to separate, and new ones sometimes need minor fitment adjustments during installation. Here, we'll look at some specially-designed tools we offer that address these issues and make exhaust work easy.
by Timothy Zahl August 24, 2017
Maintenance and repair work on fuel systems must be done with precision, no matter what part of it you're working on. Tools specifically designed for use on fuel systems are often required to access components located in hard-to-reach areas.
by Timothy Zahl July 24, 2017
When you want higher levels of grip for stomping over mud, rocks, or snow, off-road tires are typically designed with deeper tread, larger sizes, and higher sidewall ratios than standard tires. This helps you in rough spots - whether you're keeping your 4x4 at stock ride height, or raising it up with either a body or suspension lift kit.
by Michael Grayen July 12, 2017
The expression "heat and beat" applies to a lot of driveline repairs, meaning worn parts are often so difficult to separate that one must use a blowtorch and great physical effort with a hammer to get results. In this article, we'll examine some inexpensive special tools for driveline system work that let you work smarter, not harder.
by Michael Grayen July 10, 2017
If you've ever considered performing an automotive repair that involved replacing a bushing, bearing, universal joint, or pulley - but couldn't because you lacked a hydraulic press to force components apart, we can get you equipped with one at a much lower cost than you'd expect. Then, you'll be the person who gets the job finished instead of waiting until the nearby shop opens for assistance.
by Timothy Zahl July 4, 2017
Today’s snug-fit, custom steering wheel covers aren’t just for bling anymore. Thanks to modern high-grade materials, steering wheel covers can actually make driving safer and more comfortable. For starters, OEM steering wheel surfaces wear smooth over time, making them harder to hold onto. Custom steering wheel covers provide fresh grip, ensuring optimum control under all driving conditions – especially during sudden emergency...
by Timothy Zahl June 16, 2017
Because under-inflated tires hurt fuel economy, handling, braking, and overall safety, it's essential to monitor their pressure regularly. You spend good money buying a set of tires, so why waste it on premature wear due to underinflation? Keeping a quality tire pressure gauge in the glovebox of each vehicle you own makes sense.
by Michael Grayen May 23, 2017
By definition, an automotive battery is an electrochemical device that stores and provides electrical energy on demand. Electrical energy is produced inside the battery by a chemical reaction occurring between two dissimilar plates immersed in an electrolyte solution. When the battery is discharging, it changes chemical energy into electrical energy and releases current. During charging, electrical energy is converted back into...
by Timothy Zahl May 22, 2017
When you're driving and headlights start to dim because a high-powered stereo is cranking, that means the deep bass you hear is causing total vehicle electrical draw to exceed the rate at which your alternator can charge the battery. Ask any audio expert about this and they'll tell you the same thing - a high-end system needs its own battery source!
by Michael Grayen May 22, 2017
If you've ever been in a new car showroom, you remember how clean paint glistened under a glossy coat of wax that was slick to the touch when you ran your finger over it. Tires gleamed with shiny blackness, unobscured by milky brown haze. Wheels were clean in all nooks and crannies, without caked on black gunk. And all interior surfaces appeared as they should - a single solitary shade that looked brand new because no grimy...
by Michael Grayen May 19, 2017
Once a hallmark of luxury limousines, rear-facing video screens inside your vehicle can really improve the quality of life for backseat passengers. Known as headrest monitors, these video screens display input from virtually any source - keeping younger minds (and older ones) stimulated for long stretches. To be sure, driving becomes a much more enjoyable experience if your passengers can be entertained.
by Michael Grayen May 17, 2017
You don't have to be an auto enthusiast to notice how terrible a missing center cap makes your wheel and entire vehicle look. Whether it's a small cap or a large one, it's hard to deny that a gaping hole in the center of your wheel creates a run-down appearance. If you were considering the purchase of a car with missing center caps, you might suspect the rest of that vehicle wasn't as well-maintained. No doubt, you'd make a lower...

Taking care of your vehicle or modifying it can be challenging if you don't have accurate and thorough information. If you're like the average enthusiast, you have plenty of questions about parts and accessories. You may want to know how to lower your car or what you need to do to fit your truck with big tires, how spoilers work, how to set up your truck for towing, or how your car will benefit from adding a cold air intake or cat-back exhaust. Maintenance and repair jobs present their own set of queries, like how do you change coolant, what parts are needed for a tune-up, what tools are necessary for brake service, or how do you know when to replace shocks. We created these Helpful Automotive Articles to answer these and many more parts and accessories buying and automotive service questions.

Our staff of professionals has decades of combined automotive experience, and they've compiled these articles to give you the benefit of their accumulated knowledge. If you're considering buying accessories to improve the look or performance of your car or truck, or obtaining parts to perform routine maintenance or repairs, these articles will help you make an informed purchase. And if you're unsure about working on your car or how parts and accessories are installed, we've prepared articles that detail the most common service issues, including how to tell when replacement is required, how to use specific tools, and how to perform the service procedure. Even if you ultimately decide that you'd rather have a professional technician do the job, you'll still have a basic understanding of what's involved so you can better communicate with the service provider.


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