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High-End Audio Demands Its Own Battery Source
by Timothy Zahl  /  05.22.17
When you're driving and headlights start to dim because a high-powered stereo is cranking, that means the deep bass you hear is causing total vehicle electrical draw to exceed the rate at which your alternator can charge the battery. Ask any audio expert about this and they'll tell you the same thing - a high-end system needs its own battery source!
Car Care Kits | One Click Away From Clean - Shine - Show!
by Michael Grayen  /  05.22.17
If you've ever been in a new car showroom, you remember how clean paint glistened under a glossy coat of wax that was slick to the touch when you ran your finger over it. Tires gleamed with shiny blackness, unobscured by milky brown haze. Wheels were clean in all nooks and crannies, without caked on black gunk. And all interior surfaces appeared as they should...
Headrest Monitors | The Best Way to Add Video for Rear Seat Passengers
by Michael Grayen  /  05.19.17
Once a hallmark of luxury limousines, rear-facing video screens inside your vehicle can really improve the quality of life for backseat passengers. Known as headrest monitors, these video screens display input from virtually any source - keeping younger minds (and older ones) stimulated for long stretches. To be sure, driving becomes a much more enjoyable...
Don't Drive With Holes In Your Wheels | Cover Them With These Center Caps
by Michael Grayen  /  05.17.17
You don't have to be an auto enthusiast to notice how terrible a missing center cap makes your wheel and entire vehicle look. Whether it's a small cap or a large one, it's hard to deny that a gaping hole in the center of your wheel creates a run-down appearance. If you were considering the purchase of a car with missing center caps, you might suspect the rest...
Four Great Reasons to Use a Spare Tire Cover
by Timothy Zahl  /  05.16.17
Spare tire covers: You’ve seen them everywhere on the backs of Jeeps and SUVs, but maybe you’ve been hesitant about getting one for your own 4x4. In this article, we’ll look at four great benefits spare tire covers provide. We’ve got soft vinyl tire covers that represent great value, and hard shell covers made of durable ABS plastic that offer high style.
The Five Best Reasons to Spring For an Automotive Tent
by Michael Grayen  /  05.15.17
Since time began, camping outdoors has had a strong allure. Once a necessity, it's now a rejuvenating way to get back to our roots by experiencing the wonders of nature firsthand. Yes, camping offers breathtaking views, fresh air, and pleasant scents found only in the woods. But for every upside of outdoor camping, a downside lurks to make the experience less...
High-Torque Starters Ensure Your Engine Cranks Every Time
by Timothy Zahl  /  05.12.17
When you've taken a stock engine and built it up into a more powerful mill, upgrading the starter is a final step that's commonly overlooked. When a new or rebuilt engine is installed with the original (or OEM-spec) starter fitted, it may struggle to turn it over; getting those pistons to move up and down fast enough sometimes becomes a challenge.
What is Oil Viscosity, and Why is It Important To Me?
by Timothy Zahl  /  05.04.17
Motor oil viscosity is generally known as a measurement of thickness. But more specifically, viscosity determines an oil's resistance to flowing in liquid form as well as its resistance to shearing (breaking down) as it's slammed around inside an engine. In this article, we'll discuss why viscosity is important to you by taking looking at the characteristics of...
The Best Storage Solutions For Your Commercial Van
by Michael Grayen  /  04.28.17
Whether you carry plumbing fixtures, cable accessories, wiring, or just nuts and bolts in your commercial van, box truck, or minivan, organizing the hardware needed for your business means being able to find anything and everything quickly. This eliminates rooting around through a mish-mash of parts, and it reduces work interruptions for wasted trips back to the...
Five Reasons to Add a "Dead Pedal" to Your Car
by Timothy Zahl  /  04.27.17
A dead pedal is a flat plate located to the left of all other pedals in the footwell area of an automobile. Permanently fixed in place, dead pedals are often about the same size as an accelerator pedal - sometimes larger.
The 6 Automotive Chemicals You Should Have In Your Garage
by Timothy Zahl  /  04.11.17
There's the old joke that says you only need two things in your tool box, duct tape and spray lube. If it moves and it shouldn't, use duct tape. If it doesn't move and it should, use spray lube. While both of these products have their uses, neither of them is a 'one size cures all'. Our real topic for today is "chemicals", as in, what should I be stocking in the...
The Top 4 Reasons to Install a Performance Throttle Body
by Michael Grayen  /  04.03.17
Sitting between your engine's air filter housing and intake manifold, a throttle body assembly exists for the purpose of controlling how much air enters a fuel-injected engine. Inside the throttle body housing, a butterfly valve (hinged metal plate) determines the airflow rate by rotating open so that more air can pass through when the accelerator pedal is depressed.
Five Types Of Installation Hardware You May Need When Buying A New Car Stereo
by Timothy Zahl  /  03.31.17
If you're planning on purchasing a new car stereo receiver for your vehicle, you have a lot to look forward to. In addition to upgraded sound quality, you also have the chance to opt for larger displays with touch-screen controls as well as additional capacity for Bluetooth, GPS navigation, MP3 music storage, and more.
You Never Thought About a Header Panel, But Here Are 4 Reasons to Replace One
by Michael Grayen  /  03.17.17
Front header panels are framework pieces on your vehicle that aren't often seen, thought about, or modified. Running from left to right across your vehicle's front end, they serve as a structural support member for the headlight assemblies and grille. On newer vehicles, the header piece is usually covered completely and not easily seen. On older cars and trucks,...
The Five Most Important Factors For Your Car's Audio Amplifier
by Timothy Zahl  /  03.17.17
If you think car amplifiers are all about the bass, think again. The reality is they boost clarity, creating cleaner sound that lets you hear individual instruments and vocal reverb the way recording artists intended. That's something that any music lover can appreciate.

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