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Most stock original cars, even sports cars, are compromises. The manufacturer has to build cars that way because for every hard core enthusiast, there’s a poser who just wants to cruise around. To get the performance car you want, with the right stance and better handling, acceleration and braking, you’ll have to modify your stock car, and there’s no better improvement you can make than installing a lowering kit.

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Lowering Kits the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Eibach, KW Suspensions, KSport, Hotchkis, Belltech, ST Suspensions, Koni, Air Lift, Lakewood, Spec-D the Performance Lowering Kits we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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A basic lowering kit consists of a set of coil springs that, when installed, will lower your car’s ride height from 1-2”. These springs are progressive, meaning the coils are spaced differently, which will give you a firm, but comfortable ride with the desired stiffness for cornering and braking. More advanced kits, which may lower your car even further, may require firmer shocks/struts and bigger sway bars, which are usually included in the kit.

Let’s face it, when we look at our 4-wheeled pride and joy, we want to like what we see, and the way cars come from the factory leaves a lot to be desired. Even sports cars sit far too high, with a noticeable gap between the tops of the tires and the fender. When you install a lowering kit, you’ll “lose the gap” and get the lower, more aggressive stance that you want. A lowering kit will work with the factory tires and wheels, but it will be perfect when combined with a Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheel and tire package.

Of course, besides making your car look better, a lowering kit will also make it perform better. Cornering will improve because the stiffer springs will reduce dive, and since the car’s center of gravity is lower, you’ll get less body roll. Braking will improve because of less nose dive and you’ll have better acceleration because the car will squat less when you floor it. Your car will be more responsive and react more directly to your input regardless of the situation, with greater predictability.

Still another benefit from installing a lowering kit is improved aerodynamics. Lowering your car and making it closer to the road reduces its wind resistance, for higher top speed at the race track and increased fuel mileage on the highway. If you take your car to the track, you’ll appreciate the higher top speed. Fuel economy, on the other hand, probably isn’t a high priority when you drive a performance car. But considering how fast the needle on your gas gauge drops when you push your car isn’t it nice to know you may get a few more miles per gallon when you’re just cruising?

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2003 Honda Civic Si
| Posted by | (Moorpark, CA)

Springs perform and look great. Only issue is when you lower 02-05 Civic SI it can cause the rack and pinion steering to squeak. I have noticed this time to time but it's not too bad.

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