Most stock original cars, even sports cars, are compromises. The manufacturer has to build them that way because for every enthusiast like you, there’s a poser who just wants to look the part. You want to be able to push your car hard in the corners; the poser is more interested in a comfy ride. But you don’t have to settle for factory concessions, you can get better handling, acceleration, and braking, and a firm but comfortable ride, with a lowering kit.

Featured Products

  • Bilstein® Clubsport Series Lowering Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp8863
    Clubsport Series Lowering Coilover Kit by Bilstein®. The Bilstein Clubsport® suspension system is a fully street-legal, TÜV-certified high-end coilover package that is also designed for uncompromising use in the fields of racing...
    $3,758.43 - $5,252.28
  • KSport® Airtech Air Suspension System
    (5 reviews)
    # sp3756
    Airtech Air Suspension System by KSport®. KSport offers air suspension kits ranging from no frills with manual paddle controls up through full digital control of each separate air spring. All provide ride height adjustment of 4.7...
    $1,995.00 - $5,225.00
  • KW Suspensions® Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit
    (1 reviews)
    # sp2606
    Adjustable Lowering Spring Kit by KW Suspensions®. This is a set of shorter springs for lowering ride height when electronic damper controls are equipped from the factory. Springs do not require factory electronic dampening to be...
    $699.99 - $1,869.99
  • Skunk2® Pro-S II™ Coilover Lowering Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp7044
    Pro-S II™ Coilover Lowering Kit by Skunk2®. Ensure quick and precise ride-height adjustments with Pro-S II coilovers designed to improve handling, responsiveness, and overall balance. While street- and track-tested shock valving...
    $741.99 - $978.99
  • Hotchkis® TVS Lowering Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp1050
    TVS Lowering Kit by Hotchkis®. This is a complete kit with components that give your vehicle reduced body roll, sharpened steering response, and enhanced handling. Provides a subtle drop in ride height, and gives any classic or...
    $480.48 - $4,172.63
  • Eibach® Multi-Pro Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp1281
    Multi-Pro Lowering Kit with Front and Rear Body Drop by Eibach®. Multi-Pro Lowering kits are coilover springs designed with height adjustability for the street-driven performance car that sees some use on the track. Multi-Pro-R1...
    $2,013.48 - $2,528.50
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp12305
    Lowering Kit with by MaxTrac Suspension®. Lowering your truck or SUV has never been easier than with this MaxTrac lowering kit. Get improved handling and a sporty stance that will make all the heads turn your way. MaxTrac...
    $187.97 - $862.70
  • Eibach® Sport Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp1277
    Sport Lowering Kit by Eibach®. Sport lowering kits are created to give the street driver more aggressive looks with a larger drop in ride height than Pro kits. They offer a thrilling, crisp driving experience that allows your...
    $161.42 - $1,163.14
  • KSport® GT Lowering Spring Kit
    (5 reviews)
    # sp3760
    GT Lowering Spring Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 replacement front and rear coil springs designed with a progressive coil rate for the enthusiast who seeks to lower their vehicle and enhance grip, cornering speed, and turn-in...
    $139.00 - $156.00
  • KW Suspensions® Street Comfort Coilover Lowering Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp2613
    Street Comfort Coilover Lowering Kit by KW Suspensions®. This is a set of front and rear integrated twin-tube coilovers with adjustability for ride height. Designed for the enthusiast who does a majority of street driving with a...
    $1,689.99 - $4,529.99
  • Eibach® Pro Lowering Kit
    (14 reviews)
    # sp1278
    Pro Lowering Kit by Eibach®. This is the Pro System kit replacement performance-oriented coil springs, shock absorbers, and bump stops. “Plus” kits add front and rear sway bars, and some include end links depending on vehicle...
    $481.84 - $1,183.85
  • KSport® GT Pro Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3758
    GT Pro Coilover Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 coilovers featuring beefed up components that are biased toward racetrack use. Lower mounts allow ride height drops without compromising suspension travel, and 36 levels of...
    $1,305.00 - $1,395.00
  • ST Suspensions® ST X Coilover Lowering Kit
    (13 reviews)
    # sp2834
    ST X Coilover Lowering Kit by ST Suspensions®. The ultimate in performance, style and handling, ST height adjustable coilover kits are precision engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the German TÜV. Our threaded...
    $849.99 - $1,699.99
  • Air Lift® Performance Air Suspension Kits
    (0 reviews)
    # sp1607
    Performance Air Suspension Kits by Air Lift®. These are complete air suspension kits that allow over 4 inches of drop in ride height when aggressive looks and handling are desired. Choose air compressors in standard or heavy-duty...
    $325.00 - $1,400.00
  • aFe® PFADT Series Lowering Springs
    (0 reviews)
    # sp7961
    PFADT Series Lowering Springs by aFe®. The PFADT Series springs will increase cornering and handling, giving you the confidence to take that turn, without adversely affecting ride quality. The lowered stance will transform the way...
    $195.00 - $345.00
  • KSport® Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit
    (22 reviews)
    # sp3759
    Kontrol Pro Coilover Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 coilovers designed with sophisticated adaptability to offer performance during street racing and a comfortable ride over poor road surfaces. Lower mounts allow ride height...
    $783.00 - $2,520.00
  • ST Suspensions® Sport Tech Lowering Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp2836
    Sport Tech Lowering Kit by ST Suspensions®. Suspension Techniques Sport Springs are available for an extensive range of applications in multiple lowering options; each one specifically engineered for optimal performance and...
    $212.49 - $807.49
  • Eibach® Sportline Coil Spring Lowering Kit
    (6 reviews)
    # sp9047
    Sportline Coil Spring Lowering Kit by Eibach®. Sport lowering kits are created to give the street driver more aggressive looks with a larger drop in ride height than Pro kits. They offer a thrilling, crisp driving experience that...
    $237.98 - $294.14
  • Bilstein® B12 Series Lowering Kits
    (1 reviews)
    # sp4276
    B12 Series Lowering Kits by Bilstein®. The B12 system provides a lower stance and more stable ride for better road handling and control. This is the most economical way to vastly improve your car's performance AND appearance.
    $626.81 - $1,394.78
  • KW Suspensions® Clubsport Coilover Lowering Kit
    (1 reviews)
    # sp2607
    Clubsport Coilover Lowering Kit by KW Suspensions®. For more serious racetrack use, KW Suspension offer Clubsport coilover kits in 2-way and 3-way designs. Both offer manual control of both compression and rebound rates, and each...
    $2,879.99 - $6,419.99
  • KSport® Circuit Pro Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3757
    Circuit Pro Coilover Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 racetrack-only coilovers designed for long periods of endurance racing with long heat cycles. External hydraulic fluid reservoirs add separate adjustment for rebound rates,...
  • Eibach® Pro-Truck Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3590
    Pro-Truck Lowering Kit by Eibach®. Drop your truck’s ride height, center of gravity, and aerodynamic resistance while you add aggressive style, sportier handling, and better fuel economy. Front lowering kits for trucks include...
    $97.96 - $310.65
  • Spec-D® Lowering Springs
    (1 reviews)
    # sp6342
    Beef up your chassis and suspension with performance parts from Spec-D. They have everything you need to give your car racetrack handling and stance, from lowering springs and coilovers, stronger control arms and camber/caster kits,...
    $62.30 - $89.00
  • KSport® Race Version Coilover Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp3763
    Race Version Coilover Kit by KSport®. KSport offers track-only coilovers that are fine tuned for specific needs and demands such as drag strip runs or short distance competition on paved surfaces. Drag Race Version coilovers are...
    $1,260.00 - $2,880.00
  • Koni® 2150 FSD Lowering Shocks and Springs Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp12955
    2150 FSD Lowering Shocks and Springs Kit by Koni®. KONI introduces FSD, the first no-compromise shock absorber in the world. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single...
    $830.02 - $1,074.01
  • Skunk2® Lowering Spring Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp8875
    Lowering Spring Kit by Skunk2®. Corner faster, stop quicker, and improve the look of your vehicle with Skunk2's legendary lowering springs. Skunk2 lowering springs are designed to dramatically improve handling performance and...
    $179.99 - $219.99
  • Eibach® Pro-Touring-System Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp8687
    Pro-Touring-System Lowering Kit by Eibach®. Are you ready to improve your classic muscle car's worn out factory suspension and transform it into performance machine for the modern world? Combine race-proven spring technology...
    $929.72 - $1,079.65
  • KSport® Rally Spec Coilover Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp3761
    Rally Spec Coilover Kit by KSport®. KSport offers beefed-up coilover sets specifically tuned for the rigors of longer distance rally competition. Choose Asphalt Rally coilovers that allow ride height drops up to 3 inches for...
    $1,260.00 - $2,205.00
  • Dinan® Coil-Over Suspension Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp12980
    Coil-Over Suspension Kit by Dinan®. For the driver that demands the best out of their vehicle. The Dinan® Adjustable Coil-Over Suspension was bred in the race lab but refined on the street for maximum versatility. No matter the...
    $1,647.00 - $2,677.00
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Coil Springs
    (1 reviews)
    # sp12303
    Lowering Coil Springs by MaxTrac Suspension®. MaxTrac suspension has designed a lowering spring to easily lower your vehicle from the factory stance. This spring offers a comfortable ride and is powder coated in signature color for...
    $94.46 - $467.73
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Flip Kit
    (1 reviews)
    # sp12293
    Lowering Flip Kit by MaxTrac Suspension®. MaxTrac Suspension specifically designs each and every flip kit to each vehicle application, providing the easiest and quickest way to get the rear of your truck lower than the typical...
    $41.36 - $287.06
  • KSport® Slide Kontrol Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3762
    Slide Kontrol Coilover Kit by KSport®. This is a set of 4 coilovers with stiffer spring rates (and helper springs on some applications) and shock valving designed to make drifting launches easy. Lower mounts allow ride height drops...
    $1,260.00 - $1,980.00
  • Bilstein® B14 Series PSS Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp4277
    B14 Series PSS Coilover Kit by Bilstein®. The Bilstein B14 PSS Suspension allows adjustable vehicle ride height without the expense of a fully adjustable damping system. This system features both coilover and standard mono-tube gas...
    $782.71 - $1,553.82
  • ARK Performance® GT-F Lowering Spring Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp3964
    GT-F Lowering Spring Kit by ARK Performance®. ARK Performance offers high quality lowering spring kits that provide a clean drop, comfortable ride, and greater performance. ARK GT-F Lowering Springs are designed to provide drivers...
    $254.25 - $284.25
  • Eibach® Pro-Street Lowering Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3592
    Pro-Street Lowering Coilover Kit by Eibach®. For those who do not want the extra cost and complexity of coilovers with adjustable rebound and compression rates, this front and rear set still allows you to adjust ride height...
    $1,106.61 - $1,703.67
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Spindles
    (0 reviews)
    # sp12306
    Lowering Spindles by MaxTrac Suspension®. Maxtrac Suspension has one of the broadest lines of spindles, which cover both lowering and lifted applications. Spindles are designed to be direct bolt on installation, not requiring any...
    $143.96 - $404.96
  • aFe® PFADT Series Featheright Adjustable Coilover System
    (0 reviews)
    # sp7959
    PFADT Series Featheright Single Adjustable Street and Track Coilover System by aFe®. Designed as a complete solution the Featherlight Coilovers will allow you to remove the transverse leaf springs and OE shocks on your Corvette...
    $2,495.00 - $3,295.00
  • Skunk2® Adjustable Sleeve Coilover Kit
    (1 reviews)
    # sp7045
    Adjustable Sleeve Coilover Kit by Skunk2®. Designed as an affordable alternative to full coilovers such as Skunk2 Pro-S II and Pro-C systems, this adjustable sleeve coilover kit features hard anodized, CNC-machined aluminum...
  • Skunk2® Pro-C™ Coilover Lowering Kit
    (1 reviews)
    # sp7043
    Pro-C™ Coilover Lowering Kit by Skunk2®. Pro-C Coilovers feature a mono-tube design, 12-way adjustable valving, and double-adjustable ride height. While Pro-C shock valving offers the perfect balance between track performance and...
    $1,193.99 - $1,488.99
  • Koni® 1150 Coilover Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3947
    1150 Coilover Lowering Kit by Koni®. Are you an ambitious sports tuner and do you have speed in your blood? Are you driven by adrenaline? Then change to Radical Tuning with KONI Coilover Shocks! Be inspired by sports coilover...
    $1,220.71 - $1,442.02
  • BBK® Gripp™ Performance Lowering Spring System
    (0 reviews)
    # sp2389
    Gripp™ Performance Lowering Spring System Lower by BBK Performance®. BBK's popular Gripp performance Lowering Spring Kits have been the number one choice of many drivers for over a decade. Available in both specific and...
    $229.99 - $249.99
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Hangers
    (0 reviews)
    # sp12304
    Lowering Hangers by MaxTrac Suspension®. Sometimes lowering the rear with a shackle kit wont be enough to get the look you're after. MaxTrac also provides another easy solution to getting those extra inches out of the rear with...
    $112.46 - $143.96
  • ReadyLIFT® Fox Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp8901
    Fox Coilover Kit by ReadyLIFT®. The FOX 3.0 Factory Series Coil-over Internal Bypass, position-sensitive shocks maximize the entire wheel travel, increases oil capacity, and adds 60% more damping area over the stock FOX SVT shocks....
    $2,699.95 - $4,039.96
  • ST Suspensions® ST XTA Coilover Lowering Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp7784
    ST XTA Coilover Lowering Kit by ST Suspensions®. For those who demand the absolute best performance comes the ST XTA coilover. The full driving behaviour of your car can be adjusted using KW damper technology along with an...
    $1,385.49 - $1,699.99
  • ARK Performance® GT-S Lowering Spring Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3965
    GT-S Lowering Spring Kit by ARK Performance®. ARK Performance offers high quality lowering spring kits that provide a clean drop, comfortable ride, and greater performance. ARK GT-S Lowering Springs are designed to provide drivers...
    $269.25 - $299.25
  • Belltech® Lowering Kit
    (23 reviews)
    # sp3099
    Lowering Kit by Belltech®. Belltech lowering kits give your vehicle an aggressive look while retaining factory ride quality. Kits include Drop Ball Joint, Drop Spindle, Rear Aluminum Lowering Blocks, and Rear Shackles. Kits for...
    $97.20 - $1,403.39
  • MaxTrac Suspension® Lowering Shackles
    (2 reviews)
    # sp12308
    Lowering Shackles by MaxTrac Suspension®. MaxTrac offers up rear lowering shackles as a sure fire way to get the back end of your truck out of that stink bug stance. These shackles give a minor drop in the rear, depending on...
    $39.56 - $71.96
  • Bilstein® B16 Series Coilover Kits
    (0 reviews)
    # sp4278
    B16 Series Coilover Kits by Bilstein®. The Bilstein B16 system puts you in complete control, providing the kind of precise suspension tuning formerly available only on race cars. From a weekend of competition to daily driving, this...
    $1,229.90 - $3,330.98
  • Dinan® Performance Lowering Spring Set
    (2 reviews)
    # sp12983
    Performance Lowering Spring Set by Dinan®. Suspension systems that not only transform the stance of the vehicle but also maintain ride quality and improve upon handling are what Dinan® suspensions are known for. This is...
    $205.00 - $411.00
  • ARK Performance® DT-P Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3962
    DT-P Coilover Kit by ARK Performance®. ARK Performance DT-P monotube coilover systems are fully adjustable with 16 levels of dampening to fit your street or track needs. Our suspension systems are engineered and designed based on...
    $1,386.75 - $1,424.25
  • Hotchkis® Lowering Sport Coil Springs
    (2 reviews)
    # sp8114
    Lowering Sport Coil Springs by Hotchkis®.This is a coil springs designed for the enthusiast who seeks to lower their vehicle and achieve handling improvements in cornering, grip, and turn-in response. Increased spring rate also...
    $151.06 - $569.52
  • ARK Performance® ST-P Coilover Kit
    (0 reviews)
    # sp3963
    ST-P Coilover Kit by ARK Performance®. ARK Performance ST-P monotube coilover systems are fully adjustable with 16 levels of dampening to fit your street or track needs. Our suspension systems are engineered and designed based on...
    $1,274.25 - $1,319.25
  • Belltech® Lowering Leaf Spring Kit
    (2 reviews)
    # sp8151
    This is one replacement leaf spring curved specifically to lower the ride height of your rear suspension. Crafted from heavy gauge reinforced steel, a durable powder coat finish effectively resists corrosion, peeling, chips and...
    $119.50 - $267.80
  • Hotchkis® Lowering Leaf Springs
    (0 reviews)
    # sp9347
    Lowering Leaf Springs by Hotchkis®. This is a set of two replacement leaf springs curved specifically to lower the ride height of your rear suspension 1.5 inches. Crafted from heavy gauge reinforced steel, a durable powder coat...
    $350.88 - $561.91

Featured Brands

Lowering kits range from an economical set of coil springs that will reduce ride height 1-2”, to hi-tech coilovers that are adjustable for ride height, spring preload, and damping. Coil springs can be used with your OE shocks and struts, but upgraded performance components should be used for best results. The coil springs are usually progressive, which will give you a firm, but comfortable ride with the desired stiffness for cornering and braking. More comprehensive kits include shocks and struts, bigger sway bars, and more. Some kits may even include parts like caster and camber plates, to facilitate wheel alignment.

Besides the improvement in performance, a lowering kit will also enhance your car’s appearance. Many cars have so much gap between the top of the tires and the fenders you’d think they were built for off-roading. With a lowering kit, you’ll lose the gap and get a lower, ground hugging, aggressive stance that will work with the factory tires and wheels, but really look awesome when combined with a Plus-1 or Plus-2 wheel and tire package.

With a lowering kit installed, you’ll love your car’s new “flush stance”. But as great as it looks, once you feel how it performs you won’t be spending much time looking at your car, you’ll want to be behind the wheel. Cornering will improve because the stiffer springs will reduce dive, and since the car’s center of gravity is lower, you’ll get less body roll. Braking will improve because of less nose dive and you’ll have better acceleration because the car will squat less when you floor it. Your car will be more responsive and react more directly to your input regardless of the situation, with greater predictability.

Still another benefit from installing a lowering kit is improved aerodynamics. Lowering your car makes it closer to the road, reducing its wind resistance, for higher top speed at the race track and increased fuel mileage on the highway. If you take your car to the track, you’ll appreciate the higher top speed. Fuel economy, on the other hand, probably isn’t a high priority when you drive a performance car. But considering how fast the needle on your gas gauge drops when you push your car isn’t it nice to know you may get a few more miles per gallon when you’re just cruising?

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    How Low Can You Go?
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My coilover looked amazing. I loved how easy they where to install. They came faster than I thought I was gunna get them.
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2007 Acura TL
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