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Today one can hardly imagine a vehicle without a suspension system. We take it for granted but not all of us know what the suspension actually is. It is a sort of a mechanical 'cushion' that does a bang up job of supporting the vehicle's weight, absorbing and dampening road imperfections, and finally, keeping tires in contact with the ground. Basically, there are three main components of the suspension: shock absorbers, anti-sway bars, and springs.

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Regardless of the type, any spring must cushion the ride as well as prevent the vehicle's body from excessive sagging. But however great the parts are at absorbing energy, they're not so good at dissipating it. There are two main things to consider when talking about springs: the sprung weight, to wit, the mass of the vehicle supported by the springs, and the unsprung weight, which includes parts of the suspension and steering not supported by the springs.

If you were asked to explain how springs function, you would say that they extend and compress over and over while driving. Yes, that's the case. One thing that you probably wouldn't mention is that all springs eventually experience metal fatigue. As a rule, their original height is reduced, affecting the suspension geometry. You may not realize the changes in the handling characteristics until you need the suspension most. But what you'll obviously notice is the serious physical damage to the springs because they'll considerably alter the suspension height.

How to know that the system is not as effective as it used to be? Well, a worn out suspension will be incapable of absorbing the bumps of the road. Such driving will make you and your passengers feel uncomfortable. Besides, poor handling will accompany you on turns or, for example, when you need to steer quickly so as to avoid a road hazard. It would look like this: you want to turn right but the car sways in the opposite direction from the turn, causing the car to flip over. As you understand, the replacement is the only sensible option in such a case.

Finding out in time that the suspension system is endangered may save you from serious accidents. Therefore, have the suspension parts examined at regular intervals and if necessary, replace the worn out components as soon as possible. If you intend to fix the problems yourself, don't forget to test drive the vehicle several times during the repair job. What for? To see whether or not the vehicle sways or bounces when turning and braking. One more useful tip for all the drivers is to clean the underneath of the vehicle in the winter and early spring in order to extend the life of the springs.

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The very first thing to know about timely suspension system diagnosis is that the stability and steering control of your vehicle and, what is more important, your safety on the road depends on how often you make it. Automotive suspension belongs to one of those car systems that are constantly exposed to high loads and thus are prone to wear and tear. Most...
Very often we don't even realize what a crucial role a car's suspension plays in providing a safe and comfortable ride. The system maximizes the friction between the road surface and your vehicle's tires, ensuring steering stability along with responsive handling.
How Low Can You Go?How Low Can You Go?
Lowering is high on the list of many people who want to improve the appearance of their car. If you want to lower your car with the coil springs, then replacing them with lowering springs is the way to go. But what if you want to lower your car and also make it handle better? If that’s your goal then consider coil-over shocks.
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1998 Lincoln Navigator
| Posted by | (Bronx, NY)

Crescent purchase of Arnott coil springs was of satisfactory status that resolved major problem, that my Lincoln Navigator sustain and very needed, correcting comfort in vehicle. I am thanking you in advance for your companies time and cooperation in this matter herein.

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