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    1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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    "As in the description, it does what its intended to do. You will immediately feel the difference after installing this product into your vehicle! Amazing!"

    2011 Mitsubishi Lancer
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    "Instant handling difference. The road to work is a long fast winding road, it's been a dream since I got the bar. Slightly off fit, but only by a half inch. A couple strategically placed washers to give it a base where one of the bolts are... Minor, minor thing. Quick fix and I love the end result!!!"

    2011 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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    "I really enjoy my 2007 Eclipse, but from the day I drove off the Mitsubishi lot, one feature has bothered me since. The space between the wheel well and tire was an enormous amount of empty space, and the handling wasn't quite as good as my 03 Eclipse. I finally purchased the Eibach Lowering Springs (1.4" drop), and when I finally put the wheels back on and put the Eclipse back on the ground, real pleasant surprise! Car looked like it should. Was really happy with Eibach Springs. No greater feeling when you finally accomplish the job!"