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    Realizing that the air delivery system on your Hyundai may be obstructed or damaged is never pleasant. On top of the hassle involved in finding the right replacement part and having it installed, there's also the price of most Original Equipment (OE) compliant parts to consider. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives out there, but most of these come from unknown manufacturers and there is no guarantee of their quality as well as whether or not they'll actually fit when you install them.

    With that in mind, our site should be your first port of call. Not only do we offer replacement parts from reputable brands such as K&N, Mahle, Full, Python, Delphi and VDO, but all the parts that you'll find here are engineered to match the OE specifications precisely. At the same time, the prices that we offer are better than what you'll find anywhere else, and we can deliver the parts you need to your doorstep in a day or two at most. If you have any questions, our sales associates are constantly on standby to help out – all seven days of the week.

    The importance of having the right air intake and the right filter can never be understated, so we at have everything you need to make sure your engine is breathing as easily as it can. Once you have the right components, you'll be thankful for the better fuel economy and improved performance, which will prevent you from ever overlooking your filter and intake again. If you aren't quite sure what you need, then you can check 19 air intake and air filter reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which will point you in the right direction!

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    An intake manifold is an integrated assembly that sits atop the engine, consisting of a series of tubes which distribute fresh outside air to each and every cylinder. On V-shaped engine blocks, an intake manifold typically sits between the two cylinder banks while inline engines may feature a manifold to the side of the cylinder head. Intake manifolds serve as a mounting point for carburetors, throttle body assemblies, fuel injectors, thermostats, and more depending on vehicle manufacturer engineering preferences. Intake manifolds may also serve to route coolant through dedicated channels in order to remove heat from the engine. Because of their location and functionality, intake manifold assemblies are under constant stress from engine vacuum pressure as well as direct heat from coolant, cylinder combustion gasses, and the cylinder heads to which they are mounted.