Delphi Automotive PLC is a leading global supplier of technologies for the automotive and commercial vehicle markets. Headquartered in Gillingham, England, Delphi operates major technical centers, manufacturing sites and customer support services in 32 countries, with regional headquarters in Bascharage, Luxembourg; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Shanghai, China and Troy, Michigan, U.S.

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    • Delphi® A/C Compressor
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      # sp13259
      A/C Compressor by Delphi®. Every Delphi compressor provides OE quality and efficient, reliable performance, combined with superior features such as an exact fit, higher pumping capacity and a proven clutch design for longer life.
      $183.02 - $535.47
    • Delphi® Radiator
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      # sp5799
      Radiator by Delphi®. Designed and manufactured to OE specifications, Delphi’s radiators offer enhanced performance that delivers optimal cooling, even in extreme conditions including aggressive and low-speed driving. Delphi...
      $86.00 - $415.08
    • Delphi® Heater Core
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      # sp5748
      Heater Core by Delphi®. Delphi has been manufacturing and engineering heater cores for more than 60 years, and every heater core they produce is designed and manufactured to OE specifications. This translates into superior,...
      $32.33 - $167.23
    • Delphi® Fuel Pump Module Assembly
      (2 reviews)
      # sp5779
      Fuel Pump Module Assembly by Delphi®. As a leading OE supplier to the automotive industry, Delphi holds more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design. As a result, Delphi fuel pumps restore...
      $31.55 - $376.92
    • Delphi® Diesel Injection Pump
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      # sp5770
      Diesel Injection Pump by Delphi®. As a world leader in the innovation design and manufacture of diesel fuel injection systems, Delphi has many years experience in the light-duty market. Delphi rotary fuel injection pumps can be...
      $175.01 - $1,528.92
    • Delphi® Fuel Injector
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      # sp5778
      Fuel Injector by Delphi®, Delphi fuel injectors are specifically tailored to deliver pressurized, atomized fuel to each cylinder in precise proportions required under extreme conditions. In fact, Delphi performance fuel injectors...
      $34.35 - $688.54
    • Delphi® Ignition Coil
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      # sp5784
      Ignition Coil by Delphi®. Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with Delphi ignition coils. Delphi makes more than 10 million ignition coils for North America each year, and each one...
      $23.13 - $273.28
    • Delphi® Instrument Cluster
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      # sp5755
      Instrument Cluster by Delphi®. Remanufactured with the benefit of more than 100 years of OE heritage, Delphi instrument clusters fit a wide variety of popular GM applications from 1996 to present.
      $142.84 - $466.13
    • Delphi® Ignition Control Module
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      # sp5787
      Ignition Control Module by Delphi®. Delphi ignition modules feature distributor-based, DIS and late-model cassette configurations for broad coverage. Delphi modules control the primary ignition circuit to fire the coil, using input...
      $11.72 - $214.45
    • Delphi® Distributor
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      # sp5785
      Distributor by Delphi®. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste your time and gas running out to...
      $15.46 - $314.93
    • Delphi® Blower Motor
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      # sp5747
      Blower Motor by Delphi®. Delphi’s blower motors provide robust performance, even in extreme conditions such as temperature shifts, humidity, dust and vibration. Designed and manufactured to OE specifications, Delphi blower motors...
      $48.49 - $119.58
    • Delphi® Spark Plug Wire Set
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      # sp5786
      Spark Plug Wire Set by Delphi®. Delphi ignition wire sets provide premium performance in every application because they use OE cable configurations - Delcore, Composite High Temperature or Wire Wound (where applicable) — that are...
      $19.42 - $78.70
    • Delphi® Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor
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      # sp5767
      Ignition Knock (Detonation) Sensor by Delphi®. Delphi knock sensors "listen" for a variety of knock frequencies under different operating conditions, to detect shifts and provide an accurate signal to the engine control module...
      $25.34 - $101.53
    • Delphi® Mechanical Fuel Pump
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      # sp5780
      Mechanical Fuel Pump by Delphi®. Older model vehicles with carburetors typically use mechanical fuel pumps. The pump can be located next to or on the engine, and uses an internal diaphragm to draw fuel from the tank and push it...
      $15.11 - $64.84
    • Delphi® Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump
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      # sp5761
      Diesel High Pressure Oil Pump by Delphi®. Both new and remanufactured oil pumps are available for the most popular engines in North America, and all parts used in the rebuild process are 100 percent genuine OE parts to ensure quality.
      $646.18 - $913.96
    • Delphi® Mass Air Flow Sensor
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      # sp5750
      When it comes to MAF sensors, communication with the ECM is key. That’s why Delphi MAF sensors use all new parts - never remanufactured parts that could harbor debris and therefore send inaccurate readings to the ECM.
      $50.28 - $270.77
    • Delphi® Speed Sensor
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      # sp5788
      Speed Sensor by Delphi®. Delphi speed and position sensors are designed for use with any control module that accepts a digital input. Delphi sensors use the Hall Effect or magneto resistive (MR) principles for accurate and clean...
      $23.11 - $65.12
    • Delphi® Suspension Self-Leveling Sensor
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      # sp5789
      Suspension Self-Leveling Sensor by Delphi®. Does your luxury car ride like an old buckboard wagon? Is your pickup still bouncing long after the bump? If so your suspension is in need of repair, but before you waste your time and...
      $30.94 - $141.35
    • Delphi® Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor
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      # sp5774
      Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor by Delphi®. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does its stumble and stall, and idle rough? Are you making more frequent visits to the pump? Your fuel system may need repair, but before you waste your time...
      $66.39 - $265.93
    • Delphi® Engine Oil Pressure Switch
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      # sp5763
      Engine Oil Pressure Switch by Delphi®. Is your vehicle feeling down on power? Do you see dark puddles on the ground when you park? Is your CHECK ENGINE light on? Your engine may be in need of repair, but before you waste your time...
      $14.23 - $123.49
    • Delphi® EGR Valve
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      # sp5758
      EGR Valve by Delphi®. Delphi exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves are a 100 percent OE line, providing an exact fit without the need for orifice washers or clocking for fast, easy installation. Precision manufacturing provides...
      $47.22 - $246.88

    Delphi continues demonstrating its strength as a leading provider of Original Equipment (OE) solutions to the aftermarket through its thermal expansion of OE-designed SP compressors. Partnering together, Delphi aftermarket and OE engineers applied their innovative SP compressor technology, used by major OEMs around the world, and engineered them to fit late model applications for the aftermarket in North America, Euorpe and South America.

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    Like all Delphi parts, Delphi's fuel module kits were designed based on many years of experience developing similar systems for OEMs. Delphi's OE heritage ensures quality replacement parts that provide the right fit, form and function – the first time, every time. Plus, as demonstrated by the enhancements made to its fuel module kit, Delphi is highly responsive to the evolving needs of the independent aftermarket.

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    Delphi automotive parts meet the needs of technicians and consumers worldwide, with technologies for gasoline-, diesel- and hybrid-powered vehicles. Delphi is already a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle, and other market segments. But the company never stops working on new ideas it can bring to the marketplace. Shop for premium Delphi auto parts at CARiD.

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    Great Ignition Coils At A Great Price
    These were easy to install and worked right away.
    JPosted by Jennifer (Port Allegany, PA) /
    2009 Dodge Caliber
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