Toyota Performance Exhaust Systems

Toyota Performance Exhaust Systems

  • Torxe™ - Exhaust Systems
    Torxe™Exhaust Systems
    # sp119264
    Exhaust Systems by Torxe™. Increase your exhaust flow and get a bump up in horsepower, torque, and efficiency by installing a performance exhaust system – all while enjoying one of the best values on the market today. Larger diameter...
    $127.50 - $590.00
  • Torxe™ - Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
    Torxe™Direct Fit Catalytic Converter
    # sp222948
    Direct Fit Catalytic Converter by Torxe™. Direct Fit Catalytic converter by Torxe. Replace your clogged, corroded, and malfunctioning catalytic converter for the best possible price with a factory-style unit from Torxe. Fitment is...
    Replace an old clogged, corroded, and malfunctioning unit and clear your check engine light for goodVehicle-specific fitment is designed around the exact dimensions of your make and model for proper fit and easy installation
    $138.00 - $572.00
  • Borla® - Exhaust System
    Borla®Exhaust System
    # sp17451
    Exhaust System by Borla®. This unique system allows you to adjust your level of sound and power, from quiet and restrictive to louder and free flowing. It features a patented Borla straight-through muffler and mandrel bent pipes...
    $455.99 - $5,222.99
  • MagnaFlow® - Street Series Exhaust Systems
    MagnaFlow®Street Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp598
    Street Series Exhaust Systems by MagnaFlow®. The Street Series is designed for customers seeking increased performance and better economy, combined with a powerful and well tuned exhaust note, making a real statement within legal limits...
    $480.00 - $3,699.00
  • MBRP® - Installer Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Installer Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp813
    Installer Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The Installer Series from MBRP brings you the best in high-quality construction: these reasonably-priced systems are manufactured on the same tooling and with the same processes as MBRP's Pro...
    $184.99 - $1,049.99
  • Gibson® - Exhaust System
    Gibson®Exhaust System
    # sp17452
    Exhaust System by Gibson®. Straight Out The Back Exit. Let the engine in your muscle car breathe and make it sound like a real muscle car with an American Muscle Car Stainless Steel Exhaust. The mandrel bent tubing and CFT Superflow...
    $271.48 - $1,344.55
  • aFe® - Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems
    aFe®Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp109
    Mach Force XP™ Exhaust Systems by aFe®. Get increased exhaust flow, more horsepower and torque, improved performance and lower exhaust gas temperatures with the aFe Mach Force XP Exhaust System. aFe dyno tests every system for maximum...
    $147.84 - $6,060.29
  • Corsa® - Sport™ Exhaust Systems
    Corsa®Sport™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp17601
    Sport™ Exhaust Systems by Corsa®. The patented Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology provides a unique combination of Robust and Bold Performance Sound on acceleration, and No-Drone Comfort when touring. These Stainless steel...
    $634.99 - $2,897.99
  • Invidia® - N1 Racing Exhaust System
    Invidia®N1 Racing Exhaust System
    # sp18815
    N1 Racing Exhaust System by Invidia®. For a good balance of price and performance, Invidia offers the motorsports enthusiasts a strong line-up of Invidia N1 Exhaust is constructed with high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, CNC-machined...
    $464.10 - $1,994.30
  • Takeda® - Exhaust Systems
    Takeda®Exhaust Systems
    # sp1802
    Exhaust Systems by Takeda®. Get increased exhaust flow and more horsepower and torque with this stainless steel cat-back exhaust system. Many hours were spent testing this system to ensure it produces maximum power gains with the...
    $247.17 - $3,543.54
  • Borla® - S-Type™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®S-Type™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp228
    S-Type™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla Exhaust. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to...
    $455.99 - $5,222.99
  • MBRP® - XP Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®XP Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp804
    XP Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The XP series exhausts from MBRP is for the no-compromise enthusiast who insists on a rugged system that can take whatever the road throws at it and last. Constructed entirely of corrosion-resistant...
    $119.99 - $1,274.99
  • Borla® - Touring™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®Touring™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp230
    Touring™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla. Borla straight-through mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to deliver the...
    $499.99 - $2,674.99
  • Weapon-R® - SS Race Headers
    Weapon-R®SS Race Headers
    # sp183530
    SS Race Headers by Weapon-R®. These free-flowing headers are designed to increase exhaust flow and make as much horsepower and torque as possible. This product is made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality...
    Maximizes engine performanceDesigned to work without the catalytic Converter
    $236.00 - $1,020.00
  • Weapon-R® - SS Street Headers
    Weapon-R®SS Street Headers
    # sp240876
    SS Street Headers by Weapon-R®. Let your engine breathe on the exhaust side. This header will increase horsepower and torque.
    Improves engine performanceDesigned to work with stock exhaust system
    $296.00 - $485.00
  • Gibson® - Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp132810
    Black Elite™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. The Black Elite Series product line truly displays Gibson's commitment to dominating performance and style. Each T-304 stainless tip is offered with a premium black finish applied with Gibson's...
    $196.98 - $1,341.46
  • Gibson® - Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp790
    Swept Side™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. Get increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range where you need it most, with this Swept Side Cat-Back Exhaust System. This Gibson exhaust system makes maximum low end power, which is best...
    $271.48 - $845.16
  • J2 Engineering® - Exhaust Systems
    J2 Engineering®Exhaust Systems
    # sp119262
    Exhaust Systems by J2 Engineering®. Maximize your horsepower output and torque with J2 Engineering. Designed to ensure an efficient path for exhaust gases to escape, this product will give you an increase in performance and power you...
    $60.00 - $784.00
  • MBRP® - Black Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Black Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp816
    Black Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. Murder out your vehicle with a black exhaust system. Specially coated in high heat black, these aluminized steel systems are the hottest thing in the exhaust market today. They're manufactured with...
    $304.99 - $1,099.99
  • CGS® - Exhaust Systems
    CGS®Exhaust Systems
    # sp36752
    Exhaust Systems by CGS®. Get more power, improved performance, increased mileage and throaty sound in a bolt-on package. With the CGS Exhaust System you get all this and a complete replacement lifetime warranty, at an affordable price....
    $319.99 - $1,109.99
  • MagnaFlow® - MagnaFlow Series Exhaust Systems
    MagnaFlow®MagnaFlow Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp192049
    MagnaFlow Series Exhaust Systems by MagnaFlow®. MagnaFlow systems give more horsepower and torque than factory exhaust systems by providing better exhaust scavenging and gas flow. They also provide the characteristic MagnaFlow looks and...
    Built In Stainless Steel For DurabilityTuned, Powerful Exhaust Sound
    $535.00 - $1,899.00
  • MBRP® - Pro Series Exhaust Systems
    MBRP®Pro Series Exhaust Systems
    # sp808
    Pro Series Exhaust Systems by MBRP®. The PRO series exhausts from MBRP is for the no-compromise enthusiast who insists on nothing but the best. For you, that means a system constructed entirely of long-lasting T304 stainless steel. The...
    $319.99 - $1,999.99
  • Gibson® - Dual Sport™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Dual Sport™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp786
    Dual Sport™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. Get increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range where you need it most, along with dual exhaust tip style, with the Dual Sport Cat-Back Exhaust System. This Gibson exhaust system makes...
    $470.57 - $852.88
  • aFe® - Twisted Steel Headers
    aFe®Twisted Steel Headers
    # sp240882
    Twisted Steel Headers by aFe®. The new Twisted Steel performance header from aFe Power is redefining the header industry with the new pulse control technology. aFe engineers have designed this header using optimum tube lengths and...
    Optimized tube lengths improve flow and performance100% hand MIG-welded construction ensures optimal strength and durability
    $455.07 - $2,915.22
  • aFe® - Rebel Series™ Exhaust Systems
    aFe®Rebel Series™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp22846
    Rebel Series™ Exhaust Systems by aFe®. aFe power introduces an all new Rebel Series exhaust system. This Rebel Series cat-back is designed with dual intercooled exhaust tips that exit in front of the rear passenger tire for a unique,...
    $455.07 - $1,271.66
  • aFe® - Scorpion™ Exhaust Systems
    aFe®Scorpion™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp93584
    Scorpion™ Exhaust Systems by aFe®. This Scorpion Aluminized Exhaust System is constructed of 2-1/2" mandrel-bent aluminized steel tubing. This exhaust system comes complete with baffled muffler, OE style bayonet hangers, band clamps...
    $412.34 - $582.12
  • Borla® - ATAK™ Exhaust Systems
    Borla®ATAK™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp227
    ATAK™ Exhaust Systems by Borla®. When you want the best performing, best sounding, and highest quality exhaust system, you want Borla. Borla straight-through, multi-core ATAK mufflers and mandrel-bent exhaust tubes are custom tuned to...
    $667.99 - $6,845.99
  • Invidia® - Q300™ Exhaust System
    Invidia®Q300™ Exhaust System
    # sp18817
    Q300™ Exhaust System by Invidia®. The flat bottom shaped muffler design results in improved high speed aerodynamic performance. The muffler inside contains continuous piping design and use of Advantex material that results in an...
    $579.60 - $1,565.20
  • Gibson® - Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems
    Gibson®Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems
    # sp788
    Split Rear™ Exhaust Systems by Gibson®. Get increased horsepower and torque in the rpm range where you need it most, along with the look of dual exhaust, with the Split Rear Cat-Back Exhaust System. This Gibson exhaust system makes...
    $429.86 - $941.54
  • Diamond Eye® - Exhaust Systems
    Diamond Eye®Exhaust Systems
    # sp3983
    Exhaust Systems by Diamond Eye®. This products are created for those who are not afraid of the power. It is fine-tuned to deliver unrestricted power and tested against competition for maximum performance. The product includes everything...
    $239.69 - $713.19

Toyota is a power brand, and so are custom Toyota exhaust systems. Check out the huge variety of Toyota exhausts at CARiD to find one that perfectly matches your Toyota model. With offerings from industry leading brands such as the super powerful RBP, Borla, MBRP, Gibson, Flowmaster, and Weapon-R, it’s easy to find an exhaust system that complements the power your car. The RBP cat back gas exhaust system for Toyota features a single rear passenger side exit and comes complete with a muffler, tubing and exhaust tip. It fits perfectly into the stock hangers and is very easy to install. What makes this exhaust system so special is the fact that it lowers exhaust gas temperatures, helping prolong the exhaust system’s lifespan. This it does while increasing power, torque and fuel economy for greater savings. Other commendable cat back exhaust systems include units from MagnaFlow, Gibson, Borla and MBRP.

To complement your exhaust system, CARiD offers a range of components that are easy to install. The Toyota performance header by Gibson, for instance, is designed to make it easy for the engine to breathe and eliminates the restrictions present when a stock manifold is used. What you gain as a result is increased low to mid range power and an increase in torque. You will enjoy improved fuel economy as well, not to mention better exhaust sound. The fact that you can fully personalize the sound to what suits you makes the exhaust system doubly appealing. Toyota exhaust systems come in stainless steel, coated steel, aluminized steel and nickel chrome plated steel. All these materials are durable and provide lasting endurance, the reason why manufacturers prefer them when constructing Toyota exhaust systems.

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Install was a little bit difficult as I had to cut down one of the pipes because they sent it with a longer one assuming it's in case someone has the long bed model. Took me about 45 minutes to an hour to install it's literally 2 pieces of piping. Cons for some (not me) this exhaust is very loud especially on the freeway doing 75+ there is allot of cabin noise (drone) from it. Aside from that I love this exhaust. I do kinda wish I went with the outlaw full cat-back exhaust though I think it would be a little easier on the drone you get on freeway since the exit is further back. But I am happy with my purchase.
Posted by Customer / November 23, 20212020 Toyota Tacoma
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