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Because of the brake system, you can slow your vehicle and bring it to a complete stop in a safe, controlled and predictable manner. In this system, friction created by pressing stationary pads and shoes against rotors and drums that rotate with the wheels converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into heat. Fluid in a hydraulic system multiplies the force applied by your foot on the brake pedal to apply the pads and shoes against the rotors and drums.


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Most vehicles today have four-wheel disc brakes and pads are available in Non-Asbestos Organic (NAO), semi-metallic and ceramic formulations. NAO pads are made from organic materials like glass and rubber. They are softer, generally wear faster and create a lot of brake dust. Semi-metallic pads contain a large amount of metal fibers like steel. They are durable and great for high temperature applications, but they are tough on rotors and can be noisy. Ceramic compounds have ceramic fibers and softer metal fibers like copper. They provide excellent braking, with little noise, and less dusting and rotor wear.

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