The calipers transform the hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder into the mechanical force required to force the brake pads against the rotors, to slow and stop a vehicle with disc brakes. Disc brakes have been used on the front wheels of all vehicles since the 1970s and today are used at all four wheels on most vehicles. They are fade resistant, self-adjusting and exhibit less grabbing and pulling than drum brakes.

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The brake caliper straddles the brake rotor and provides the mounts for the disc brake pads. All calipers have one or more bores in the caliper body containing piston(s), seals, and dust boots, one or more bleeder screws to bleed air from the hydraulic system, and a port to which the brake line or hose is connected. Most OE type caliper bodies are made of cast iron and the caliper pistons are of steel or phenolic construction.

There are two kinds of calipers, floating and fixed. The latter have multiple pistons on each side that apply equal pressure to the pads when the brakes are applied. Floating calipers have one or more pistons on the inboard side of the caliper and the caliper body slides on pins. When the brakes are applied the caliper body moves inward as the caliper pistons move outward, clamping the rotor with the disc brake pads. Some rear wheel calipers incorporate a screw type parking brake mechanism to mechanically apply the brake pads. When brake pads are replaced, a special tool must be used to bottom the pistons in the bores.

Caliper defects can cause a number of brake system problems. A low or sinking brake pedal can be caused by a leaking caliper. A brake pull or dragging brakes can be caused by a seized caliper piston, which can also be indicated by uneven pad wear. A floating caliper that can’t move freely because of worn or rusted caliper slide pins can also cause uneven pad wear, as well as brake drag. Inspect the caliper carefully, looking for leaks, torn caliper piston and slide pin boots, worn or missing hardware, and any other defects. If caliper service is required, we have a number of options to offer you.

Our basic replacement calipers are precision manufactured and pressure tested and come with new seals, dust boots, and bleeder screws. Or step up to semi-loaded calipers that also include hardware and brackets as required. For a complete repair job you can’t do better than our loaded calipers that come with all new pistons, seals and boots, hardware and clips to ensure smooth, noise free performance, and application specific brake pads. These calipers are ready to install over the rotor right out of the box. We also carry a large selection of individual components and repair kits if you want to rebuild your calipers.

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