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    The Volkswagen Cabrio premiered in 1979 as a convertible version of the popular Golf compact sedan/hatchback. It utilized the same Mk1 series construction and was manufactured off of Volkswagen's A1 platform. At its launch, the Cabrio was called the Cabriolet or Rabbit Convertible. Under the hood was a variety of inline four-cylinder engines mated to a standard four/five-speed manual transmission or an optional three-speed automatic. Among the vehicle's main features were its reinforced body construction and a roll bar. It also featured a luxury-car amount of amenities as well as décor. The convertible top of the Cabrio was made of vinyl, insulated, and could be manually or hydraulically operated. As for the model's dimensions, the Volkswagen Cabrio's first generation measured in with a wheelbase of 94.5 inches, a width of 63.4 inches, a height of 55.6 inches, and an overall length of 145.9 inches.

    There weren't many changes made to the Cabrio parts during its Mk1 time on the road, although throughout the years there were would be minor revisions made to the exterior Cabrio parts. However, most of the updates were made to the inside of the model. When the Volkswagen Cabriolet debuted, it was outfitted with a standard AM/FM tuner. As the middle of the 1980s progressed, the stereo was upgraded to include a cassette-tape deck along with the previous AM/FM tuner. Materials around the interior were also improved. There were no alterations to the drivetrain, however. By the close of the decade, Volkswagen was finishing up the design of the second-generation of the Cabriolet. Unlike the previous incarnation of the convertible, the redesigned Cabriolet would be constructed off of VW's new A3 platform.

    1993 welcomed in the arrival of the second-generation Volkswagen Cabriolet. Similar to the first go-round, the second-generation of the model showed off a variety of inline four-cylinder engines mated to either a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic as an option. A 1.9L Turbodiesel Direct Injection configuration was also available and good for producing up to 200 horsepower. As for the model's overall dimensions, the Volkswagen Cabrio measured in with a wheelbase of 97.3 inches (1999- 97.4 inches), a width of 66.7 inches, a height of 56 inches, and an overall length of 160.4 inches. In 1999, Volkswagen instituted the first redesign of the second-generation Cabrio, which included updates to such Cabrio parts, as front and rear fascias, a new front-end grille, and updated headlights. There were not any more revisions made to the Cabrio during its time being assembled and by 2002, Volkswagen had decided to replace it in the lineup with the New Beetle and Eos. Even still, the Cabrio is still a visible presence on the road and has enjoyed great success due to its top-notch construction and reliability.

    The Volkswagen Cabrio doesn't have many equals in the VW brand, as this dashing convertible has become a fixture for many who understand life's little pleasures. Like its sibling the Golf, the Cabrio keeps in top form thanks to its compact muscle along as well as a nice spoonful of economical luxury. The Cabrio was designed to allow its drivers a chance to reach for the stars and the model hasn't disappointed. The Cabrio manages to find a way to impress with the top down or up, bearing down enthusiasm and expert automotive design to the masses.

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    All Hail the 2011 Volkswagen Cabrio
    All Hail the 2011 Volkswagen Cabrio

    At the 2011 Geneva International Motor Show, Volkswagen brought back to life its Cabrio. Though at first glance the new vehicle looks similar to the VW Eos, the two of them have some differences. Unlike the Eos, the Cabrio features a traditional soft roof, which can be folded in 9.5 seconds. Both convertibles have identical interior dimensions and wheelbase, still the Eos is longer overall. The Cabrio in its turn has a more swept-back angle of its front windscreen frame and a lower profile roof line.

    The German automaker states that the soft roof of the new Cabrio may be opened and closed at speeds of up to 19 mph, and that when the roof is closed, this Volkswagen is one of the most quiet convertibles. As for the standard safety features, the reborn convertible is offered with an automatically deploying roll-over bar, side curtain head/thorax airbags, front airbags, a knee airbag on the driver’s side and ESP. The LED rear lights similar to those of the GTI come standard as well. The vehicle is powered by a choice of six direct-injection turbocharged engines producing from 105 hp to 210 hp. Four of the TSI petrol engines and a TDI diesel engine are offered with the DSG dual-clutch transmission; at the same time three of the engines come with the energy-saving BlueMotion Technology.