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The spark plugs, wires, coils and distributors to maximize power and driveability

We also offer useful accessories to help you organize extra ignition system components such as the GoRhino® Spark Plug Caddy tray with wall shelf, Goodmark® spark plug wire retainer loom kits to keep wires lined up, a Spark Plug Index tool from Moroso® designed to be held in a vice to check reference points, stylish polished aluminum covers for spark plugs and ignition coil areas, and everything else you can think of.

Ignition Systems

Spark plugs are the part of your ignition system you’ll be replacing most frequently, simply as a matter of maintenance. It’s safe to say very few spark plugs are designed to operate in exactly the same way, because each make and model requires them to provide a uniquely specific spark duration, current, and temperature level. Over time, spark plug tips naturally become fouled and corroded by impurities in gasoline or improper running conditions.

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If the wrong spark plugs are installed on your vehicle, they won’t last long. That’s why we ensure when you buy spark plugs from us, you’ll get exactly the ones you need that meet factory specifications for your make and model. And when you’re doing a tune-up on your vehicle, we offer all the additional ignition system components you could ask for. For example, we offer breaker points, condensors, distributor caps, and rotors individually or in complete kits tailored to the engine in your older or classic vehicle. We also offer related parts such as screws, springs, ground straps, and cam nuts for points.

Ignition Systems

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Ignition Systems the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Mallory, Pulstar, Taylor Cable, Bosch, Omix-Ada, AEM, Accel, E3, Mr Gasket, Blue Streak the Performance Ignition Systems we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Ignition coils are another extremely important part of any gasoline engine’s ignition system. Designed to collect voltage and release it in the form of an electrical pulse that goes directly to a distributor or spark plug, most modern vehicles feature one individual coil per cylinder. While most coils are reliable, premature failure in recent years is common due to poor design. Improperly sized coil windings and insulation structure can suffer from electrical shorts due to heat or moisture, and can go completely bad when voltage overload occurs from worn spark plugs or wires.

Ignition Systems

Should you need rewire your ignition system, we offer 100-foot spools of nickel-copper spark plug wire wrapped in high temperature silicone. We also have a full range of glow plugs and ignition system components for diesel-powered vehicles. And if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s ignition system, you’ll find high energy ignition components suited to the higher demands of towing and high-performance engine modifications.

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1968 Toyota Land Cruiser
| Posted by | (High Point, NC)

Made in Russia. Of the 6 I purchased, one was threaded incorrectly so it would not thread into any of the spark plug holes. I wasn't able to replace the one anywhere close to home so I took them all out and replaced them with another brand.

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