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Performance Ignition Systems

Every engine needs a well-timed spark in each cylinder for easy starting and optimal fuel mileage, but it’s especially critical for making horsepower in a high-performance engine. You can cram as much air and fuel into the cylinders as you can with high-flow intakes and injectors, but it will be wasted if the mixture doesn’t burn completely. High-performance ignitions provide a powerful spark for complete combustion and maximum horsepower.

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Ignition Systems

The components available for your vehicle will vary according to the type of ignition system. Late model vehicles with coil-on-plug ignitions are candidates for high voltage coils that will produce long duration, high energy spark even at high RPM, and sophisticated ignition controllers that allow you to adjust ignition timing. For older, distributor ignition systems we have electronic conversion kits, wires, caps, rotors, and complete distributors.

Featured Products

Performance spark plugs are an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade the ignition system on any engine. We offer the latest platinum tipped plugs from the top brands, with air gap and electrode features that will provide more complete combustion than ordinary plugs, with exceptional durability. High-performance engines generate a lot of heat, and modifications like headers can expose wires to heat that OE wires can’t handle. Our performance spark plug wires have low resistance for a hotter spark with longer spark duration, and they thrive in temperature extremes and when routed around headers and other performance parts.

Ignition Systems

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Ignition Systems the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Pulstar, Bosch, MSD, Taylor Cable, Karlyn STI, E3, Mallory, AEM, Accel, Mr Gasket, Blue Streak the Performance Ignition Systems we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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The ignition coil turns the 12 volts from the battery into the high voltage needed to fire the spark plugs. But where ordinary coils develop about 15,000-40,000 volts, our performance coils can produce 50,000 volts or more, with faster rise time and increased duration, for a strong spark even at high RPMs. For even more performance consider a performance ignition box like one of our CDI systems. A CDI provides multiple sparks at low RPM for efficient combustion, and discharges a capacitor through the coil at high RPM to fire the spark plugs at a much faster rate than the coil could normally charge and fire.

Ignition Systems

Upgrade your factory distributor with a performance cap and rotor. We offer tough, alkyd compound caps with brass inserts, which resist corrosion and provide better conductivity. Get more precise and consistent spark timing, and eliminate the need for breaker point replacement with an electronic ignition conversion kit. Or get these features and more with a performance distributor. Our distributors are available with dual points or electronic ignition, and some even feature preprogrammed or custom advance curves, with housings turned from billet aluminum and shafts that turn on oil lite bushings and/or ball bearings.

Guides & Articles
Since the dawn of the automobile, spark plugs have been an integral part of gasoline engines because they conduct the electrical energy from a vehicle’s ignition system needed to finalize the combustion process. After the gas/air mixture has been fully compressed inside the cylinder head, spark plugs serve a miniature bolt of lightning to create an explosion...
This article will guide you through a generic tune up on most any car or light duty gasoline-powered vehicle built within the last 20 years or so. We will presume that you are tuning up your engine because it has reached the mileage or time point to do so, and that you are NOT performing a tune up to cure an engine performance defect. We make this distinction...
The question of whether to buy parts from an automotive dealer vs. ones from aftermarket manufacturers is as age-old as the automobile itself. Below, we'll take a look at things worth considering to help you make a better choice if you're facing that same question. Automobile manufacturers and dealerships always advertise the fact that their parts are "genuine"...
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Ignition Systems Reviews
Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 126 reviews
1997 Jaguar XJ-Type | Posted by Jerrard | (Lakewood, CA)

97 Jaguar XJ6. Don't need to say anymore. Get all that I need from this car. Just want to keep it this way. Birthday present of 6 E-3 plugs and air filter. Right off the bat the idle was smoother than before. From a retired mechanic, a happy face. Went for a test run and I could feel the bite of the great white shark. Still happy. Next day I drove from Lakewood, Ca to Ojai, Ca. All the back roads and 150 from Santa Paula to Ojai. Better MPG. Hills and hairpin curves. Where did this car come from. I'll fall in love again. Won't tell the wife it's a car. Uphill acceleration was unlike anything I ever had. Chevy Vega V8 to Jag xke. Blue printed Dodge Dart 340 my money maker back in the day; Happy with your plugs. On the track I can still do 155 mph. a special racing chip added for extra horse power. Thanks for listening to my story. From the 60 year old teenager.

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