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Since 1970, MSD has been providing parts to enthusiast and race cars, so their quality products can be found on cars all over the country. With over 400 employees, MSD has a lot of brainpower to put into finding the right solutions for a range of improvements, which means they can provide some of the better solutions on the market to ensure your vehicle gets the products you have been looking for.

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    There are many different products in the MSD range so you can completely overhaul your vehicle, beginning with the ignition control units. They allow you to get the perfect ignition set up for your engine and the way you are driving, so you never need to worry about rough idling, missing or excessive fuel usage just because your standard ignition control unit has become confused and is now doing the wrong thing.

    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems
    • MSD® - Ignition Systems

    MSD also provides a range of distributors for different vehicles and different ways of driving, so you can install one to give you a performance boost or to improve the way your engine runs with a few of the other modifications you have. Distributors are important for providing the spark that each cylinder needs many times per second, and MSD distributors are highly engineered products designed to suit your vehicle without requiring much effort. Once your new MSD distributor is installed you can drive with the knowledge that each cylinder is getting what it expects.

    With the rest of your ignition system working properly you are probably looking for the right coil pack, because it can allow better use of the power being generated to ensure your engine can run more efficiently. MSD coil packs are the secret to this because they are designed to work much better than your standard coil pack, so they use less electricity while still delivering the spark required by your engine. Once this is happening the world of performance tuning opens up even further so you can get more from your engine.

    MSD has been supplying parts to people who drive daily vehicles and to people who drive race cars for a long time, so you know the product you find is going to have the quality your engine demands. They are designed to have only the features you need, rather than excessive ones you do not, so you can stop worrying about these extra features breaking down and causing problems when you least expect it. Quality materials, a lot of people working to provide the best parts and years of experience all add up to fantastic products.

    When you do finally decide on the right product for your vehicle, you want to make sure you are getting value for money to keep the price within your budget. It is lucky you have found because we have the kind of prices that allow you to get the quality you really want without destroying your budget, so you have money left over to improve the vehicle even more than you were going to before. With MSD quality and CARiD prices, it has never been easier to have your vehicle driving like it was built for the race track.

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    1995 Ford Bronco
    | Posted by | (Worcester, MA)

    I bought these to go with my a new MSD cap and coil. When I got them, I found that the coil wire did not fit the coil that I got and had to buy another set of wires just to get a coil wire. It seems that the Street Fighter coil has a different size plug than OEM. The other 8 spark plug wires are great though!

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