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The fuel required to run your engine is stored in the fuel tank, but have you ever considered how the fuel makes it to your engine? Well, it is a very complex process using a large number of different components, and the failure of any of them can cause serious difficulties for the way your vehicle runs. Each part is as important as the other, so you need to make sure you are on top of the maintenance of your fuel pressure system in order to avoid serious problems.

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Every component of the fuel pressure system plays an important role in delivering the required amount of fuel to the engine, so each one should be replaced as soon as a problem arises. For instance, your fuel pump is the only way to put fuel into the lines from the tank. Your throttle position sensor will tell the computer how much fuel is required in each cylinder, and if it fails, then the vehicle's computer will think that no fuel is required.

And since every component is important, you need to know where to find them when they need to be fixed or replaced. Some components are quite easy to find, like the fuel pump which is near, or in, the fuel tank, or the fuel filter in the engine bay. Less obvious components include the fuel lines themselves, the throttle sensor position, or even the fuel injectors themselves. Most of the components can be found within the engine bay, but you will need to refer to your vehicle's handbook for exact positions, and most of them are relatively easy to get to.

Because each component deals with fuel, and fuel can be easily contaminated, the components can fail due to that contamination. Unfortunately, there are a number of different issues like your fuel lines becoming cracked and worn, which will cause a loss of pressure as the fuel leaks to the atmosphere. If your fuel pump fails, it will be unable to supply the required amount of fuel, and a failing fuel accumulator will cause the fuel flow to become 'lumpy.' Your throttle position sensor can fail to provide the correct information which will cause a loss of pressure because your engine will not receive enough fuel, and a fuel filter that has become clogged will not allow enough fuel through to feed the engine.

With so many possible problems, you might expect a large number of different symptoms, but this is actually not true. Because all of these problems will cause a loss of fuel pressure, the symptoms are the same and are things like lack of power, hesitation when you accelerate, or even stalling and misfiring. Once you feel one or more of these symptoms beginning to show themselves, you need to begin replacing the failing components quickly, because they will only become worse and other areas of the engine can get damaged.

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