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Getting fuel from the fuel tank to the engine may seem like a simple task, but that could not be further from the truth. There are a number of components involved in the process and all of them are important, but it all ends with the fuel injectors attached to your engine. When one or more injectors fail, you will notice the symptoms immediately and if you want to continue using your car for the purposes it was built for, you will need to replace them.

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After the fuel is pulled from your fuel tank, it eventually winds its way through hoses and reaches the injectors. Your engine has one injector for each cylinder, and each injector will discharge the right amount of fuel according to the instructions given to it by the vehicle's computer. However, if an injector fails, it won't be able to follow the precise instructions and the wrong amount of fuel will be discharged so that the engine will no longer be running at its best.

When you do find that your engine is not doing what it should be doing, you will need to locate the injectors to test or replace them. They are long objects, much like spark plugs, and will usually be found on the 'injection rail,' which sits directly above the engine. You may need to remove a cover to reach them, but you should be able to follow the fuel lines to each one so finding them is easier than you might expect. Once you have followed the instructions to drain the fuel from the symptom, you should not have much difficulty replacing them.

And you will need to replace them at some point because they are not designed to last forever. Because they are working with fuel, which can be easily contaminated, they can reach the end of their working life earlier than expected by becoming clogged. However, even if you keep fuel 100% clean, they will still become clogged eventually because the discharging needle is small, and the smallest amount of wear and tear will have a serious effect on the way your engine runs.

You will know immediately when one or more fuel injectors are failing because the engine will seem to lose quite a bit of power when you accelerate. It will also be difficult to start as the engine will not be receiving the extra fuel it needs to start easily. Other symptoms include hesitation when you accelerate, because the engine will have to compensate for the lack of fuel it is receiving compared to what it is expecting. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will notice a loss in fuel efficiency, and this is caused by the fact that your engine will need to compensate for a bad injector by pumping more fuel into the engine.

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Fuel injectors spray fuel directly into your engine’s cylinders during the intake stroke when a piston moves down to allow air and fuel to fill the cylinder chamber. When injectors are malfunctioning, leaking, or have failed completely, they will cause rough engine performance, poor idle, reduced power and economy, and exhaust that’s rich enough in unburned...
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Exact fit and easy installation.

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