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      # sp18905
      Cooling Package by Mishimoto®. The Mishimoto performance cooling package is designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. It is the ideal upgrade...
      All-aluminum fan shroud and radiator construction increases heat and pressure tolerance3-Row brazed aluminum radiator core
      $15.00 - $595.00
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      # sp8942
      Thermocap™ Radiator Cap by Mr. Gasket®. Keeping your engine cool is pretty important, so Mr. Gasket has a full line of cooling system accessories. Whether it’s a simple, plain-Jane thermostat installed where the sun don’t shine...
      Indicates Coolant TemperatureHelps to Prevent Injuries from coolant or steam burns
      $32.43 - $37.53
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      # sp3002
      Lo-Profile S-Blade Electric Fan by Flex-a-Lite®. Replace your old belt-driven fan with this highly efficient device and get all possible advantages it is sure to provide! A few extra horses, additional torque, and better gas mileage are...
      Maximizes horsepower and torqueOptimizes gas mileage
      $208.34 - $494.95
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      # sp83122
      300 Series High Flow Electric Water Pump by Meziere Enterprises®. Performance, sophistication and durability are by no means all the benefits you'll get if you purchase this product by Meziere Enterprises. Designed to take the...
      Suitable for street or drag strip use – 3000+ hour life expectancyHigh flow design provides 55 gallons per minute free flow rating
      $300.67 - $1,007.20
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      # sp102272
      Hybrid Aluminum Tank by Weapon-R®. Whether you’re going racing or just want to look like you are, this aluminum tank will dress up your engine compartment. Carefully designed for maximum performance, is will more than just meet your...
      Manufactured from Billet 6061 AluminumTIG welded for strength and durability
      $123.20 - $361.76
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      # sp137451
      GT Series BladeRunner Aluminum Radiator Kit by aFe®. The BladeRunner features a bar and plate core design which provides greater heat dissipation and better coolant flow for optimum cooling efficiency. CA Prop 65 WARNING - This product...
      Unique bar and plate designed core for 25% more efficient coolingIncreases coolant capacity by 25% to maintain cooler temperatures
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      # sp3772
      Performance Aluminum Radiator by Mishimoto®. The Mishimoto performance aluminum radiator is designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. It is...
      Direct OEM fitHelps you to get the most out of your vehicle
      $15.00 - $1,170.00
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      # sp135627
      Victor Pro™ Water Pump Pump by Edelbrock®. These Victor Pro™ series water pumps are designed for high output racing engines, especially dirt late model and circle track applications. They feature a two-piece cartridge style design...
      Aimed to improve your vehicle's performanceEngineered using CNC machining and 3D printed pattern technology
      $199.25 - $409.25
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      # sp12164
      Coolant Overflow Tank by PERRIN Performance®. Replace your OEM plastic coolant overflow tank with a sleek one from PERRIN Performance! The PERRIN coolant tank adds clearance for aftermarket intercooler piping and is a great compliment...
      Universal designTank cap for a great seal and OEM look
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      # sp18922
      Silicon Radiator Hose Kit by Weapon-R®. Get better radiator hoses and dress up your engine compartment at the same time. These hoses are superior to the OEM. Made of the high temp resistant silicone, it will withstand up to 100 degrees.
      Provides heat reduction and increased pressure toleranceMade of high grade silicone
      $79.61 - $366.52
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      # sp3780
      Electric Fan with Aluminum Shroud by Mishimoto®. The Mishimoto aluminum fan shroud kit will considerably improve engine cooling functions and the overall performance of your vehicle. All Mishimoto fan shrouds are significantly lighter...
      Direct OEM fitHelps you to get the most out of your vehicle
      $129.50 - $318.50
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      # sp18920
      Supercool Water Pump by Tuff Stuff Performance®. Bet your engine bay stays cool with state-of-the-art performance engine cooling parts from Tuff Stuff. They offer a perfect balance between extremely lightweight casting designed to...
      Designed to take engine cooling to the next levelLightweight construction for maximum heat dissipation
      $67.09 - $299.20
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      # sp3830
      Radiator and Heater Hoses by HPS®. Since your OEM radiator or heater hose can leak at any time and occasionally burst, you need to have a reliable replacement at hand to bring your vehicle back on the road. Opt for this awesome kit by...
      Direct fit for your vehiclePerfect for daily driving and racing applications
      $152.00 - $399.00
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      # sp8950
      Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank by Mishimoto®. Add some additional reliability and engine bay styling with the Mishimoto Aluminum Coolant Expansion Tank.
      50% greater capacity than stock plastic expansion tank100% aluminum, fully-welded construction for maximum durability during repeated cold and hot transitions
      $75.00 - $337.50
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      # sp155673
      Qualifier™ Euro Black Fan by Be Cool®. Go with this Euro-Black fan from Be Cool, which not only provides the airflow needed by your cooling system but also allows for the removal of your vehicle’s engine-driven fan, resulting in a...
      Ensures an increased airflow even at low speedsProvides noticeable horsepower gains
      $85.99 - $179.99
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      # sp3781
      Silicone Radiator Hose Kit by Mishimoto®. Mishimoto silicone radiator hose kits are made with a dual layer combining high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide efficient heat reduction and increased pressure...
      Direct OEM fitManufactured from 100% high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers
      $75.00 - $540.00
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      # sp8936
      Water Pump by Mr. Gasket®. To keep your engine cool and improve your vehicle's performance, this product is just the right solution. Manufactured from high-quality materials, it will surely provide excellent performance and years of...
      Made to keep your engine running coolImproves your vehicle's performance
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      # sp137452
      BladeRunner Silicone Radiator Hose Kit by aFe®. The upper and lower formed radiator hoses feature 5-ply polyester reinforced silicone material which withstand higher temperatures and higher pressures to outlast and outperform factory...
      Upper and lower silicone radiator hoses withstand higher temperatures and pressuresPremium 5-ply silicone, polyester reinforced hoses outlast factory rubber hoses
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      # sp124042
      Water Pump by March Performance®. This product by March Performance is manufactured with a unique blend of durability and performance to take your driving experience to the next level. It is an ideal upgrade for your engine cooling...
      Built with precision for a perfect fitMade from high-quality materials for longevity
      $137.42 - $331.35
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      # sp83123
      360 Degree Low Swivel Water Neck by Meziere Enterprises®. Performance, sophistication and durability are by no means all the benefits you'll get if you purchase this product by Meziere Enterprises. Designed to take the efficiency of...
      Powerful and efficient designExtended service life
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      # sp92852
      Aluminum Radiator by Frostbite®. High-Horsepower street cars and trucks can be a challenge to keep cool. A proper cooling system starts with the right radiator. Aluminum Radiators cool more effectively and weight less than older OEM...
      Keeps your high-performance engine coolMade from aircraft grade aluminum
      $239.95 - $403.95
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      # sp18908
      Muscle Car Radiator by Northern Radiator®. If you are looking for an optimal cooling solution, this first-rate product from Northern Radiator is the way to go. Engineered with great functionality in mind, the part will help provide...
      Made to enhance your cooling system efficiencyManufactured from durable materials to last
      $170.25 - $612.00
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      # sp113828
      400 Series High Flow Mechanical Water Pump by Meziere Enterprises®. Performance, sophistication and durability are by no means all the benefits you'll get if you purchase this product by Meziere Enterprises. Designed to take the...
      Powerful and efficient designExtended service life
      $407.15 - $752.85
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      # sp3520
      Thermostat by JET®. Jet Low-Temp Thermostats increase horsepower and control engine temp by consistently metering water flow throughout the engine instead of simply cycling open/close, which in OE units creates temperature spikes.
      Designed to reduce engine temperature and produce more horsepowerMade from stainless steel
      $14.96 - $55.46
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      # sp126044
      X-Line Performance Aluminum Radiator by Mishimoto®. The Mishimoto X-Line performance aluminum radiator features 3 rows to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from overheating. It is...
      Premium radiator has 3-row core for improved strength and reliabilityFull Aluminum Construction including durable, TIG-welded end tanks
      $15.00 - $495.00
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      # sp95727
      Semi-Flex Fan Blade by Hayden®. Prevent your engine from overheating with this part. Manufactured from anodized aluminum or stainless steel, these blades flatten out somewhat at high RPM to reduce drag on the engine.
      Low pitch design to reduce drag on the engineMade of high quality materials to ensure long service life
      $33.02 - $41.38
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      # sp101182
      90 Degree Water Neck by Canton Racing®. Includes stainless steel hardware. Increase the life of your vehicle's engine by keeping your cooling system in top condition. Replace your faulty engine cooling component with this highly...
      Made to keep your vehicle's engine running coolDesigned to maintain proper cooling level and prevent overheating
      $128.00 - $137.00
    • (1 review)
      # sp8919
      Rapid-Cool™ Reversible Fan Kit by Hayden®. This product can be used for either primary or add-on cooling. The Hayden Rapid-Cool fan features a thin, aerodynamic profile and reversible push/pull blades. The fan comes complete with...
      Reversible push/pull operationThin, aerodynamic profile for applications with limited space
      $55.88 - $100.38
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      # sp8951
      Dual Pass Race Radiator by Mishimoto®. Perfect for any vehicle competing in motorsports. Made with aircraft quality aluminum and specifically engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions and protect your car from...
      Helps you to get the most out of your vehiclePrecision designed to perfectly fit your vehicle
      $15.00 - $330.00
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      # sp21518
      Aluminum Radiator Module by C&R Racing®. Chevrolet C10 Truck Radiator Module 1967-72 SBC/BBC Transmission Oil Cooler Spal Dual 12" Fans, Billet Cap. C&R’s Aftermarket Radiator Modules are Made in the USA using the latest aluminum...
      Extruded Aluminum TubeRace fin that allows the fin more contact area to the coolant tube and more airflow thru the fin
      $899.00 - $1,799.00

    When most people think of performance they think of more horsepower and faster speed. Unfortunately, one of the by-products of pulling more power from your engine and pushing your car harder on the road and the track, is more heat. Unless this heat is effectively removed, your engine can be reduced to a steaming lump of scrap metal. Along with performance parts for the fuel exhaust, and ignition, you need performance cooling system parts and we have them.

    The cooling system transfers heat from the engine to the coolant, which then dissipates it to the surrounding air in the radiator. High performance engines create more heat than the stock cooling system can handle, so you need components with increased capacity and heat transfer capability. Our performance aluminum radiators have more coolant capacity, with thicker cores and more rows, and increased fin count, for better heat transfer.

    When a performance radiator with larger diameter tubes is installed, coolant flow must also be increased to maintain optimum velocity through the radiator. We offer high performance water pumps that increase coolant flow and most are made from lightweight aluminum, so you’ll save weight when replacing an OE cast iron pump. Increasing airflow through the radiator is also necessary with a thicker core to ensure optimal heat transfer. We have performance electric cooling fans in single and double fan configurations, with and without shrouds, as well as multi-blade performance mechanical fans.

    Excessive heat is destructive, but your engine still needs to run within a temperature range that enables it to be the most efficient and make the best power, so a thermostat is necessary. However, unlike ordinary thermostats, the high-performance thermostats we offer will maintain operating temperature without restricting coolant flow. Our silicone performance radiator hoses can handle high temperatures and they’re available in multiple colors, but if stainless steel is more your style, check out our braided steel hoses and polished stainless performance coolant reservoirs.

    Although plain water has the best heat transfer capabilities, your car has to operate in the real world of sub-freezing temperatures and idling in traffic on hot summer days, so coolant is necessary. We have the premium coolant that will lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point, as well as additives that improve cooling system efficiency. These additives reduce air bubbles and pockets that can cause hot spots, so the coolant completely contacts internal engine and radiator surfaces. This increases the cooling system’s heat transfer abilities so you get a cooler running engine.

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