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Exhaust Clamps, Gaskets & Hangers | Don’t Skimp on the Small Stuff!

Subject to corrosion, exhaust gaskets, clamps, and hangers keep exhaust parts attached to your vehicle. We discuss choosing new ones when replacing exhaust components.
Exhaust Clamps, Gaskets & Hangers | Don’t Skimp on the Small Stuff!
Exhaust Clamps Gaskets Hangers Pieces

Exhaust system gaskets, clamps, and hanger pieces are probably some of the most overlooked parts on your entire vehicle. Since you don't see them, clean them, or maintain them, they're usually out of mind until they become degraded and fail. And degraded they are, because whenever exhaust pipes and mufflers are replaced, these old support pieces are usually always corroded beyond the point of re-using.

In the scope of this article, we'll help you find the replacement pieces you need and explore variations that we offer in the Exhaust Clamps, Hangers, Gaskets, and Seals section of our website.

Professional mechanics and engineers will all tell you exhaust system gaskets, clamps, and seals are simply not designed to be re-used after they've been removed. Once they've been stamped into submission the first time, seals and gasket pieces simply will not bounce back to their original shape and perform their task effectively a second time.

And even if clamps and hanger pieces themselves aren't corroded, any built-in threads they contain for nuts and bolts are. Once those metal threads are compromised, they become misshapen or too weak to hold proper bolt tightness after re-installation. Rattles, metallic vibrations, and leaks will abound.

When you consider that these small, inexpensive parts keep very expensive ones properly attached to your vehicle, spending a few extra dollars to replace them becomes a smart money purchase.

Virtually all of the exhaust system components we sell in this section are "vehicle-specific", meaning they are built to replicate the exact size, dimensions, shape, and thickness of original OEM parts. Once you enter any of our product pages, you'll see the words Vehicle Specific noted in the top right-hand corner. You'll also be prompted to enter your vehicle's year, make, and model.

Exhaust Clamps Product Options
Look for an indication whether the product is "Vehicle Specific" (left) or "Universal Fit" (right).

We do also offer some "universal fit" components which are designed to be adapted to any vehicle exhaust system. These will display Universal Fit in the top right-hand corner, and may ask you to choose one of multiple size measurements only.

Exhaust System Hangers

If you've noticed a scraping sound when your vehicle travels over a dip in the road or into a steep driveway entrance, part of your exhaust system may be drooping too low because hanger pieces that suspend it safely above the ground have broken. Depending on your vehicle manufacturer's preference, exhaust hangers may be specially shaped rubber blocks or bands, or they may be metal hooks or brackets.

Exhaust System Hangers

If you suspect that your exhaust system is hanging too low, take a quick look along the path of your exhaust system underneath the vehicle. Chances are you'll find a broken metal exhaust hanger with one half of it attached to your vehicle and the other half to the muffler. Or maybe the hanger piece is gone altogether. Either way, the muffler system will be too low to the ground at the point where it should be supported.

Rubber Hangers

Rein Exhaust Rubber Buffer Hanger
The Rein vehicle-specific Exhaust Rubber Buffer hanger.

If you've got an American or import car that uses specially shaped rubber blocks as exhaust hangers, we've got a number of replacement pieces made from high-quality, durable rubber compounds that will provide a lifespan comparable to the original ones on your vehicle. For starters, there's the Genuine Exhaust Hanger for a range of American, European, and Asian cars back to 1993. For Asian and European imports dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, the Bosal Rubber Mounting pieces and Ansa Exhaust Rubber Mounts cover a lot of ground. For Mercedes S-Class models of 1973-1991 vintage, there's the Rein Exhaust Rubber Buffer.

Bosal Rubber Mounting Hangers
Bosal Rubber Mounting hangers, shown in different vehicle-specific varieties.

Metal Hangers

Genuine Exhaust Suspension Kit
The Genuine vehicle-specific Exhaust Suspension Kit.

For General Motors and Ford models dating back to the 1980s, Dorman Exhaust Hangers come in a complete range of sizes and shapes fitted for quick installation. The Bosal Exhaust Hanger includes pieces sized for a mix of Asian and European cars back to the mid-1960s, and Dorman Exhaust Brackets specialize in Nissan models back to 1989 - including current Tsuru models produced for Mexico and other markets outside the United States.

Bosal Metal Exhaust Hangers
Bosal vehicle-specific Exhaust Hangers.

If you've got an older European car, we've got a selection of specially-designed Genuine brand hanger pieces that match original equipment. Their Muffler Hanger Bracket pieces are for BMW 5-, 6-, and 7-series models from 1978-95, and their Muffler Hanger Strap is a wraparound hanger strap for 1984-on BMW 3-series models. For some 1986-93 Mercedes vehicles that use W-shaped hanger pieces, the Genuine Exhaust Suspension Kit includes a replacement hanger piece along with all the nuts, bolts, rubber insulators, and washers that you'll need for installation. For other Mercedes models dating back to 1975 as well as some 1980s BMWs, Genuine's Exhaust Mounting Kit also includes a complete set of replacement bits. For Jaguar models dating back to 1976, the Genuine Exhaust Bracket includes OEM-style replacement bracket pieces used for exhaust system support.

AP Exhaust Universal-Fit 360 Hanger
The AP Exhaust universal-fit 360 Hanger.

For those who wish to add extra exhaust system support to any vehicle, we've got universally-sized exhaust hanger pieces from AP Exhaust that are available in a choice of pre-set lengths to fit virtually any stock or custom exhaust system. For example, the 90 Degree Steel Strap is a straight bar with a 90-degree bend at its end. The 360 Hanger is a pivoting hanger piece available in an "open" style which can be angled to any degree, or a "short closed" variation which is fixed. Additionally, the Wire Rod Hanger is a J-shaped hanger hook with slim, narrow construction that's extremely useful for fitting in between tight spaces.

Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

The exhaust manifold gasket is a specially shaped, wafer-like piece that fits between the exhaust ports of your engine and the exhaust manifold itself, which is the piece of your exhaust system that joins multiple pipes into one. What this gasket piece does is form a seal where the metal parts join together so that the exhaust flow stays within the pipes.

Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Fel-Pro Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set
Variations of the Fel-Pro Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set.

A compromised manifold gasket will allow hot exhaust gasses to leak out from engine internals in unintended locations. Because of this, you may notice an exhaust smell coming from under the hood which wasn't there before, because that exhaust will be sucked directly into your in-cabin ventilation system ducts just below the windshield area. A more severe leak will probably also yield a hissing or tapping sound from the engine that's loudest during acceleration or cold starts. Other burning smells may result from nearby plastic or wiring components overheating or even melting.

Beck Arnley Exhaust Gaskets
The Beck Arnley Exhaust Gaskets.

When it comes to replacement exhaust manifold gaskets, we've got the Fel-Pro Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set, Victor Reinz Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set, and Mr. Gasket Exhaust Manifold Set - all of which are OEM-specification replacements available for a range of American and import vehicles back to the mid-1950s. The AC Delco GM Original Equipment Exhaust Manifold Set includes replacements for select General Motors vehicles back to 1993, including hard-to-find Hummer, Isuzu, and Saab models powered by GM engines. Additionally, Beck Arnley Exhaust Gaskets specialize in Asian and European imports back to 1958, including lots of older British makes.

Victor Reinz Intake And Exhaust Manifold Combination Gasket
The Victor Reinz Intake & Exhaust Manifold Combination Gasket.
BBK Premium Header Gasket Set
The BBK Premium Header Gasket Set.

If you've got an inline or V-powered engine that you've installed header pipes on, we've got BBK's Premium Header Gasket Set designed to fit such applications. And if you're really going all-out and replacing both the gaskets on your exhaust manifold and intake manifold assembly, the Victor Reinz Intake & Exhaust Manifold Combination Gasket comes equipped with all the fitted gasket pieces you'll need for popular American cars of 1942-2006 vintage.

Exhaust Pipe Gaskets

Many vehicle manufacturers use gasket seals between exhaust pipe sections to ensure a tight seal. Depending on applications, they may be flat or ring-shaped. Because these are subject to grueling levels of heat and vibration, they wear out and should be replaced whenever any adjacent exhaust pipe or muffler sections are removed or replaced. That's why we offer a large selection of all types of exhaust pipe gaskets.

Flat / Ring-Shaped Gasket Piece
Gasket pieces between exhaust pipe sections may be flat (left) or ring-shaped (right).

For a wide range of American, Asian, and European vehicles spanning decades back, take a look at the Walker Exhaust Gasket, Fel-Pro Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket, the AP Exhaust Exhaust Gasket, and the Genuine Exhaust Pipe Gasket. Additionally, we've got the Bosal Exhaust Flange Gasket with an incredibly large selection of gaskets for newer and older vehicles - dating back to the 1908 Ford Model T.

Genuine Exhaust Gasket
The Genuine Exhaust Gasket.
AJUSA Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket
Variations of the AJUSA Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket.

When it comes to exhaust gaskets for popular imports, we've got the Victor Reinz Exhaust Pipe Connector Gasket and Exhaust Pipe to Manifold Gasket for Asian makes and models back to 1990/1982, and the Nippon Reinz Exhaust Gasket for such vehicles back to 1975. For a select number of imports back to 1985 including Minis, Isuzus, and older Fiats, check out the AJUSA Exhaust Pipe Flange Gasket. Elring Exhaust Gasket kits are for Audi, VW, Porsche, and older Volvo models, the HJS Exhaust Gasket focuses on Euro and Asian imports back to 1959, and the Genuine Exhaust Gasket contains gaskets for 1991-present German and Asian cars. And if you've got a filler ring style gasket on older Mercedes and BMW models (as well as several American vehicles), Genuine's Exhaust Seal Ring has them covered.


When exhaust pipe sections are joined together, a typical method of attachment is for one smaller pipe to slide inside a larger one. Round clamps are fitted around the larger exterior pipe, then tightened down to close off any gaps from which exhaust might leak. That round shape ensures any clamping pressure applied is evenly distributed around the pipe's outer circumference. These "saddle" type clamps are constructed with a round bracelet piece that's secured to another section of the clamp by way of nuts and bolts.

Genuine Exhaust Clamps
Genuine Exhaust Clamps.
Bosal Exhaust Clamp
The Bosal Exhaust Clamp, shown in one of many variations.

When it comes to saddle clamps, we'll start with the Bosal vehicle-specific Exhaust Clamp. Available for a wide range of American and import cars back to the 1940s (even Ford Model Ts back to 1908), multiple shapes and styles of clamps will be offered for any particular make, model, and year vehicle. This will accommodate variations vehicle manufacturers may have used for front, middle, and rear sections of their exhaust. Genuine Exhaust Clamps replicate those used on a handful of European cars such as Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Mercedes, while Genuine Tail Pipe Clamps are fitted for Jaguars of 1976-92 vintage.

AP Universal-Fit Exhaust Clamps
Shown here are just some of the choices available with AP universal-fit Exhaust Clamps.

And if you've got a vehicle that's not covered by the above clamps, we offer the universal fit AP Exhaust Clamps. In the Product Options field, you'll find a selection of wraparound clamps that tighten via different methods. These are also perfect for the enthusiast performing customized exhaust applications who prefers to make their own selections.

In our Clamps, Hangers, Gaskets, and Seals section, you'll also find a selection of nuts, bolts, stud pieces, washers, and more bits that are sold individually. On this note, we also recommend Ansa Spring Bolts, which use fitted springs to apply constant tension so that clamp nuts don't back themselves loose over sustained periods of high-frequency vibration. These spring bolts are vehicle-specific, and available for a range of Japanese cars back to 1989.

Ansa Spring Bolts
Ansa Spring Bolts.

We've made every attempt to include pictures of the exhaust components in this section as they'll look for your specific vehicle once year, make, and model have been entered in the Product Options Field. As you look through our Exhaust parts section, we caution you not to judge any products by the one lead picture each of them shows - because many other variations exist, and the ones for your car or truck will probably be different altogether.

Exhaust Gaskets Clamps Hangers Variety
Lead photos for each product may not be representative of all vehicle makes and models.

Once you've installed the new exhaust gaskets, clamps, or hangers, whether on their own or as part of a complete exhaust system replacement, your vehicle will sound new again - the way it's supposed to!

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