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Bumper Guards: Full-Width Protection in the City and the Country

In the real world, front & rear bumpers are most likely to get damaged. We discuss how front & rear bumper guards shield your vehicle from low-speed impacts.
Bumper Guards: Full-Width Protection in the City and the Country
Front Rear Bumpers Variety

You may never go off-roading or drive down wooded roads where large animals are likely to materialize in front of your path, but if you live in city areas or suburbs, you still need to prepare your car or truck for survival in a different type of jungle – the urban jungle.

The phrase “urban jungle” usually conjures images of crowded metro areas where cab drivers fly down the block inches from each other’s bumpers, and careless drivers who use the tap-and-bounce method to guide themselves during parallel parking. Owning a car in the downtown area of a big city is great for people with the financial means to secure a safe, indoor parking spot – but for the rest of us, that means leaving vehicles parked on public streets overnight as well as during the daytime.

According to insurance institute figures, the areas of your vehicle most vulnerable to damage on city streets are front and rear bumpers – mainly because while you may only drive your vehicle a small percentage of the day, it’s parked in public areas and at risk from factors beyond your control 24 hours a day.

Parallel Parking
Reversing At Parking Lot

We'll point out that while metro areas are prime risk areas for vehicle bumpers, suburbs and other areas are full of perils as well. Anywhere you find a workplace, supermarket, park, sports arena, shopping mall, post office, or apartment complex, you'll see parking lots with drivers haphazardly backing out of spots.

Many simply dart out before looking. Others will be using reverse camera display screens to guide them instead of actually turning their heads to get a full take of surroundings. And often, two vehicles parked opposite from one another begin reversing at the same time.

To shield your vehicle from minor low-speed impacts that occur in all of these places, CARiD offers a great selection of front and rear bumper guards made from tubular metal bars which bolt on to the steel framework of your vehicle.

Mounting brackets included with each bumper guard reach below the level of your bumper area, so you won’t need to drill through and damage any areas of the bumper cover itself. Once installed, you’ll be at a much lower risk of having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars repainting or replacing damaged bumper covers.

Front Bumper Guards

For those who want to protect their front bumper in high-risk areas, we’ve got front bumper guards such as the Black Horse Front Runner Guard (available in polished stainless steel or black powdercoat finish depending on vehicle application) and the Broadfeet WAAG Style Polished Front Runner Guard (stainless steel only). Note that the titles of both of these products reflect the term “front runner” that’s used as an alternate description for bumper guards placed on the front of a vehicle.

Black Horse / Broadfeet WAAG Style Front Runner
The Black Horse Front Runner Guard (left) and the Broadfeet WAAG Style Front Runner Guard(right).

Rear Bumper Guards

SteelCraft Rear Bumper Guard In Powdercoat Black Finish
The SteelCraft Rear Bumper Guard, as shown in powdercoat black finish.

We’ve also got rear bumper guards. For those who prefer a traditional-looking rear design with rubber-coated vertical reinforcements, we’ve got several you’ll appreciate. If you like tubing that’s wrapped into an unbroken oval shape along top and bottom sections, take a look at the Steelcraft Rear Bumper Guard (polished stainless steel or black powder coat) which curves slightly inward at the ends, or the Broadfeet WAAG Style Double Pipe Rear Bumper Guard (polished stainless steel only) that runs straight across.

If you like the way an open section along the bottom looks, the Black Horse Double Tube Rear Bumper Guard is available in polished stainless steel or black powder coat. Owners of select Chevy, Dodge, Ford, and Toyota pickups can also choose Steelcraft's EVO3 Rear Bumper Guard (black only) with a rugged look that speaks of high-strength girder beams.

Black Horse Single/Double Tube Rear Bumper Guard
The Black Horse Double Tube Rear Bumper Guard (left) and Single Tube Rear Bumper Guard (right).

If you like the idea of rear bumper protection but prefer the most discreet appearance possible, we’ve also got single-tube “sport bars” that are designed to match the contours of OEM bumpers. For example, there’s the SteelCraft Rear Bumper Sport Tube and the Black Horse Single Tube Rear Bumper Guard. Both of them are available in black powder coat or polished stainless steel finishes, and both have curve points that actually serve to accentuate the existing lines of your vehicle.

Broadfeet’s Pintle Style Single Pipe Rear Bumper Guard features polished stainless steel construction with a grippy black step pad in the center. And if you appreciate contemporary styling, Broadfeet’s Double Layer Polished Rear Bumper Guard has two rows of stylishly curved stainless steel tubes instead of just one.

Broadfeet Pintle Style Single Double Layer Rear Bumper Guards
The Broadfeet Pintle Style Single Pipe Rear Bumper Guard (left) and Double Layer Rear Bumper Guard (right).

In the above paragraphs, we’ve highlighted each of the product names in bold print. Clicking on anything that’s been bolded will take you directly to a specific product page for the bumper guard referenced. We suggest looking through the choices when you have some time to enjoy doing so, because you’re going to like what you see.

Each of the bumper guards we sell is vehicle-specific, meaning everything is designed and sized precisely for your vehicle. Once you enter make, model, and year, you’ll be able to see any variations in size, style, or finish for your car or truck.

We’ll also note that while selecting your favorite bumper guard may not be easy, installation will be. After several nuts and bolts are secured in place, your new and improved bumper guards will be ready to go to work keeping the ends of your ride safe in today’s world.

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