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    The Suzuki XL-7 is a mid size SUV presented by Suzuki in 1998. The model has been in continuous production since 2001 and got two generations of SUVs. It was the cheapest 3-row vehicle sold in the USA, which made it quite popular among American customers. Being low-priced model, the XL-7 had some luxury features that could be comparable to Honda or Toyota. The first generation model was released as a mid size SUV car based on the Grand Vitara Platform. It achieved 183 horsepower and 180 lbs-ft of torque thanks to the 2.7 L six-cylinder engine. There were available two transmissions: a four speed auto (with an overdrive feature that reduced engine speed in each gear by about 500 rpm) and a five speed manual. The XL-7 by Suzuki was designed for customers who liked the idea of having seven-passenger seating in a roomy vehicle, but didn't want to pay to much for a full-size sport utility. Thus since 2001 Suzuki XL-7 had impressive results in sales.

    The compact SUV, with 12.6” longer wheelbase and 19.1” of added length compared to Grand Vitara, could fit at least 5 adults. The first generation of XL-7 got a 2.7L on a rear wheel drive base platform with optional four-wheel drive. The 2007 second generation model went through a complete redesign of XL-7 parts and was renamed as the Suzuki XL7, the hyphen dropped. It shared the same platform with the Pontiac Torrent and the Chevy Equinox. The last Suzuki XL7 was the most comfortable and the largest Suzuki SUV ever built, with a spacious and functional interior. The model used a version of the GM High Feature Engine, which made 252 horsepower, which was a great improvement over the first generation car. Talking about differences, the XL7 was not made for off road driving, unlike the XL-7. The XL7 was available in 4 different trim levels: Base, Premium, Luxury, and Limited. The Base model came with front-wheel drive, but all the others were available with front or all-wheel drive at option.

    The most succinct word to describe XL-7 model is functionality. The Base trim is standard with 16” alloy wheel, auto on/off headlamps, cruise control, automatic climate control, and a six-speaker stereo with a CD player. The Premium trim is almost the same, with the difference in 1” of alloy wheel. The Luxury trim is available with power driver seat, heated front seats, sunroof and an in-dash six-CD changer. Suzuki XL7 comes standard with full-length side curtain airbags, antilock brakes, stability control and traction control. Being highly popular, the first generation Suzuki XL-7 had sales of about 20,000 cars a year, and won the Consumer's Digest Best Buy award.

    Part wagon, part crossover-the Suzuki XL-7 is whatever its drivers need it to be. It flashes enough style from the exterior parts to get noticed all over, as this is one fashionably designed ride. The tastefully appealing shape can be credited to the overall body-dynamics, which are simply stunning for a model in this class. There is enough zip in the XL-7 to maneuver around the landscape with unrelenting confidence and showmanship, and the interior is refined and inviting as well. From front to back, the XL-7 is a delightfully intriguing machine that exudes contemporary automotive enthusiasm and the desire to enhance it with stylish accessories. is famous for our commitment to providing the most styles along with the highest quality and our selection of Suzuki XL-7 Accessories and Parts is no different. We showcase nothing but the finest options for your vehicle, starting with everything from grille guards and wheels to floor mats and spoilers. And since our Suzuki XL-7 accessories and parts come from the most respected manufacturers in the game, you are guaranteed a perfect OEM fit along with relentless durability. Let your ride speak for itself - hook up with the Suzuki XL-7 accessories and parts that do the talking!

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    Will Suzuki Bring XL7 Back to Life?
    Will Suzuki Bring XL7 Back to Life?

    The New York Auto Show (NYIAS), held annually in the end of March or beginning of April, is a perfect field for automakers to unveil their ideas and models for the North American automotive industry. This year American Suzuki Motor Corporation was in the list of participants with two new vehicles. The Japanese auto producer decided not to wait for the LA Auto Show in November and unveiled the turbocharged Kizashi Apex Concept and gas-electric concept variant of Suzuki Kizashi sedan. However, prior to the NYIAS it was rumored that Suzuki might revive its XL7 crossover and present the all-new model in New York.

    The XL7 used to be Suzuki's flagship SUV, but the nation's loan crisis and low volume sales resulted in the termination of the model's production in May 2009. The seven-seat SUV crossover was designed as an America-specific model and was built at CAMI plant in Ingersol, Canada. In 2008 the General Motors' facility produced 12,407 SUVs. Before the announcement about discontinuation the plant built only four units. The Suzuki officials confirmed the halt, but there was no statement about complete discontinuation. It remains unclear whether the company plans to re-start production. Although it still may be possible. The time will tell on that.