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    Will Suzuki Bring XL7 Back to Life?
    Will Suzuki Bring XL7 Back to Life?

    The New York Auto Show (NYIAS), held annually in the end of March or beginning of April, is a perfect field for automakers to unveil their ideas and models for the North American automotive industry. This year American Suzuki Motor Corporation was in the list of participants with two new vehicles. The Japanese auto producer decided not to wait for the LA Auto Show in November and unveiled the turbocharged Kizashi Apex Concept and gas-electric concept variant of Suzuki Kizashi sedan. However, prior to the NYIAS it was rumored that Suzuki might revive its XL7 crossover and present the all-new model in New York.

    The XL7 used to be Suzuki's flagship SUV, but the nation's loan crisis and low volume sales resulted in the termination of the model's production in May 2009. The seven-seat SUV crossover was designed as an America-specific model and was built at CAMI plant in Ingersol, Canada. In 2008 the General Motors' facility produced 12,407 SUVs. Before the announcement about discontinuation the plant built only four units. The Suzuki officials confirmed the halt, but there was no statement about complete discontinuation. It remains unclear whether the company plans to re-start production. Although it still may be possible. The time will tell on that.