There are several ways to upgrade your leaf springs. You can simply replace the original springs with new ones, of course. But maybe what you really need to do is change to better springs. Not necessarily stiffer springs, because that will make your car or truck have a stiff ride. You also have the option of adding additional “helper springs” to the rear suspension that only come into play when the bed is carrying a heavy load.

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Some vehicles, usually cars, use a single leaf. That’s fine for cars, which don’t carry such heavy loads compared to trucks. In order to add more spring rate, to carry more weight, often the spring is composed of several leaves, stacked up. It’s possible to make the spring rate get stiffer as the suspension compresses. More leaves in a multi-leaf spring, curved so the spring rate gets progressively higher is one way.

Spring rate means how much force is required to deflect the spring. If you add 500 lbs. to the bed of your truck, and the bed drops 2 ½” that means the rear spring rate is 100 lbs. per inch (Remember, your truck has two springs, one on each side.) The problem is that a really stiff spring is needed to hold up a really heavy load, but when there’s no cargo the spring rate will be too high, making the ride rough. Suspension engineers have to make the spring rate a compromise, but you don’t. We can supply you with performance leaf springs geared to your specific application.

We have add-a-leaf kits that are the economical way to increase ride height and spring rate without replacing the entire spring. Or helper springs that supplement your springs, and only come into play when the cargo is too much for the stock springs. We can hook you up with springs with more leaves and a stiffer spring rate if you think you’ll be carrying that load most of the time (like that camper that stays on the truck permanently). Building a lifted truck and need to raise the body to clear the tires? Then you can pick from our selection of leaf springs that give your truck more height without being stiff.

Lifting a truck is an art. You can simply put blocks between the springs and axle, and that might work for a small lift. But a serious lift calls for a multi-faceted attack. You’ll need new springs to achieve plenty of lift, but we’ve also got engineered lift kits that will give you everything you need to lift your truck, including the springs. Our performance suspension manufacturers know what is needed for every application. In addition to leaf springs, we also have everything necessary to complete the installation. For example, if not included with the springs, we have hardware, polyurethane pad sets and bushing kits.

But not everyone wants to lift a vehicle; some want the “slammed” look and if that’s you we’ve got you covered. Many ways have been used to lower a leaf-spring vehicle including blocks between the axle and springs, and altering the length of the shackles. Blocks are OK for slight changes in height, but ones that are too tall can result in bottoming out, and excessive modifications to shackle length can change the pinion angle, which can result in driveline vibration. The best way to lower your leaf spring suspended car or truck is with our lowering springs. They have less arch than OE springs to provide the lowered ride height you want, but with a higher spring rate to improve handling and prevent bottoming out.

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