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Shock absorbers and struts filled with air are replacing conventional metal coil springs on each of your vehicle's 4 corners for optimum driving. Nowadays, complete air suspension systems are available for vehicles of all vintages. These kits allow for low riding, provide comfort for low-profile tires over rough roads, increase driveability when towing a trailer or heavy load without suspension sag or bounce, and help classic muscle cars corner and handle better.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Performance Air Suspension the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Arnott, Air Lift, Firestone Suspensions, Hellwig, KSport, Belltech, KW Suspensions, Hotchkis the Performance Air Suspension we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Stiff coil springs give a sporty, firm ride highly valued in modern cars. However, their fixed rate of stiffness allows less give and reduces wheel travel under all conditions. If you've ever driven a modern performance car over a bad pothole, you understand. If you were lucky, you were left with a newly bent wheel shimmying as it rotated down the highway. And if you were unlucky, you had to pay a high price to replace a tire. Air suspension kits can help you avoid this.

Modern air suspension systems allow you to have your cake and eat it too. When you set an air suspension system to comfort, you'll truly know the meaning of the phrase "riding on air". Lower pressure throughout the entire system allows increased wheel travel and less pushback to result in a soft, vibration-free ride akin to a 1979 Cadillac. Vehicles equipped with air suspension have fewer blowouts and wheel damage than those without it, even when equipped with comparable wheel and tire packages. And after you've travelled over all the rough roads comfortably without incident on the way to the track, you can dial your air suspension to maximum firmness for incredibly low body roll and high cornering speeds while racing.

CARiD offers complete kits from major manufacturers such as Airlift® and Firestone® that have been building air suspension components for 18-wheelers and commercial applications for years. Kits come complete with air compressor, storage tank, gauges, valves, lines, air struts or shocks, control units, and all parts necessary to install. Because the system has been pre-engineered to your specific vehicle, all factors regarding ball joint travel, driveline angles, air-spring height, shock / strut height, ball-joint travel, tire clearance, and ground clearance have been addressed. Fine tuning takes a matter of minutes instead of weeks. Everyone has their own personal preference of how their car should ride and handle, and air suspensions allow an unlimited range of possibilities to suit any desires without changing any hard components.

There's a reason 18-wheelers, busses and other commercial vehicles have used air suspension systems for decades. Because their load weights can vary greatly, the ability to adjust suspension pressure and firmness to the exact levels needed to prevent bouncing and sagging is invaluable, and increases drivability and safety tenfold. Air suspension systems let you enjoy these same benefits on your pickup truck or sport utility while towing. You'll also reduce tire wear and undo stress on control arms, axles and all running gear when your truck is riding level and steady, which increases longevity and reduces expensive repairs.

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