Automotive Chemicals

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Automotive Chemicals

Automotive Chemicals are the unheralded components of your car. Without them your car would leak from every orifice, and literally grind to a halt. When you’re servicing your vehicle, these chemicals are a necessity for just about every job. So, whether you’re cleaning surfaces or systems, sealing components to prevent oil or coolant leaks, or coating threads to prevent losing fasteners, we have the automotive chemicals you need for a successful repair.

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Many cleaners and degreasers are familiar products for removing built up gunk on engines, brakes and throttle bodies, but we also offer a wide range of specialized cleaners. A/C system flush is invaluable to clean the system after a component failure, evaporator cleaners remove odors, and condenser cleaners enhance air flow. Fuel injector cleaner is designed to be attached to the fuel system and removes varnish, gum, and deposits from fuel injectors.

Automotive Chemicals

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Automotive Chemicals the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Permatex, Loctite, Fast Orange, Edelbrock, Scosche the Automotive Chemicals we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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No matter what you want to seal or adhere to your vehicle, we can supply you with the proper adhesives and sealants. We offer products to affix engine gaskets, weather stripping, and rear view mirrors, plus many special super glues, epoxies and compounds for attaching and repairing components, including rear window defoggers. And if you don’t have a gasket or the application calls for a form-in-place gasket, we can supply you with gasket makers for a wide range of temperatures and applications, including sensor-safe compounds and products that can withstand the harsh environment of differentials and transfer cases.

Automotive Chemicals

A/C systems require a precise mix of chemicals to perform at their best. The A/C systems on just about all vehicles built since the early 1990s require R134a refrigerant. These systems require synthetic oil, either PAG (polyalkylene glycol) or Polyol Ester, usually just called ester. We offer these oils as well as oils with dye, to help detect leaks. Making sure parts stay attached can be challenging in high-stress, vibration-intensive environments. Our thread locking compounds will make sure components stay put and are available in strengths that allow removal when needed and also for permanent installation.

We all know that engines need oil, but your engine isn’t the only component on your car that requires lubrication. Everything from spark plug boots to door hinges, lock cylinders to cables, needs lubricant to function properly. We offer silicone spray lubricant, white lithium grease and other types of grease, as well as special lubricants to prevent seizing, loosen rusted parts, and lubricate brake parts. And when the job is done clean up fast with one of our hand care products. These hand cleaners are formulated to remove the toughest grime while being gentle on your skin.

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Worked for blown head gaskets in 3.4L GM engine
2000 Chevy Monte Carlo | Posted by Rheannon | (Bountiful, UT)

I tried this in my 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo...3.4L V6 engine. If you know anything about GM cars, you know that the 3.4L engine is a lemon. Inlet manifold gasket failed after 100k, then 10k later the head gaskets failed. I had the inlet manifold gasket changed, but I didn't want to do the job all over again for the head gaskets. So I tried this instead. So far I've driven 5k additional miles, no issues. It really worked. I noticed a definite improvement after putting it in the radiator. If it starts giving me problems again, I'll likely use another bottle.

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