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    The Audi A8 debuted in 1994 in Europe as a full-size luxury machine constructed on the Volkswagen's D2 platform. It featured an aluminum monocoque referred to as the ASF, or "Audi Space Frame" which was employed to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. This gave the model the distinction of being the world's first vehicle derived from an aluminum platform and incorporating aluminum parts. The A8 was initially offered in two different wheelbases: standard and long (A8L). In 1997, it finally made its way to North America. That same year, it also became available in both front-wheel drive and with Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive system. The first generation A8 saw several engine options. Front-wheel drive versions were equipped with a 2.8L V6 capable of approximately 190 horsepower or a 3.7L V8 (230 HP). Those sporting the Quattro all-wheel drive system got a 4.2L V8 that produced around 300 horsepower. Standard luxury A8 accessories included leather upholstery, wood grain trim, heated seats, and a Bose stereo.

    In 2000, the exterior to the Audi A8 received a slight redesign, mostly to the front-end. Larger headlights, a new grille, and fog lamps were installed. The 3.7L engine for the front-wheel drive was discontinued, but in North America the A8L was introduced. In 2002, the A8L was outfitted with xenon HID headlights, a Symphony II stereo, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Soon after, the second generation D3 Audi A8 was unveiled. It is slightly longer than the first generation, allowing for more room inside for passengers. Both wheelbase options were carried over, as were the engine configurations. Audi changed things up a bit in 2005, this time offering new engine to car buyers in Europe and Asia, including an entry-level 3.2L FSI V6. In 2008, the Audi A8 became available with new innovative safety features, such as Audi Lane Assist and Audi Side Assist, earning the brand high praise from within the industry.

    The third generation of the Audi A8 was introduced in late November 2009. It still boasts the same aluminum Audi Space Frame and the same aluminum Audi A8 parts. Engines include a 4.2L Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) and a Turbocharged Direct Injection diesel V8. Tech-savvy amenities such as an improved Audi Multi Media Interface and a Bang and Olufsen stereo have been added as well. Other safety features include a "pre-crash system," a rear-view camera, night vision, and the same lane and side assist functions seen in the previous generation. The Audi A8 has been the recipient of numerous industry awards since its run began. It was named the Best Luxury Sedan by Automobile Magazine (1999), to Editors' Most Wanted List (2005), and a Consumer Guide Best Buy (2005, 2006).

    The A8 has demonstrated true staying power, and thus has become one of Audi's prime examples of innovative design and pleasing comfort. Using an all-aluminum frame for a soothing feel, this elegant machine also boasts all of the amenities luxury car buyers look for. The heated seating, wood trim, and powerful sound system make it feel like as if you're lounging in the living room while perched in the cabin. But it's the overall image and drivability of the A8 that has gotten so much attention. When it's your ride we're talking about, you have to give it your very own "stamp of approval." The best way to do that is to get your hands on Audi A8 accessories that do the job for you.

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    New Audi A8 Beats the Rivals
    New Audi A8 Beats the Rivals

    While Mercedes and BMW have reworked their luxury sedans lately, Audi has renewed the A8. First introduced in 1994, premier luxury sedan has finally succeeded to beat its competitors. The model rolls out this fall at a price of about $90,000. The refreshed A8 appears with revised engine, increased power and efficiency, and structural changes which enhanced the driving experience. Audi A8 has been utilizing the aluminum monocoque (known as Audi Space Frame), a high-strength aluminium frame structure, which delivers the increased performance and lower fuel consumption due to lower weight, high crash protection, and improved handling since its birth in 1994. Now the model features a 25% increase in torsional stability due to new welding technologies. Carrying the naturally aspirated 4.2-L V8 engine, Audi A8 boasts 372 hp and 328 lb-ft. The V8, placed in the third-generation A8, gains 22 hp and 4 lb-ft of torque over the previous model. Though that power does not exceed German competitors', the model's weight reduction results in more seamless acceleration. According to Audi, new A8 gains 13 percent of fuel economy over its predecessor, translating into 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

    While the exterior remained traditional with massive grille and those characteristic LED lamps (except for 202.2 inches stem-to-stern with a wheelbase of 117.8 inches), the interior became the selling point. Appearing more eye-catching than that of BMW 7-series and brighter than that of Mercedes S-class, with fewer buttons than inside Porsche Panamera, the cabin features elegant leather, wood, or aluminum (if chosen). The interior is now equipped with a rectangular touchpad located to the knob’s left, which is why the system is called the MMI Touch. The MMI contains the Audi pre-sense safety system along with speed limit display. As stated by the company, it can sense the forthcoming collision and lower impact speeds by as much as 25 mph. The $3000 Technology package also includes radar-based cruise control and lane-departure warning systems. The search engine and navigation maps powered by Google demonstrate ease of their usage. Such features, as the Bang and Olufsen advanced sound system with 17X1400W speakers, night vision assistant with infra red camera, auxiliary seat functions, are offered in optional packages. Those, who choose to sit in the back, are treated with massage seats, two climate zone air conditioning, and LCD screens. Comfortable and dynamic, Audi A8 is actually a reference point in the luxury vehicle category.