Audi A8 Sun Shades

If you have ever experienced getting into the heated car on a hot summer day, you know for sure that you would not like to repeat this situation. But is there a way to avoid turning your car into an oven when you leave it baking under a scorching summer sun? CARiD says yes and offers you the Audi A8 sun shades. The sun shades are a simple but unique way of protecting your car’s interior from extreme heat on a summer day. More than that, this accessory can also serve as the warm keeper during the winter.

Due to the unique multi-layer construction the sun shades fulfill several functions. The outer silver layer reflects the sunrays, thus keeping the car cooler. If you flip the sides, then the soft felt layer together with the foam layer absorb the winter rays and make the temperature in the car a little bit higher on those cold winter days. Thanks to special kind of material the sun shades fold and unfold very easily without losing their shape even after many months of use. To keep the sun protectors in place just use the sun visors or the special suction cups that are attached to the sun shades. When not in use, just put the sun shades away in a special storage bag, or attach them to the side of the glass with Velcro tape. Nothing is easier and more practical than using the Audi A8 sun shades from CARiD.

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We know you've seen this: you have walked through a crowded parking lot at the mall or the beach during the summer, and you've spotted the flimsy cardboard windshield shade that has an illustration of a pair of sunglasses on it. On the reverse side is the word "HELP", as if you have time to set the shade in place while you're in the middle of your emergency. We are...
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