Audi A8 Deflectors

The four door luxury Audi A8 sedan is now in its third generation and is regarded as one of the best performing cars in the German manufacturer’s fleet. With a wealth of features, superior comfort and the typical Audi reliability, the A8 is as great as a family car as it is an executive one. Like all Audi’s the A8 is a pleasure to drive, although as with any motor vehicle that pleasure is dictated by the weather. To really reap the benefits of the A8 when driving, wind deflectors are a recommended purchase.

Our wind deflectors are specially designed for a superior fit on A8 models from 2002 onwards and provide style of functionality. The purpose of a wind deflector is to eliminate the common problem of wind noise when driving and prevent rain from entering the vehicle when windows are open. The smoked deflectors add to the sleek design of the car and are built to promote aerodynamics. Installation of the deflectors is simple and the window option allow you to maximize your fresh air enjoyment with minimum weather turbulence. Airflow inside of a parked vehicle can also be increased with the deflectors allowing windows to be left slightly open.

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Do Rain Guards Really Work?
With a rain guard in place, the car can be ventilated when parked, without any worries about changes in the weather. If they function well for this purpose is very much dependent on the vehicle they are mounted on, and the way the air streams around the particular vehicle. If this is the way you intend to use the guards, try to find someone with wind deflectors...
You don’t realize how effective rain guards are until you experience them, and once you have them on your car or truck you wonder how you got along without them. Wind deflectors can be installed in the window channel or they can be taped to the body. Your preference depends on how much you like the way a particular wind deflector looks on your car or truck.
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