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    • (7 reviews)
      # sp7913
      Revolver X2 Rolling Tonneau Cover by BAK®. Whether you use your truck for work or for leisure, the BAK Revolver X2 tonneau cover has you covered. Being a hard cover, yet still having the ability to roll to your cab gives full bed access...
      $859.88 - $999.88
    • (18 reviews)
      # sp8624
      Elite LX™ Hinged Tonneau Cover by UnderCover®. The Elite LX is the latest addition to the painted cover lineup. The LX includes all the features of the Elite, with premium upgrades including a carpet-lined underside, and a flawless...
      Mail-in Rebate
      $1,099.00 - $1,599.00
    • (12 reviews)
      # sp17637
      BakFlip MX4 Premium Folding Tonneau Cover by BAK®. Add a little extra style to your truck's décor and safeguard your truck bed against dirt, grime, rain and snow with this premium grade aluminum hard folding cover. The BakFlip with a...
      $959.88 - $1,019.88
    • (16 reviews)
      # sp399
      Deuce Hinged Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by TruXedo®. This unique cover is a rollup cover with a front fold-up section that allows for easy access to toolboxes or cargo in the front of the bed, while keeping the rear of the bed covered. And...
      $499.00 - $559.00
    • (1 review)
      # sp132267
      Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Rixxu™. Want a sharp tonneau cover that provides cargo protection and security, and is super easy to install and use? The Rixxu™ Tri-Fold Hard Tonneau Cover delivers on all counts. The strong, durable...
      $340.90 - $474.95
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp108171
      AlloyCover™ Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover by WeatherTech®. Material: Reinforced Vinyl Coated. Finish: Textured Matte Black. The WeatherTech AlloyCover Hard Tri-Fold Pickup Truck Bed Cover is a lightweight, low-profile foldable...
      $879.95 - $919.95
    • (9 reviews)
      # sp8165
      A-Series™ Retractable Tonneau Cover by Roll-N-Lock®. The powder-coated aluminum cover body of the A-Series is bound together by a patent pending hinge technology that delivers a nearly impenetrable seam. The A-Series tonneau cover...
      $1,539.00 - $1,699.00
    • (15 reviews)
      # sp8622
      LUX™ Hinged Tonneau Cover by UnderCover®. The LUX is a sleek, durable one-piece truck bed cover that is painted to match the color of your truck. This cover offers all of the same great features of the Classic, with the added benefit...
      Mail-in Rebate
      $879.00 - $1,499.00
    • (7 reviews)
      # sp396
      Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Cover by Lund®. Protect your pickup bed and bed contents from the elements, reduce drag for increased fuel mileage, and improve your pickup’s appearance with the Genesis Snap Soft Tonneau Cover. The Genesis...
      Mail-in Rebate
      $297.22 - $305.91
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp132268
      Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover by Rixxu™. Protect your truck bed and cargo from the elements and give your truck a smooth, sleek look at the same time with the affordable Rixxu™ Roll Up Tonneau Cover. This heavy-duty, tear resistant, low...
      $207.80 - $229.95
    • (23 reviews)
      # sp860
      American Roll Retractable Tonneau Cover by Truck Covers USA®. The American Roll Cover is designed to custom fit your truck bed, and has been engineered to adapt to roll bars and to accommodate both factory and aftermarket accessories.
      $1,749.00 - $2,099.00
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp14556
      Roll Up Truck Bed Cover by WeatherTech®. Roll Up Truck Bed Cover by WeatherTech®. If you’re looking for pickup bed and cargo protection that’s stylish, durable, easy to install and use, – and American made, then look no further...
      $479.95 - $519.95
    • (5 reviews)
      # sp117303
      Tool Box Hinged Tonneau Cover by Stowe Cargo System®. Material: Composite. Finish: Matte Black. With its visionary 2-in-1 design, original-equipment styling, industry-leading materials, anti-corrosion finishes, and heavy-duty aluminum...
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp132269
      Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Rixxu™. Getting protection for your truck bed and cargo and a great look for your truck has never been easier. The Rixxu™ Tri-Fold Soft Tonneau Cover comes completely assembled and installs in as little...
    • (11 reviews)
      # sp8634
      BakFlip F1 Folding Tonneau Cover by BAK®. The BakFlip F1 Folding Tonneau Cover core is laminated from impact resistant, fiber reinforced, expandable polystyrene with a surface in fiberglass. The patented rubber hinges are absolutely...
      $969.88 - $1,109.88
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp122975
      LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Access®. Material: Aluminum. Finish: Textured Matte Black. The LOMAX™ Hard Tri-Fold Cover maximizes your truck with a low profile design and maximum protection. This lightweight hard tonneau...
      $883.15 - $953.70
    • (3 reviews)
      # sp108169
      Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover by TruXedo®. Material: Woven Fabric. Finish: Matte Black. The all-new Pro X15 includes the same great features as number one selling cover, Lo Pro, with added style and performance. New 15 degree rails...
      $499.00 - $559.00
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp132264
      Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover by BAK®. Material: Aluminum Slats with Vinyl Laminated on Top. Finish: Black Vinyl (Marine Grade). Whether you use your truck for work or for leisure, the BAK Revolver X4 tonneau cover has you...
      $929.88 - $1,069.88
    • (4 reviews)
      # sp8497
      Limited™ Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by Access®. A premium tonneau cover for truck owners that insist on the very best in style and quality. This is an upgraded version of the Original Standard Profile cover. The Limited version has an...
      $532.10 - $559.30
    • (14 reviews)
      # sp1308
      EnCore™ Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Mate Black Finish. Take truck usability to a new level with these tri-fold tonneau covers that are designed for easy access, ultimate security, and impenetrable protection from the elements....
      $827.10 - $899.10
    • (3 reviews)
      # sp8632
      BakFlip CS Folding Tonneau Cover with Rack System by BAK®. The BakFlip CS Folding Tonneau Cover core is laminated from impact resistant, fiber reinforced, expandable polystyrene with a surface in aluminum. No other tonneau cover can...
      $1,589.88 - $1,689.88
    • (55 reviews)
      # sp1255
      LoRoll Roll Up Tonneau Cover by TonnoPro®. This textured roll-up tonneau cover combines the thickest grade of vinyl construction with the lowest side profile height in the industry. The cover rolls up to allow complete access to your...
      $259.99 - $289.99
    • (1 review)
      # sp33913
      American X-Box Work Tool Box Retractable Tonneau Cover by Truck Covers USA®. A tool box and American Roll Cover combination that makes a marriage of the highest product qualities – thus, Truck Covers USA introduces you to the american...
    • (4 reviews)
      # sp2563
      Revelation Roll Up Tonneau Cover by Lund®. Get effective bed protection, upgraded appearance, and even improved fuel economy, all at a budget price, with the Revelation Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. The Revelation’s vinyl cover will protect...
      $238.94 - $255.35
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp1319
      Classic Platinum Tool Box™ Snap Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Is your truck bed already equipped with a toolbox? Can't find a proper-fitting tonneau? This cover is the solution. Designed to fit even if you have a non-standard size...
      $278.10 - $310.50
    • (1 review)
      # sp18227
      Butterfly Hinged Tonneau Cover by Gaylord's Truck Lids®. This state-of-the-art Butterfly lid features a unique butterfly opening design that provides 100% access from both sides of the truck bed giving you maximum convenience. The...
      $1,943.39 - $2,474.97
    • (1 review)
      # sp123003
      E-Series™ Retractable Tonneau Cover by Roll-N-Lock®. If ever there was a luxury tonneau cover, this is it. A thick vinyl cover backed with a network of sturdy aluminum slats features 12-volt power remote-controlled closing, opening,...
    • (5 reviews)
      # sp8484
      RetraxPRO MX™ Retractable Tonneau Cover by Retrax®. This cover is as tough as one-piece hard covers and as flexible as roll-ups. This cover comes with a lock and key to keep your cargo protected. Another plus is your tonneau cover can...
      $1,829.00 - $2,062.00
    • (6 reviews)
      # sp8500
      Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover by Access®. The Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover put ACCESS on the map and is still they most sought after cover. See for yourself why so many others choose ACCESS again and again! Make sure it’s the...
      $472.60 - $500.65
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp100920
      Trifecta Signature 2.0™ Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover by Extang®. Material: Acryl. Finish: Black. Extang's Trifecta 2.0 Signature Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover has all the features of the Trifecta, but with a premium canvas tarp. It has an easy to...
      $404.10 - $449.10

    An open pickup bed costs you money and detracts from the appearance of an otherwise great looking truck. Rain, snow, and sun can take their toll on an open bed, causing weathering, rust and corrosion that can be expensive to repair. Cargo exposed to the elements can become damaged, and if unsecured can be blown out of the bed on windy days. Even if you’re only away from your truck for a moment, anything left in an open bed can be quickly stolen by opportunistic thieves. And studies have proven that an open bed results in reduced fuel mileage. Covering your bed with a tonneau cover is the solution.

    A tonneau cover will protect your truck bed and contents from the elements, conceal valuable cargo, and give your truck a refined silhouette that is not only more attractive but also more aerodynamic. Better aerodynamics means less drag, so you get more miles per gallon and spend less at the pump. Installing a tonneau cover is a smart move. But before making a purchase decision you should carefully consider how you use your truck and the weather conditions you most often encounter, so you get the cover with the accessibility and level of protection that best meets your needs.

    The tonneau covers we offer vary according to material, how the cover attaches to the truck bed, and how the cover opens. Soft tonneau covers are generally less expensive than hard covers. A soft cover will provide substantial cargo security via concealment, but if you need ultimate protection against theft a hard cover is the better choice. Soft covers have braces and they are generally strong enough to temporarily bear the weight of the average snowfall, but if you live in an area that routinely gets many snowfalls with significant accumulation, then a hard cover will work best under those conditions.

    If you need regular access to your entire bed, a roll up, folding, or retractable cover will do the job. Roll up covers open at the rear of the bed and then roll up on the bed rails to the front of the bed where they are secured with buckle straps. Retractable covers roll up into a canister at the front of the bed, exposing the entire bed except for the canister. One-piece, tilting covers are ideal if you usually only need access to the rear of the bed and don’t carry tall or oversize cargo that would interfere with the cover where it hinges at the front of the bed. When full bed access is needed, most one-piece tonneaus can easily be removed. And you don’t have to sacrifice strength and security for ease of use because all of these covers are available in soft or hard materials.

    The classic snap cover is generally the most affordable type of soft tonneau. The vinyl cover fastens to the perimeter of the truck bed with snaps and can be rolled up and secured at the front of the bed. On snap covers the bows that prevent sagging in the middle are generally separate from the cover. The most popular type of roll up cover fastens to the bed rails with Velcro or tongue and groove seals, and has a built-in rail that attaches to either side of the bed near the tailgate. When access to the bed is needed the rear rail is released and the cover rolled up. The strengthening bows on these soft covers usually roll up with the cover. The newest type of roll up covers feature interlocking aluminum slats that combine ease of use with hard tonneau strength and security.

    Folding covers are available with hard plastic or aluminum panels, or soft, vinyl covered sections that fold up toward the cab. A hard folding cover that can be locked is a good choice if you want optimal bed security. One of the most innovative soft tonneaus available is a combination roll up/folding cover that can be rolled open from the rear but also has a hinged front section that folds back for quick front of bed access. Another type of hard cover that offers security is the retractable tonneau cover. These tough covers feature rugged aluminum slats that work like window shades, sliding on rails and rolling up into a canister. Retractable covers can be locked in incremental positions, exposing only as much bed as you want, and some are available power operated by remote control.

    Hinged tonneau covers are one-piece covers that tilt open, pivoting at the front of the bed. Hard hinged covers are made of fiberglass or plastic, while soft covers are made of vinyl stretched over an aluminum frame. Like their hard folding and retractable counterparts, hard hinged covers are preferable when bed security is paramount, but they’re also a great choice if you want a touch of luxury. We offer hard hinged covers with features like carpeted undersides, OE-style handles, removable LED lights, and with locks that can be coded to match the truck’s ignition key. Hard tonneau covers are available with textured surfaces, and smooth surfaces that are ready for paint, but you can also order a hard hinged tonneau cover pre-painted to match your truck’s factory color.

    Even if you have a tool box mounted in your bed, you can still have a tonneau cover. We offer tool box tonneaus that work with standard size tool boxes, including integrated tool box/tonneau combos that install together. In addition to tonneau covers, we also have an extensive selection of tonneau care products and accessories so you can get the most use and life from your tonneau. Our cleaners and protectants are easy to use and specially formulated to keep your tonneau looking like new. We offer replacement parts and installation kits, as well as power openers, remote controlled locks, and a full line of bed accessories including mats and liners to protect the bed surface, cargo organizers, and cargo management systems.

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    This concert is flush with the results and looks great. Easy to install and easy to use. Covers and projects the bed of my truck nicely!
    Posted by Charles (Lake Elmo, MN) / November 11, 20182019 GMC Sierra 1500
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