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      # sp2594
      Projector Headlights by Spyder®. Improve your vision and your vehicle’s appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. The projector beam headlights will produce a sharper, more focused beam of light for safer driving at night,...
      $30.62 - $1,359.59
    • (96 reviews)
      # sp101096
      Projector Headlights by Lumen®. Give your vehicle’s front end a new look and enjoy outstanding visibility on the road at the same time by upgrading to these superior grade projector headlights by Lumen. Lumen projector headlights emit...
      $20.00 - $794.00
    • (798 reviews)
      # sp128
      Projector Headlights by Spec-D®. Improve your vision at night and in inclement weather and upgrade your vehicle’s appearance with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. The projector beam headlights will produce a sharper, more focused...
      $25.23 - $986.83
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      # sp3199
      Projector Headlights by Anzo®. Do you have a hard time seeing while driving at night? Worried about hitting a deer or other nocturnal road hazards? If you answered yes, then you should get a set of Anzo headlights. These powerful head...
      $37.10 - $738.00
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      # sp129
      Projector Headlights by Recon®. These Recon projector headlights are your number one choice if you want to enjoy safer driving at nighttime as well as enhance the look of your vehicle's front end. They are brighter than factory...
      $449.95 - $1,049.95
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      # sp107637
      Projector Headlights by Replace®. Replacing a defective headlight with a new unit from the dealer can be very expensive. Don't put off that repair because of the high cost of a replacement. For your safety and the safety of your...
      $56.45 - $2,374.93
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      # sp191
      Projector Headlights by IPCW®. Improve your vehicle’s look and provide maximum visibility with these bolt-on headlight assemblies. The parts are sure to produce a sharper, more focused beam of light for safer driving at night, while...
      $81.45 - $685.70
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      # sp2778
      Projector Headlights by CG®, 1 Pair. To give your vehicle that unique, attractive look you were seeking and provide it with ultra bright illumination, use this outstanding set of lights. Once in place, these powerful parts emit a much...
      $153.70 - $612.36
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      # sp126064
      Projector Headlights by TYC®. When you're driving late at night, you do want to clearly see the road ahead and want your headlights to perform at their best. Then again, when one of your headlights gets damaged, you think that you don't...
      $42.36 - $937.14
    • (23 reviews)
      # sp18806
      Round Sealed Beam Projector Headlights by Lumen®. Replace hazy and discolored headlights or give the front of your car or truck a whole new look. Whether you just want to improve your vision or upgrade your vehicle’s appearance, Lumen...
      $20.00 - $349.95
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      # sp126094
      Projector Headlights by Sherman®. Don't risk your safety by driving with non-functional or damaged headlights. Replace them with Sherman headlights built to OEM specifications to provide a direct fit along with factory-like function and...
      $96.04 - $2,250.84
    • (9 reviews)
      # sp146790
      Projector Headlights by Morimoto®. Designed to last and operate at peak efficiency, these superior-grade projector headlights will not only customize your pride and joy but also improve its brightness and functionality. The lights are...
      $250.00 - $1,750.00
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      # sp126083
      Projector Headlights by K-Metal®. You need all your lights to be functional for safe driving, to see the road and be seen by other drivers. Don't drive with broken or missing lights and endanger yourself and your passengers because of...
      $66.94 - $1,849.97
    • (2 reviews)
      # sp13045
      Round Projector LED Headlights by J.W. Speaker®. The Round Projector LED Headlights from J.W. Speaker are a budget-friendly safety solution with improved light output and glare reduction. These lights provide superior visibility,...
      $291.40 - $799.95
    • (41 reviews)
      # sp3064
      Projector Headlights by Winjet®. Stop sighing every time you glimpse at your old faded headlights that you find far from appealing. It's high time you added an impressive touch of style to your vehicle and made it look unmatched with a...
      $77.19 - $550.19
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      # sp113834
      Round Sealed Beam Projector Headlights by Race Sport®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Race Sport will...
      $32.99 - $506.99
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      # sp126074
      Projector Headlights by Dorman®. Swap out your worn out or crash-damaged lights with this premium-grade headlight assembly for safe, ticket-free driving. Replacement headlights offers the OEM styling with bright halogens for efficient...
      $122.25 - $622.57
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      # sp20501
      Round Colored Sealed Beam LED Projector Headlights by Lumen®. Replace your dim, faded, damaged or somehow non-functional factory headlamps with these top quality projector LED headlights by Lumen to get powerful illumination along with...
      $221.76 - $274.95
    • (7 reviews)
      # sp126081
      Projector Headlights by Hella®. If you need to replace your factory lights, Hella has the right solution for you. Manufactured to original equipment specifications, these lights look and function exactly the same as the original. They...
      $85.37 - $2,552.92
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp135560
      Projector Headlights by AL®. AL has gone the extra mile to provide you with high-quality replacement headlights at an affordable cost. This product features both OE functionality and look you've been looking for to restore normal...
      $218.43 - $2,018.69
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      # sp113613
      XKChrome Round Sealed Beam LED Headlights by XKGlow®. Built with 16 bit gamma correction, XKchrome provides over 16 million vibrant colors, allowing the user to choose any color with a single tap. Each controller has two zones that can...
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      # sp107640
      Projector Headlights by Lifetime LED Lights®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Lifetime LED Lights will...
      $168.00 - $942.90
    • (6 reviews)
      # sp103506
      7-Color RGB U-Bar Headlights by Lumen®. Add color and brightness to your nighttime adventures with these superior Lumen 7 Color RGB U-bar Projector LED Headlights. These DRL Bar headlights use an app called ''MARS HALO'' to give you a...
      $434.20 - $467.60
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      # sp126067
      Projector Headlights by Crown®. Crown Automotive is just the ticket if you want to get the most out of your vehicle as well as revel in a more exciting driving experience. You will surely get a real bang for the buck!
      $298.48 - $321.53
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      # sp126080
      Projector Headlights by Genuine®. Restore your pride and joy's cool factor and driving safety with a set of premium headlights from Genuine. Crafted with the finest precision, they provide an integrated appearance and precise fit....
      $357.57 - $3,180.85
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp147640
      Round Sealed Beam Projector Headlights by Morimoto®. When it comes to the most sophisticated and powerful 7" LED headlights, this cutting-edge product by Morimoto beats all competitors. Broad functionality, ultimate efficiency, and...
      $250.00 - $665.00
    • (1 review)
      # sp131963
      Round Sealed Beam Projector Headlights by IPCW®. To get a classy look that will greatly change the appearance of your vehicle, go with this highly efficient set of lights. Using intensive light in a focused beam pattern, this headlight...
      $81.45 - $352.49
    • (1 review)
      # sp13053
      Rectangular Projector LED Headlights by J.W. Speaker®. The Rectangular Projector LED Headlights from J.W. Speaker are a budget-friendly safety solution with improved light output and glare reduction. These lights provide superior...
      $214.00 - $360.00
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      # sp126073
      Projector Headlights by Depo®. This product is designed using state-of-the-art technology and manufactured from high-grade materials to provide you with the ability to clearly see the road ahead of you for many years to come. Buying...
      $94.19 - $1,005.14
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      # sp126087
      Projector Headlights by Magneti Marelli®. Combining quality and performance, these top-grade headlights will become a decent replacement for your factory lights. They are engineered to stringent OE specifications to fit, look, and...
      $218.82 - $1,612.24

    Projector beam headlights provide illumination that is superior to traditional reflector headlights, which is why they’re found on more and more new cars and trucks every year. But if your car or truck didn’t come with them, or you’re just tired of your headlights’ same old factory appearance, then feast your eyes on the lights on this page, and punch in your year, make, and model to see the variety of projector lights we have for your vehicle. We offer projector beams for both composite and sealed beam applications.

    Conventional headlights use a large parabolic reflector and an optic lens to direct light from the bulb. Projector headlights have a small elliptical reflector and a clear lens, which produces a sharper, more focused beam of light without the scatter loss that is common with parabolic reflectors. With projector beams, you get more light directed where you need it for better visibility and safer driving in darkness and inclement weather, without blinding oncoming drivers. Plus projector lights also provide other benefits.

    The projector beam’s small size leaves a lot of room within a composite headlight housing, space that our light manufacturers’ designers have used to craft distinctive, one of a kind lighting creations. They’ve even worked their magic to create unique lighting arrays within the more confined space of our round and rectangular sealed beam conversion headlights. And while the style and makeup of each light will vary according to manufacturer and vehicle, most of our projector headlights also include Halo, DRL Bar and/or LED lights, artfully arranged on black or chrome substrates. Our designers have combined their creativity with technology to fashion the many distinctive creations you’ll find on our digital shelves.

    Halo lights, also called Angel Eyes, are distinctive light rings that surround the projector beam lens. Halos not only provide a unique styling touch, they also make your car or truck more visible to other drivers, increasing your safety on the road. Halos can be illuminated by LEDs or use CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) lighting. SMD (Surface Mount Diode) LED Halos are very bright and produce a segmented appearance, while Plasma LED Halos use COB (Chip On Board) semiconductor technology to produce a smooth glow that appears as a solid ring. CCFL Halos are filled with gas, like a neon sign, and display the same kind of soft, solid glow. A new variation on the Halo theme are DRL Bar projector headlights, but instead of round rings, the accent lighting can be in a variety of shapes.

    LED running lights have become a staple in the headlight housings of new cars and trucks, with many models displaying designs so distinctive you can recognize the vehicle make from the headlights alone. Our designers worked overtime to ensure that each of our projector headlights so equipped has an attractive LED array. Beyond the artistry, LEDs have many benefits including increased visibility for your vehicle, low power consumption, long life – as much as 50,000 hours or more and far longer than incandescent bulbs, and insensitivity to vibration, so you’ll never have to be concerned with bulb failure.

    Not so long ago owners of classic vehicles with sealed beam headlights were limited to upgrading to halogen sealed beams, and they could only wish for all the lighting options available for modern composite headlights. But that was then. Today, if you’re a sealed beam car or truck owner you too can get the benefits of projector beams with our sealed beam conversion kits. These kits are available for both 2 and 4 light, round and rectangular, sealed beam applications and most include many of the same features of our composite headlights including halos and LED lights. Some units intended for off-road use are even available in a choice of colors.

    If all of these attributes add up to the kind of headlights you want for your car or truck, then don’t hesitate. In addition to styling, our manufacturers put the engineering time in to ensure that each of the lights we offer perfectly fits the application, for a bolt-on replacement procedure. In some cases, minor wiring modifications may be necessary, but your lights will mount in the same manner as the factory originals. Each light design undergoes many hours of testing to ensure durability, and with the exception of those lights expressly indicating for off-road use only, all of our lights meet federal regulations, making them completely legal for highway use.

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    Hi guys overall the price and the quality is very good, the installation was a little difficult, not sure if the bulb is replaceable if it ever got to blow.
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