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LED Underbody Lights Give Your Ride an Other-Worldly Glow

We look at compact, durable LEDs designed to be mounted under your vehicle anywhere you can imagine. Perfect for the machine that’s a force to be reckoned with!
LED Underbody Lights Give Your Ride an Other-Worldly Glow
LED Underbody Lights Variety

Throughout history, light radiating from the inside of an object or person has been associated with otherworldly levels of power. In fiction, it usually indicates the presence of extreme levels of good or evil. When it comes to reality, such light usually signifies intense levels of heat and/or firepower. But make no mistake - regardless of whether light is emanating from the innards of man or machine, the source of it is looked upon as a force to be reckoned with.

LED Underbody Lights On Ford Mustang

Through the miracles of modern technology, CARiD brings this kind of otherworldly glow to your car, truck, motorcycle, or boat thanks to light-emitting diodes (LEDs). For more details on what LED lights are, how they work, and advantages they possess, we invite you to read our related article Automotive LED Lighting Explained. Bundled together in tubes or on flexible strips, LEDs cast a dazzling amount of light while taking up a miniscule amount of space. Because they’re extremely compact, LEDs can easily be mounted in tight nooks and crannies. And because they’re extremely resistant to vibrations and damage, they’ll survive in the most hostile of environments.

LED Lighting Placement

These lights can therefore be placed inside engine bays, on air intake scoops, behind wheel well areas, underneath the vehicle, or even inside of it. In this article, we'll look at the lighting kits found in the LED Underbody Lights section of our website. You'll be amazed at the light shows many of them can put on. We've even got LED lighting rings configured to fit around your brake rotors!

Pod Style Underbody LEDs
"Pod" style underbody LEDs such as the Vision X Pro Pod Universal LED Light shown here provide visual wow for very little expense.

We'll start with best values. If you're looking to add the visual wow to your vehicle that underbody LEDs provide but don't have a lot to spend, we've got you covered with pod style led lights that put out a solid amount of light for minimal cost. These consist of a simple, corrosion-resistant black housing with LED lights underneath a clear or opaque lens cover. The housing is rigid and bolts on anywhere you want to drill into.

Vision X offers the Pro Pod LED Rock Light that’s available in a choice of white, red, amber, blue, or green colors. These switch on and off, and do not have the ability to change colors or flash.

Moving up to lower-priced compact lighting strips and tubes that come with wireless remotes and are easy to mount almost anywhere, we’ve got a good selection. The Plasmaglow Flexible LED Underbody Kit offers tubes available in multiple solid colors and lengths.

Evo Lighting’s Ultrabright LED Underbody & Accent Kit offers two slim light strips in a choice of single colors and sizes, and their 59” LED Strip is approximately 5 feet of flexible tubing with flat LEDs inside of it. While it doesn’t actually contain any neon, it does resemble the evenly spread glow of a neon tube. It’s available in your choice of white, red, or blue single colors, and has 9 operating modes.

The Vision X LED Strips are easy to bend to any exterior or interior application, and are available in solid or multicolor configurations. XKGlow’s LED Underbody & Interior Kit includes a larger number of rigid strips in your choice of single solid colors that can flash as well as dim in and out automatically.

XKGlow Single Color Interior LED Kit On Range Rover
The XKGlow LED Underbody & Interior Kit.
XKGlow Underbody Exterior LED Kit

LED Lighting Kits

We’ve also got LED lighting kits that can change colors upon command. The Plasmaglow SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Underbody Kit comes with a choice of four or six tubes that contain over 400 LED lights. The control box allows colors to change in a slow scan, fast strobe, or pulse in synch with music. We’ve also got the Vision X Multi-Color LED Underbody Kit with four compact LED bars that are flexible for bending into any position. Choose single solid colors, or a multi-color version that can change hues.

Oracle Lighting GOBO LED Door Projector
The Oracle Lighting GOBO Door LED Projector.

And if you need a single flexible strip to mount on any irregular interior or exterior surface, the Oracle Lighting Exterior LED Strip offers a choice of clear or black backing strips with solid colors or a multi-color version that changes hue. We feel it’s important to note that many of the kits referenced from this point on will also offer the ability to put on light shows and change colors, but you may need to manually select a multi-color version in Product Options.

And here’s something the next guy won’t have. The Oracle Lighting GOBO Door LED Projector is a set of two LED lighting pods that mount in the bottom of your doors after a hole is cut out for them (a hole saw tool is included in the kit with your purchase). Once installed, they illuminate and project a logo onto the ground when either door is opened. There are a number of patterns available, many of which are vehicle manufacturer logos. But no matter which you select, any of them will provide the equally important service of shining light on dark ground where you’re about to plant your foot.

If you’ve got rims that allow a lot of light to pass through them, Oracle Lighting’s Illuminated LED Wheel Kit makes the most of that with rings of light inside each wheel. Because these rings are mounted to the dust shield pieces that surrounds each brake rotor, they’re actually fixed in place and do not rotate with the wheels. The rings feature a maximum diameter of 15 inches, but can be made smaller if needs dictate. At 15 inches, these rings will safely clear brake rotors measuring up to 13.5 inches in diameter.

Oracle Lighting LED Illuminated Wheel Rings Kit
The Oracle Lighting LED Illuminated Wheel Rings kit.

A nice complement to wheel rings are LED lights designed with the curvature and flexibility needed to fully ignite the look of areas behind the wheels. For this, we’ve got the Plasmaglow Flexible LED Wheel Kit in 9 colors and the Evo Lighting MicroFlex LED Underbody Kit that’s available in solid green or multi-color. The MicroFlex kit contains four aluminum lighting strips, each of which is divided into 6 sections for greater flexibility when it comes to flashing, pulsing, and strobe light sequences.

LED Lighting Wheel Kit In Blue Color
XKGlow Boat Trailer Docking Multi Color LED Lights
The XKGlow Boat Trailer Docking Multi Color LED Lights.

We’ve even got LED lighting kits that are designed to be fully submerged in water. This makes them ideal for marine use – whether it’s on your trailer to help guide you on to the ramps at night, or on your boat to create a unique look that lets others on the water recognize just who you are.

If you prefer something more functional, the Plasmaglow 30" LED Light Kit allows you to choose one or two simple white light bars measuring 30 inches in length. The XKGlow Boat Trailer Docking Multi Color LED Lights add showmanship with your choice of 8- or 12-tube kits with a total of 15 colors contained within. Each tube has 18 LEDs, and the remote control unit allows those lights to strobe, breathe, or change colors upon command.

Vision X Tantrum LED Rock Light Kit
We've got kits designed to withstand the rigors of off-roading such as the Vision X Tantrum LED Rock Light Kit.

If you travel off the pavement, we've got specially designed LED kits that are purpose-built to resist cracks and damage from flying rocks, mud, and other unavoidable debris found on trails everywhere. And if you're literally walking on eggshells over uneven terrain, these LEDs will give you a good look at what you're dealing underneath.

For best value, the Vision X Tantrum LED Rock Light Kit is a string of 8 small LED lights strung together like a belt, with flexibility for mounting on curved surfaces. Tantrum kits are available in several different color choices as well as a multi-colored variation that can change hue upon command. XKGlow’s Ultrabright LED Rock Light Kit features small, individual light pods that use 3M double-sided adhesive on the mounting brackets. This way, they can be firmly positioned on any vehicle locations that would otherwise be impossible to drill into. In Product Options, you can select kits with 10 or 18 pods with white light only.

If you’ve got a motorcycle, there’s no reason you can’t jazz it up with lights, because we’ve got the XKGlow Underglow Remote Control LED Light Kit featuring smaller light pods and strips that can be tucked behind saddle bags, fuel tanks, air cleaners, intake ports, fenders, or any location of your choice. Since visibility problems are the biggest causes of car-motorcycle accidents, adding an LED light kit to your bike increases your personal safety by making you virtually impossible to miss!

XKGlow Single Color Motorcycle Underglow LED Pod Kit
The XKGlow Underglow Remote Control LED Light Kit.

How about lighting kits for cars and motorcycles that use your Apple or Android wireless device as the remote? We’ve got several XKGlow kits that synch with most newer iphones, ipads, and Android phones - allowing multiple programs to be initiated and run at the same time. This lets you synchronize lighting changes with any music you’ve got stored, and it makes it easy to create your own customized light shows. Should you like the color of any object you see in passing, simply take a cellphone picture of it. The app will take that color swatch and use the LED lights on your bike or car to recreate and match it.

Lighting Kit With Wireless Remote Device
We’ve also got lighting kits for cars and motorcycles that use your Apple or Android wireless device as the remote.

For bikes, there’s the Chrome Bluetooth App Control Multi-Color Motorcycle LED Kit that comes with an equal number of smaller light pods and strips. For cars, the Chrome Bluetooth App Control Multi-Color Underbody LED Kit offers three choices of LED light strip tube collections, one of which includes wheel well light strips.

Driving In Bad Weather Conditions

Whatever type of vehicle you have, no other form of lighting will make it more visible to others in bad weather conditions as underbody LED kits will. Whether you’re plowing through snow, fog, or heavy rain, other drivers will see your colored lights sooner, and from farther away. And unlike any fixed headlights, side lights, and tail lights that point in only one direction, underbody LEDs can be seen from 360 degrees around your vehicle - especially if you’ve got strobe or color changing turned on! Adding underbody LED lighting kits increases personal safety AND gives your ride that other-worldly glow!

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