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    The Volkswagen Eos was first introduced for the 1997 model year. It is a four-seat, two-door convertible with a retractable hardtop, which helped separate the model from the more traditional convertible entrants in its class which use a canvas top. The Eos replaced the previous Cabrio in the lineup and at its debut was outfitted with a 2.0L inline four-cylinder engine. However, soon after, a bolder 3.2L V6 configuration which showcased up to 250 horsepower along with 235 pounds-per-foot of torque also became available. The turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine was directed through either a six-speed manual transmission or Volkswagen's Direct Shift Gearbox, as did the 3.2L. As for the model's dimensions, the Eos measured in with a wheelbase of 101.5 inches, a width of 70.5 inches, a height of 56.8 inches, and an overall length of 173.5 inches.

    2008 welcomed in a whole new array of trim levels for the Volkswagen Eos. The model began being offered as the Turbo, Komfort, Lux, and VR6. The Turbo and Komfort trim levels were very similar to the previous base and 2.0T trims while the Lux displayed an increase in luxury features but still running off of the same turbocharged inline four-cylinder as the base and 2.0T. Likewise, the VR6 ran on the same 3.2L V6 as it had during its introductory year, except it now offered sport seats and 18” wheels. All models throughout the lineup were available with Volkswagen's DVD-based navigation system, a ten-speaker Dynaudio stereo, and adaptive xenon HID headlights.

    For the 2009 model year, the 3.2L V6 engine was removed from the lineup, leaving only the 2.0 turbocharged inline four-cylinder configuration as standard across the lineup. It was good for 200 horsepower along with 207 pounds-per-foot of torque directed through a six-speed manual transmission. Optional was the DSG for all models. Other changes were parking assist (now optional) and a new navigation system (optional). The main difference with the navigation system this time around is that it featured a new integrated hard drive with a USB port. Changes for the 2010 model year included the addition of a touchscreen interface to the stereo, a new standard leather-wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth capability. The Lux trim received 18” wheels, a sport-suspension, and chrome accents while iPod connectivity was offered as an option for all versions of the Eos.

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    Volkswagen Released New Convertible
    Volkswagen Released New Convertible

    German automaker Volkswagen confirmed that the new Volkswagen Eos 2012 will be released at the Los Angeles auto-show. The new Eos is a heavily face-lifted version of the Golf-based folding-hardtop convertible. The model has been improved substantially, though keeping original brand's motives.

    As it was stated in the company, the model has undergone substantial changes. Nevertheless, the classic Volkswagen front and rear panels have been preserved. The new front optics gave the car a sporty aggressiveness, leveling up the cabrio's charm. The car's interior gained new color scheme, the dash board and the door's elements were renewed giving a totally different look to the interior. The leather upholstery of the model can be fitted with wood accents. The top is fully displaced in 25 seconds.

    The new cabrio will be fitted with 2.0-liter engine producing up to 200 hp with 206 lb/ft of torque. The fuel consumption is rated 22.2 mpg/city, 31.4 mpg/highway. All models will be equipped with 6-speed DSG transmission. All versions will be available with Hill-start Assist Control: the system keeps brake pressure on an incline for 1.5 seconds to aid smooth take-off. The system turns on at the slope more than 5 degrees. The prices won't stray far from those of the 2011 model, which start at $33,710.