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    Volkswagen Released New Convertible
    Volkswagen Released New Convertible

    German automaker Volkswagen confirmed that the new Volkswagen Eos 2012 will be released at the Los Angeles auto-show. The new Eos is a heavily face-lifted version of the Golf-based folding-hardtop convertible. The model has been improved substantially, though keeping original brand's motives.

    As it was stated in the company, the model has undergone substantial changes. Nevertheless, the classic Volkswagen front and rear panels have been preserved. The new front optics gave the car a sporty aggressiveness, leveling up the cabrio's charm. The car's interior gained new color scheme, the dash board and the door's elements were renewed giving a totally different look to the interior. The leather upholstery of the model can be fitted with wood accents. The top is fully displaced in 25 seconds.

    The new cabrio will be fitted with 2.0-liter engine producing up to 200 hp with 206 lb/ft of torque. The fuel consumption is rated 22.2 mpg/city, 31.4 mpg/highway. All models will be equipped with 6-speed DSG transmission. All versions will be available with Hill-start Assist Control: the system keeps brake pressure on an incline for 1.5 seconds to aid smooth take-off. The system turns on at the slope more than 5 degrees. The prices won't stray far from those of the 2011 model, which start at $33,710.