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    The Lexus LS is a full-size luxury sedan that was first introduced in January of 1989 at the North American International Auto Show before going on sale as a 1990 model later that year. At its launch, the Lexus LS 400 was outfitted with a 4.0L V8 engine good for 250 horsepower and 260 pounds-per-foot of torque, which provided a nice bump in performance in comparison to the car's competition. The engine was mated to a four-speed automatic transmission. Throughout its first run, the LS 400 got credit as one of the first luxury automobiles to feature an automatic tilt-telescoping steering wheel with an airbag as well as an electrochromic rearview mirror. Inside the model, wood accents and a driver's seat that included memory settings were the main attractions. As for the model's dimensions, the LS 400 premiered with a wheelbase of 110.8 inches, a width of 71.7 inches, a height of 55.3 inches, and an overall length of 196.7 inches (however, upon the model's refresher in 1992, the model's width and height were increased to 72 inches and 55.7 inches, respectively).

    The model stayed the LS 400 throughout the better part of the next decade, hitting its last major redesign under the original configuration in 1997 in anticipation of the 1998 model year. Horsepower was increased to 290 while the torque surged to 290 pounds-per-foot. The Lexus LS parts were changed: the model got new wheels, side mirrors, and a new front-fascia. 2000 welcomed in the Platinum Series, which was produced in a limited run. Platinum Series versions of the LS 400 featured distinctive badges, accents, wheels, and an American Express Platinum Card. Soon after, the LS 400 became the LS 430, thanks to the model's new 4.3L V8 engine, which was responsible for 278 horsepower and 312 pounds-per-foot of torque directed through a five-speed automatic transmission. In 2004, the transmission was upgraded to a six-speed gearbox and new adaptive headlights along with knee-airbags and LED tail lights were among the other changed LS parts. Lexus released a hybrid LS in 2008 called the LS 600h. Showcasing a 5.0L V8 that operated in conjunction with a high-output electric motor, the LS 600h made for a combined 439 horsepower to go with its improved fuel efficiency.

    Lexus unveiled the LS 460 for 2007. When it rolled off the line, the Lexus LS 460 was equipped with a 4.6L V8 engine which got credit for producing up to 380 horsepower along with 367 pounds-per-foot of torque mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Another model, the LS 460 L, was also introduced, showing off a longer wheelbase. In 2009, the model became available with all-wheel drive. There are several packages offered for the LS 460, but the car is already recognized for its haul of standard features, which include heated/cooled front seats, adaptive cruise control, the Advanced Parking Guidance System, a hard-drive based navigation system (with real-time traffic), a backup camera, and more. Additional options such as climate-controlled seats and a DVD entertainment system could also be had. Since its arrival, the Lexus LS has been lauded for its performance, comfort, and consistency. It has been named a Consumer Guide Best Buy numerous times (1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and from 2004-09) on top of being chosen as a finalist for Motor Trend magazine's prestigious Car of the Year award (2007).

    Lexus has built its reputation by churning out luxury sedans and crossovers that deliver an impression and style of their own. That is never more evident than with the LS series, one of the brand's most coveted. The Lexus LS represents a shield of intricately designed vehicles that capture the true essence which defines Lexus. Shockingly smooth performance, noise insulation, and plush, roomy interior are just what the luxury minded driver craves. Innovative features such as the touted Advanced Parking Guidance System just push the envelope even more. Each version of the LS is a true reflection of the class and innovation that Lexus is recognized for. Still a viable presence on the road to this day, drivers of the Lexus LS tend to add on their own custom accessories and parts to further the legacy.

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    New Look of 2013 Lexus LS
    New Look of 2013 Lexus LS

    The redesigned Lexus LS flagship luxury sedan was officially unveiled in San Francisco in July 2012. The vehicle received new sharp look and was changed under the hood as well. The entire 2013 LS lineup comes with fresh, dynamic styling that reflects the new bold appearance of Lexus. The spindle grille gave the vehicle a greater road presence through the improved driving dynamics and handling. Interior lighting was made entirely LED. The LS's dimensions stayed virtually unchanged, except an additional one inch in overall length. To make driving more comfortable, Lexus has increased body rigidity, and thus enhanced stability of the vehicle. For a more responsive ride, the LS was equipped with new frequency-dependent shock absorbers. The braking system has been adjusted for a greater pedal feel.

    Inside the refreshed 2013 Lexus LS, a 12.3-inch, high-resolution multi-media display with split-screen capability surely gets the eye's attention. An innovative Remote Touch allows the driver to control the audio, phone, climate control, navigation system and much more. To bring maximum comfort for every LS passenger, Climate Concierge was added. The system regulates the temperature of the cabin air, as well as heated steering wheel and climate control seats with the help of multiple sensors.

    The 2013 LS arrives in dealerships in autumn 2012 with long-wheelbase and standard editions. There will be four trims of LS to choose from: the LS 460, LS 460 L, LS 460 F Sport available in all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive versions, and AWD LS 600hL Hybrid.

    LS 460 Touring Edition Has Its Price Set
    LS 460 Touring Edition Has Its Price Set

    On June 17, 2011, the luxury division of Toyota unveiled the price for the 2011 LS 460 Touring Edition. For the U.S. brand devotees the premium package will be available later this month at $73,000. This is the recommended retail price that doesn't include costs for delivery and processing as well as handling fee in the amount of $875.

    "The LS 460 Touring Edition is a unique package of sporty exterior styling and comfort. With limited units available nationwide they'll sell out fast to customers who want an all-inclusive luxury package," said Mark Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager.

    In order to attract the attention of younger consumers, the design incorporates some sport accents in exterior and interior of the vehicle. Both rear- and front-wheel drive models will be offered in a Smoky Granite Mica paint scheme. The AWD sedan is equipped with 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, while the FWD vehicle will have the wheels of the same design but with 19-inch diameter.

    The interior of the 2011 LS 460 Touring Edition features a matte brown wood trim. A combination of wood and leather is used for the steering wheel and gear shift knob trims. The sport style front and rear seats are manufactured of black leather, including tan color for saddles.