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Every driver wants to get the best value from their cars. The Honda CR-V is one of the cars whose drivers demand a lot from them. Fortunately for this compact SUV, the manufacturer gave it the best attention and it gives its owners impeccable performances. It is a sturdy SUV that will tackle all manner of the roads. With the installation of the new Honda CR-V tires, you will come to love your drives even more. Since the CR-V tackles of all kinds of terrains aptly, it is advisable to opt for all weather CR-V tires. CARiD online is the one stop shop where you will find all types of CR-V tires which range from sports tires and summer tire to winter tires. All these tires have the best engineering minds behind them.

There are many benefits that come with purchasing Honda CR-V tires from CARiD. One of the things that you stand to enjoy is the affordable pricing of the tires. This regardless of the top brand nametags they come in. The tires have also been designed to cope with most of the harsh terrains that you can experience. The sipes, the voids and the side walls have been so immaculately designed that you will love the drive no matter the terrain. With the improvements in technology achieved in all human aspects, the tire industry has not been left behind. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensors which are very ideal in making you know the tire pressure are installed in the tires featured at CARiD. This makes the tires very safe to use, not forgetting that they will last for a very long time because of the pressure sensors installed. When shopping, you will get very professional experts who will help you choose the right tires for your CR-V.

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Replacing a standard size steel wheel with the same size of cast light alloy wheel improves performance and road-holding considerably, without any reduction in comfort. Further improvement in road-holding comes with increased wheel size, combined with a corresponding reduction in the height of the tire walls, a procedure called “Plus-Sizing”.

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2007 Honda CR-V | Posted by Dean | (Midland, OH)

I have a set of Mich. Cross Terrains on our 2007 RT4WD CRV. They were put on it just before we purchased it with 91000km on it. They had 9/32" tread then and 13000km. later they have 7/32" left. They have stayed in balance, they are quiet and fairly sticky on ice, but not as good as ice tires. They are the recommended size for the CRV. It gets around 10L/100km. I would use/buy them again.

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