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    One of the crown jewels in the Chevy kingdom has been the Caprice. As Chevy’s main luxury sedan, the Caprice entered the roadways in 1965 as an answer to the Ford LTD. Since then, it has taken on many forms but it always held steady with a refined theme and more luxurious options than other Chevy sedan. At its peak, the Chevy Caprice presents a classy package that delivers on comfort and performance as well as any other American entrant in this segment. While Chevy may have discontinued production of the model in the US over a decade ago, the Caprice can still be seen on the blacktop all over the globe ushering its loyal drivers from A to B.

    From an everyday driver to the law enforcement personnel, the Chevy Caprice has been of service to a diverse group of motorists. Shortly after debuting in 1965, the Caprice became Chevy’s main luxury sedan. Supported by rear-wheel drive and equipped with a powerful V8 engine, the Caprice was styled to attract an upscale audience. A long wheelbase, smooth angular body-style, and top-quality Chevy Caprice parts were early trademarks. The seventies saw the Caprice Classic (renamed in 1973) not deviate too much from its original design, although a revised grille, pull-up door handles, and double-shell roofs, along with some other Chevy Caprice accessories became standard. A V8 engine was still used and offered in a variety of choices (Turbo Fire, Turbo Jet). The Caprice held strong throughout the eighties, seeing a boxier exterior shape as well as a bevy of standard changes. Chevy began to market the automobile to a wider audience and not focuse solely on the luxury market; however, the Caprice was still seen as a higher-end Chevy sedan.

    The fourth generation of the Caprice was a resounding success. It was restyled for a more aerodynamic effect, showcasing open wheel wells, and the implementation of exterior trim. Engines were still V8 (4.3 L, 5.0L, and 5.7 L), and models also saw a redesigned dash and interior accessories. The current Caprice comes from Holden (Australian subsidiary) and is known as the WM Statesman in the Middle East. It features many of the same amenities and parts that the last US version had, including the engine size, but sports different front and rear fascias, revised underhood parts, and an updated interior. Chevy will also be unveiling the Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle in 2011. This model will be sold exclusively to the law enforcement agencies in North America and will be imported from Holden in Australia. With so much history under its name and a reinvigorated future set to be established, the Chevy Caprice has provided countless drivers with miles of pleasure and dependability.

    With so much history under its name and a reinvigorated future set to be established, the Chevy Caprice has provided countless drivers with miles of pleasure and dependability. As one of Chevy’s most established models of the modern era, the Caprice was the first sedan to give members of the “working-class” their own luxury sedan. Regardless of era, the Chevy Caprice has managed to remain a very vital part of the American automotive industry, a fact that is recognized and appreciated to this very day. invites you into our selection of Chevy Caprice Accessories and Parts. What makes our inventory so special is that it is personal - our inventory of Chevy Caprice accessories and parts is designed by drivers for drivers, meaning everything we offer is elite quality at the best prices around. Dash kits, grilles, chrome trim, floor mats. you name it, we've got it. When your car is in need of a personalized touch that goes the distance, Chevy Caprice accessories from CARiD is the perfect remedy!

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    Chevy Caprice Joins the U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies
    Chevy Caprice Joins the U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies

    An all-new Chevrolet Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) will join the police department fleets across the United States in 2011. General Motors announced that 23 police Caprice models were delivered to law enforcement agencies last month.

    The list of departments that took delivery was not revealed, but it was said that all 23 models are detective. The delivery of high-speed pursuit models is scheduled for the second half of the year. The Detroit giant expects deliveries in June to be higher compared to those in May. These expectations are based on the fact that police agencies order about 65,000-70,000 vehicles annually. Considering that Ford decided to drop the Crown Victoria police car, the Caprice may be the new police favorite.

    Chevrolet's collaboration with law enforcement has a long history. The first Chevrolet model that served as a patrol vehicle, was the 1959 Chevy Biscayne, equipped with a special, police-only 348-cubic-inch V-8 engine capable of 135 mph. In 1996 GM terminated production of the Caprice police car and the old-standing cooperation seemed to have ended. This year the Chevrolet Caprice is back on the U.S. streets to do its civic duty after fifteen years of vacation.

    The 2011 Caprice model is available for law enforcement agencies only. The vehicle is powered by a 355hp 6-liter V8 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with a Sport shift mode. A V-6 engine is expected to be offered as well, starting from the 2012 Caprice model.