The sway bar, also known as stabilizer bar, anti-roll bar, and anti-sway bar, is a form of torsion bar that connects the wheels and suspension on opposite sides of the vehicle. It increases the vehicle’s roll stiffness, so it stays more level when turning, resulting in better weight distribution on the tires, and improved handling and traction.

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A typical sway bar is a steel bar with bends and angles that roughly form a “U” shape. The straight part of the bar is mounted in bushings to the vehicle frame, while the ends, the lever arms, are connected to the suspension on each side of the vehicle with links. The end links also have bushings where they are fastened to the sway bar and suspension. While the sway bar itself can be damaged in a collision, the bushings are the common wear parts.

The sway bar is generally a very durable component, but like any metal component it can be deformed due to impact and deteriorate from rust. The attachment points for the end links can also elongate or distort to the point where replacement is necessary. Failure of the bushings is usually what causes clunking noises and increased body roll. Some end links have replaceable bushings and these can be revitalized with repair kits that usually include the bushings as well as the metal retainers. Links that have ball joints and/or bushings at each end require replacement of the link if either the ball joint or bushings are worn.

Inspect the sway bar and end links with the suspension in the loaded and unloaded positions. Look for cracked, torn, and deteriorated bushings and looseness in the ball sockets on links so equipped. These defects can cause the looseness that results in noise and poor handling. Whatever the cause of failure, we can supply you with everything you need, from complete sway bars to end links and end link repair kits. We have sway bar parts for all popular cars and trucks and all have been engineered to original equipment specifications so you can have the performance your vehicle was designed to deliver.

When you turn a corner in your vehicle, more weight is transferred to the wheels on the outside of the turn, causing the body to lean. The suspension on the outside wheels is compressed, while the suspension at the inside wheels is unloaded. The unequal suspension heights impart a twisting motion to the sway bar. The sway bar resists twisting and transfers the compressing force on the outside suspension to the inside suspension, to keep it loaded so the vehicle remains level and the inside tire has adequate road contact. The degree to which the sway bar resists twisting and body roll depends on its stiffness.

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