For an engine to start the reciprocating assembly must rotate to draw in and compress the air/fuel mixture, which is then ignited by the spark plugs, enabling the engine to run on its own. The starter converts electrical energy from the battery into the mechanical energy needed to turn over or “crank” the engine. The starter is energized by an externally mounted solenoid, which is directly connected to the battery with heavy gauge wire.

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Inside the starter case is a rotating armature surrounded by case-mounted field coils or permanent magnets. At the front of the armature shaft are the brushes and commutator, and at the rear is the starter drive. When current is applied to the field coils and armature, electromagnetic principles force the armature to rotate, which in turn rotates the starter drive. In a gear reduction starter, the armature engages the drive via a reduction gear.

The solenoid is activated by the starter control circuit that begins at the ignition switch and includes the starter relay and safety switch, which prevents the engine from starting with the vehicle in gear. Automatic transmission vehicles have a neutral safety switch and a clutch switch is used with manual transmissions. When the ignition key is turned to START, the solenoid not only energizes the starter motor, it also engages the starter drive gear with the engine flywheel or flexplate ring gear. An overrunning clutch disengages the drive from the ring gear when the engine starts.

We offer both brand new and remanufactured starters from the most well-known and respected names in the automotive electrical parts industry. Every starter meets or exceeds original equipment specifications for starting system performance. All are designed to be direct replacements, and will mount to your engine and connect to the electrical system in the same manner as your original starter. Whether new or remanufactured, only premium quality components are used during assembly, and each starter is thoroughly tested to ensure peak performance and long term durability.

In addition to complete starters, we offer starter repair parts like brush sets and rebuild kits, and other starting system components including solenoids and starter drives. While external solenoids that are mounted to the starter case are more common, some systems use a remote solenoid, usually mounted on the fender well near the battery. A positive engagement starter, which uses the shunt coil windings in the starter to engage the starter drive, is used with a remote solenoid. With our selection of parts, you can save money by servicing only what needs to be repaired, instead of having to replace the entire assembly.

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