Hypertech® 3050 - Max Energy Spectrum™ California Edition Programmer

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Product Details

Max Energy Spectrum™ California Edition Programmer (3050) by Hypertech®. Get this top-of-the-line product thoroughly engineered to boost performance and unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Made with care and professionalism, this product improves gas mileage, ensures unmatched quality, and provides seamless service life.


Screen Control: Button Control
Trouble Codes: Read and Clear


Optimized Engine Tuning For Maximum Power & Performance

Optimized Engine Tuning For Maximum Power & Performance
The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer delivers more power-per-dollar than any other bolt-on on the market today. Plus, it installs in less than 15 minutes without using tools or getting your hands dirty. Hypertech award-winning Power Tuning adds maximum horsepower, torque, and performance for any kind of driving for vehicles using regular, premium, E85, as well as diesel fuel. The Max Energy Spectrum also has a larger backlit LCD screen for quick and easy setup and user-friendly navigation for simple installation, tuning, and feature options.

The Most Powerful Tuning Available For Towing

The Most Powerful Tuning Available For Towing
Hypertech’s Power Tuning is the only tuning on the market that allows you to use the highest power level for towing while maintaining safe EGTs. This means no worries about damaging your engine or transmission when towing up to the maximum weight rating specified by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Hypertech develops and tests all Power Tuning under real-world conditions using maximum load and steep grades to ensure dependability.

Tuning For Popular Air Intakes

Tuning For Popular Air Intakes
Cold air intakes change the air velocity and the volume of air passing over the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor due to the shape and size of the ducting around the MAF sensor and even the type of air filter used. Retuning the engine calibration for specific popular cold air intakes that are installed is necessary to correct the MAF readings and to take advantage of the increased airflow.

Emissions Certified 50-State Legal

Emissions Certified 50-State Legal
Hypertech offers an emissions certified version of the Max Energy Spectrum that is legal in all 50 states, including California. Only applications that have been emissions certified for sale in California are available in this version. In addition, there is NO DIFFERENCE IN POWER, PERFORMANCE, OR FEATURE OPTIONS for the same vehicles offered in the non-certified version.

On-The-Fly Quick Commands

On-The-Fly Quick Commands
Idle RPM Override, Diff Lock Control, Traction Control, Disable TPMS, Engine Fan Control etc.

Speedometer Calibrator

Speedometer Calibrator
If you’ve installed tires that are larger or smaller than original equipment tires, or if you have installed a ring and pinion gear set with a different rear gear ratio, the Max Energy Spectrum allows you to re-program for correct speedometer readings, as well as correct part-throttle shifting. The vehicle’s computer calculates your vehicle’s speed based on the diameter of the stock tires. If you’ve installed taller or shorter tires, or changed the rear gear ratio, the vehicle’s computer doesn’t know how fast your vehicle is going. As a result, the automatic transmission may not shift correctly and the speedometer readings will not be accurate (as required by law).

TPMS Threshold

TPMS Threshold
Larger than stock tires often times will have a different tire pressure than smaller stock tires. Adjust the TPMS warning threshold when larger than stock tires are installed.

Top-Speed Limiter

Top-Speed Limiter
Automobile manufacturers limit a vehicle’s top-speed to match the speed rating of the factory-installed tires. If you have installed tires that have a different speed rating, the Max Energy allows you to raise or lower the vehicle’s top-speed limiter to match the speed rating of the newly installed tires. A tire’s speed rating for maximum safe speed under perfect conditions is marked on its sidewall. Always obey all traffic laws when driving and only use this feature for off-highway competition in sanctioned events.

Automatic Transmission Adjustments

Automatic Transmission Adjustments
Shift Firmness Tunes, Shift Response, TCC Slip Tunes, 1-4 Skip Shift, Shift Points

Fuel Management Systems "V4/V8 mode"

Fuel Management Systems "V4/V8 mode"
Multi-Displacement System (MDS) or Active Fuel Management System (AFM) allow the engine to turn into a fuel sipping 4-cylinder during light load conditions such as steady speed cruising. These systems have major benefits in fuel economy, but with a sacrifice in drivability when in V4 mode, and during the transition to V8 mode. The Max Energy allows you to adjust the minimum speed at which the V4 mode activates. Adjusting the minimum speed higher would prevent the V4 mode from activating while the road noise is low and V4 exhaust note is noticeable. Activating at a higher speed would allow for full benefit of the Max Energy Spectrum engine tuning in V4 and V8 mode at those higher speeds where the exhaust sound isn’t as noticeable.

Throttle Adjustments

Throttle Adjustments
Hypertech tooks the best combination of throttle changes and combined them with further tuning to improve the overall performance and driveability under all driving conditions.

RPM “Rev” Limiter

RPM “Rev” Limiter
In today’s vehicles, the onboard computer controls maximum engine rpm. The stock computer is programmed to shut down the engine when it reaches its redline. But if you have modified your vehicle to increase its high-speed performance, more rpm means more power. When you shift gears with the stock rpm limit, the engine falls back to below the peak of its horsepower curve. When you extend the engine’s rpm range with the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer, your engine has more power available after gear changes. By adjusting the maximum rpm to keep the engine in the “sweet spot” of its power curve, you can increase the average horsepower that accelerates the vehicle.

Cooling Fan "On / Off" Temps

Cooling Fan "On / Off" Temps
The Max Energy Spectrum allows you to adjust the “on/off” temperatures of your vehicle’s electric cooling fans to match a lower temperature thermostat, such as a Hypertech PowerStat. A low-temperature thermostat produces a cooler, denser intake charge, is less likely to detonate under heavy loads and allows the engine to make more power

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs)

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes(DTCs)
If you get a “check engine” light or “service needed” message, the Max Energy Spectrum will allow you to read the code and gives you the ability to clear the code and turn the “check engine” light off. You can then make the necessary repairs to prevent the light from coming back on.

Return To Stock Or Change Option Settings

Return To Stock Or Change Option Settings
Hypertech’s Max Energy Spectrum downloads and saves the stock tuning program, then uploads your customized Power Tuning program. Before taking your vehicle into a dealership for service, always return the vehicle’s computer back to the factory programming. Once you have the vehicle back from the dealership, reinstall the Max Energy Spectrum Power Programming as before. The Max Energy Spectrum can only be used on one (1) vehicle at a time, so if you sell your vehicle or want to use it on a friend’s vehicle, simply return your vehicle to the stock tuning program and you may then use the programmer on another vehicle that is covered in the same part number.

Internet Updateable

Internet Updateable
The Max Energy Spectrum Power Programmer comes with a USB cable and a CD containing software to enable quick updates over the internet.

Since its founding in 1985 in Tennessee, Hypertech® has been an industry leader in engine power enhancement through the use of software enhancements. In 1986, Hypertech created the original "power chip" which physically replaced factory engine control computers and increased horsepower and torque through remapping of computer-controlled fuel injection and ignition timing. As computer controls spread to other vehicle systems such as transmissions, throttle bodies, and variable-valve timing over the years, Hypertech was instrumental in software development that maximized the benefits of each of those systems to push the envelope of performance and fuel economy. In 1994, Hypertech was instrumental in creating the Power Programmer application which made it possible to download software enhancements into an existing ECU, which eliminated the need for replacement chips. Hypertech continues to lead the way today, and our virtual store is proud to sell their range of innovative tuners that offer features competitors haven't even thought of yet.

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Hypertech® 3050 - Max Energy Spectrum™ California Edition Programmer

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