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      # sp29952
      Camaro SS Scanner by Oracle Lighting®. The Mail Slot Scanner fits right into the hood of your Camaro and contains 40 amazingly bright 5050 Surface-Mount LEDs! The IR Wireless Remote Gives you Complete Control of this Scanner, see the...
      40 Amazingly Bright 5050 SMDsFits directly into Factory Bumper Slot
      $109.65 - $135.15
    • (4 reviews)
      # 369711363
      Universal SMD LED Tailgate Light Bar by Lumen®. Want unique, eye-catching looks that will also increase your driving safety? You get both with a Lumen LED Tailgate Light Bar. This sturdy, weatherproof, rigid light bar tucks into the...
      LEDs display running lights, turn signals, brake lights, and reverse lightsWorks in conjunction with truck’s factory lighting
      $89.95 - $99.95
    • (5 reviews)
      # 270778796
      Universal RGB LED Rock Lights by Lumen®. Light up the ground under your off-roader, illuminate a customized undercarriage and engine bay, or create special effects in the cabin – they’re all possible with Lumen LED Rock Lights. Rock...
      Creates a colorful, eye-catching glow anywhere on your vehicleIlluminates in a rainbow of colors and color-changing modes that you control with the touch of a button
      $184.95 - $244.95
    • (8 reviews)
      # mpn3664687380
      Universal App Controlled RGB LED Underbody Kit by Lumen®. Display a custom light show under your car or truck, illuminate a customized undercarriage and engine bay, or create a unique atmosphere inside the cabin – they’re all...
      Creates a colorful, eye-catching glow anywhere on your vehicleIlluminates in a rainbow of colors and color-changing modes that you control with the touch of a button
    • (5 reviews)
      # 95338354
      Universal XKChrome App Control Multicolor LED Underbody and Interior Kit by XKGlow®. Built with 16 bit gamma correction, the XKChrome provides over 16 million vibrant colors, allowing the user to choose any color with a single tap. Each...
      Fine-tunes your vehicle's style from mild to wild for head turnsSmartphone-controlled multi-zone & 16 million colors
      $199.99 - $329.99
    • (11 reviews)
      # 43269611
      Universal Flexible LED Underbody Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Make your pride and joy stand out from crowd of mundane rolling masses with this eye-popping PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Underbody Kit. Built with leading-edge LED technology, this highly...
      Turns your prized possession into an attention-grabberCreates highly distinctive ground effects that catch the eye
      $87.37 - $116.82
    • (2 reviews)
      # 174227908
      Universal Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar by Putco®. With Amber Turn Signals. Get the attention you have always wanted while improving all-around driving visibility with this 1st-rate Putco LED tailgate light bar. Featuring bright and...
      High Power COB LEDs2000+ LEDs
      $176.99 - $207.99
    • (11 reviews)
      # mpn2245819
      Universal 22" Nite Rider Multicolor LED Scanner Bar by Lumen®. Add original and unique visual impact to your vehicle and increase nighttime visibility when you're alone on dark roads. 48 separate LED diodes allow a range of 20 different...
      Over 20 different scanning operations from traditional "Knight Rider" television show slow pulse to rapid strobe flashesAll scanning programs are available in 7 different colors that include blue, green, light blue, red, purple, white, and yellow
    • (4 reviews)
      # 356735993
      Universal Night Rider Scanning LED Tailgate Light Bar by PlasmaGlow®. Give your truck the latest in custom lighting and increase your driving safety at the same time! These LED lights will illuminate when your running lights, turn...
      Works in conjunction with your factory lightsBrake lights scan sequentially
      $192.14 - $227.62
    • (4 reviews)
      # mpn4477000748
      Universal 8-Pod LED Truck Bed Lights by Lumen®. You’ll be able to see everything inside of your truck bed on the darkest night or with a bed cap or tonneau cover installed with Lumen 8-Pod White LED Truck Bed Lights. Each pod has 6...
      8 light pods with 6 bright LEDs per pod, for even light distribution throughout the truck bedPush-button on/off switch and black sheathed wiring for hassle-free installation
    • (12 reviews)
      # 75090434
      Universal 15.5" Illuminated LED Wheel Kit by Oracle Lighting®. Fine-tune your ride’s visual appeal from ordinary to extraordinary with this eye-catching Oracle Lighting 15.5" Illuminated ColorSHIFT No Remote LED Wheel Kit. Designed to...
      Adds a jaw-dropping edge to your vehicle’s lookVibrantly lights up wheel wells and barrels
      $169.99 - $271.99
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      # 860602
      Universal SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Underbody Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Get unsurpassed underbody lighting with the SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Kit. This kit is the brightest available, with over 400 super bright LEDs. With the...
      120-degree wide angle LED tubes cast light far outside the vehicle for the greatest effectOver 400 super-bright LEDs offer unlimited shades of color
      $385.21 - $490.26
    • (5 reviews)
      # 860425
      Universal GloWire Neon LED Strip by PlasmaGlow®. Go with this ultra-bright GloWire Neon LED Strip from PlasmaGlow to highlight any area in the interior or exterior of your vehicle. The use of the strip is only limited by your...
      Universal fit, can be installed on any vehicleCan be used both inside and outside the car
      $33.48 - $47.09
    • (4 reviews)
      # 91554490
      Universal Engine Bay Lighting LED Strip Kit by Oracle Lighting®. For maximum quality, brightness, and longevity, choose this Oracle Engine Bay Lighting LED Strip Kit that features top-grade USA-made Bridgelux SMD chips. The strips are...
      Lights up your engine bay with styleHigh-quality Bridgelux SMD Chips
      $59.46 - $194.56
    • (4 reviews)
      # 356735987
      Universal Fire and Ice Flexible LED Tailgate Light Bar by PlasmaGlow®. Add custom LED lighting to your vehicle and improve your driving safety at the same time. This LED tailgate bar illuminates when your running lights, turn signals,...
      Works in conjunction with your factory signalsAdds unique custom style and safety to your rig
      $87.39 - $130.65
    • (2 reviews)
      # 527645219
      Universal B-Light Battery Powered LED Truck Bed Light by TruXedo®. 1 Piece. Powered by 3AA batteries (not included). You no longer need to be in the dark when searching for items in your truck bed at night. Nor do you need to roll up...
      No wiring! Just peel, stick & go!Super bright LED strip
      $35.95 - $59.95
    • (1 review)
      # 75090240
      Universal Concept LED Strip by Oracle Lighting®. Choose these impressive-looking LED strips fromOracle Lighting, which can be a perfect, eye-catching solution for customizing your headlights, tail tights, turn signals, or marker lights....
      Semi-rigid high-powered SMD stripsEach strip contains over 140 extra-bright LEDs
      $38.25 - $144.46
    • (4 reviews)
      # 356735990
      Universal Flexible LED Wheel Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Give your wheel wells a crowd-drawing, custom glow with this dazzling PlasmaGlow Flexible LED Wheel Well kit. These LED lights will project a smooth, bright radiance from underneath the...
      Will set your ride miles apart from the restLEDs encased in rugged transparent rubberized tubing
      $87.37 - $240.75
    • (1 review)
      # 356735989
      Universal FireStorm Scanning LED Tailgate Light Bar by PlasmaGlow®. 2 Pieces. This newest generation Plasmaglow LED Tailgate Bar is microprocessor controlled and features red or amber sequential scanning LEDs for your turn signals, red...
      Works in conjunction with your factory signalsAdds unique custom style and safety to your rig
      $192.14 - $245.61
    • (5 reviews)
      # 860480
      Universal Door Handle LED Light Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Put bright colors in unexpected areas and take your car to the next level of style with the PlasmaGlow LED door handle kit. These LEDs are so small that they can easily mount under the...
      Gives your door handle openings a unique glowUniversal, can be installed on virtually any vehicle
    • (1 review)
      # 180518238
      Universal E-Light 500 Rechargeable LED Truck Bed Light by Extang®. Pushing out up to 500 Lumens of battery-supplied light at the highest of its 3 different settings, the e-LIGHT 500 has more than enough impressive power to illuminate...
      Illuminates the entire bedUniversal fit
      $99.00 - $594.00
    • (4 reviews)
      # 635262047
      Universal 15" Night Raider LED Scanner Tube by PlasmaGlow®. This Night Raider LED Scanner Tube from PlasmaGlow can be used as an addition to your security system, a scanning 3rd brake light, or a standalone scanner. It is 15 inches long...
      Brightest scanner available on the marketGives a head-turning scanning effect
    • (0 reviews)
      # 356735976
      Universal 2.1 Million Color LED Underbody Kit by PlasmaGlow®. Get the ultimate in underbody lighting with the PlasmaGlow Flexible Remote Control 2.1 Million Color LED Kit. With the included digital control box, you can make the color...
      Instantly fine-tunes your bike’s personality from meek to meekUltra-bright, color-changing LED tubes vibrantly illuminate the underbody
      $256.51 - $340.58
    • (3 reviews)
      # 635262112
      Universal 8" Night Raider Hood LED Scanner Tube by PlasmaGlow®. For the ultimate upgrade to your hood scoop, look no further than the PlasmaGlow Night Raider Hood LED Scanner Tube. The 8" bar mounts in any hood scoop and features fluid...
      Brightest scanner available on the marketGives a head-turning scanning effect
      $66.76 - $133.52
    • (0 reviews)
      # 95338317
      Universal LED Underbody and Interior Kit by XKGlow®. Designed to cover the entire vehicle, this kit combines XKGLOW's most popular underbody and interior single color kits into the best value package. In addition to 12pc compact and...
      Single color, 3 light mode undercar and interior kitDesigned to create eye-catching special accents
      $99.33 - $110.96
    • (1 review)
      # 95338323
      Universal LED Underbody Kit by XKGlow®. Awe inspiring, optimized for the premium light coverage of underbody, this 14pc kit is one of XKGLOW's most popular. Compact and ultra-bright lights that enhance your vehicle, this all-included...
      Single color, 3 Light Mode Undercar Kit8pc ultra-slim 24" tubes deliver impressive illumination
      $93.32 - $104.02
    • (11 reviews)
      # 15856330
      Universal Plasma Halo Kit for Headlights by Lumen®, 1 Pair. Increase your vehicle’s wow factor while improving visibility with LED Halo Rings. Previously exclusive to luxury cars, now for little cost and a few hours of work any...
      Gives your car, truck, or SUV a unique, distinctive appearanceProvides increased illumination, making your car more visible to other drivers and improving your motoring safety
      $30.78 - $43.00
    • (1 review)
      # 860591
      Universal 12" LumaTape LED Strip by PlasmaGlow®. This LumaTape LED Strip from Plasmaglow is the last word in custom lighting. The strip is extremely bright and features 30 high-intensity LEDs. Also, it's thin, flexible and completely...
      Especially designed for a custom lighting jobUniversal, can be installed on any vehicle
      $27.23 - $36.76
    • (7 reviews)
      # 85201046
      Universal Exterior LED Underbody Kit by Oracle Lighting®. If you're looking for an extremely bright exterior LED Underbody Kit, look no further than this top-grade product from Oracle that can be used for almost limitless purposes. The...
      Provides high-intensity illuminationBridgelux LED's made in the U.S.A.
      $11.99 - $141.41
    • (2 reviews)
      # 568739696
      Universal Mini LED Tailgate Light Bar by Recon®. 1 Piece. Don't be left in the dark. Improve safety and all around driving visibility by adding a set of lights under the tailgate of your truck. With this Recon high-intensity mini LED...
      Universal fitment for nearly every pick-up truck & SUVFunctions as brake, running, turn signal lights на Functions as brake (all 11 LEDs), running (3 LEDs), turn signal lights (5 LEDs for both left and right sides)
      $49.95 - $69.95

    Some car customizing trends are enduring while others come and go. The chromed out and flamed rod with wide whites that was “it” back in the day, would be strictly retro now. And while your matte finish, body kitted cruiser rolling on 24s is in vogue at the moment, who knows how it will be viewed tomorrow. But if you want to outfit your machine with the latest in custom style, with accessories that are sure to have staying power, you need our exterior LED lighting. With these lights installed on your car or truck, your ride will turn heads today and for all the tomorrows to come.

    The variety of lights on the page before you is only possible because of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Their diminutive size and cool operating temperature allow LEDs to be mounted in places that would be impossible for conventional incandescent lamps. They radiate a lot of light for their size, but at the same time use much less energy, so unlike other electrical accessories you can mount as many as you want without straining your system. They’re impervious to shock and vibration, so they’re perfect for rugged off-road trucks and SUVs, and they can be made to emit light in different colors.

    Armed with these illumination advantages the imaginative designers at our custom lighting manufacturers created unique accessories that will take your exterior lighting to the next level. For a look that will leave ordinary far behind there’s nothing like lights in unexpected places. The flexible light strips and rigid tubes in an underbody light kit can illuminate the underbody, wheel wells, and other areas, in single colors or in millions of shades and color changing patterns. This mesmerizing display can be operated by a wired switch mounted inside your vehicle, wireless remote, or on some kits, from an app on your smartphone. We also offer kits designed specifically to accommodate the unique space requirements of motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and even golf carts.

    What better way to show off a set of custom rims than with an LED wheel ring kit. They attach to the brake rotor dust shields, illuminating the barrels of the rims as well as performance brake mods like drilled and slotted rotors, and multi-piston aluminum calipers, all in your choice of colors. We have lights for your hood scoop, lights for inside of your grille, and some that even scan back and forth for a “knight rider” effect. Replace ordinary emblems with our illuminated badges or emblems surrounded with an aura of light. LED door handles will guide your hand in the darkness and LED Door projectors will light your way into the cabin, via a projected image of your vehicle’s make or model logo or a custom image of your choice.

    If you have a pickup, we have LED light bars that tuck neatly between your tailgate and bumper and illuminate with the running, brake, turn signal, hazard, and back up lights. Some kits scan sequentially with the turn signals for an eye-catching effect. But don’t stop there! We have many more ways you can amp up your hauler’s style and visibility including 3-function LED running lights that border the base of the cab, 4-function LED mud flaps, and bumper steps with perimeter LEDs that also light up along with your running lights, brake lights, turn signals and reverse lights. And if your truck or SUV is of the 4x4 variety we have waterproof LED rock lights that are not only ideal for making the terrain visible but can also be used to illuminate and show off a modified suspension and driveline.

    If Halo headlights are on your ride’s bucket list but custom headlights aren’t in the budget, we have Halo kits that can be installed right in your OE headlight housings. Choose from the segmented appearance of SMD (Surface Mount Device) LEDs, the soft glow of CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) Halos, exceptionally bright unbroken light ring Plasma LED Halos, or show-stopping color changing Halos that can be programmed for numerous colors and effects like fading and strobing. We offer color changing kits that include a wireless remote control, and our latest kits can be controlled with an app on your smartphone. We also have Halos for fog lights and tail lights as well as waterproof surface mount Halos for select applications that mount to the outside of the light housing.

    Besides boosting curb appeal, these lights will also make your car or truck more visible, increasing your safety. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) are a proven way to improve visibility, but if your vehicle doesn’t have them or the factory DRLs lack pizazz, we have attractive LED DRL modules in a selection of shapes and sizes as well as easy to install LED light strips that attach to your headlights with 3M adhesive. We also offer LED strips that are so thin they can be tucked in just about anywhere, many available in your choice of color. Additional lighting will increase your vehicle’s visibility, but we also have lights that will improve its usefulness and functionality, including LED truck bed lights that will make everything in the cargo box visible at night or under a cap or tonneau cover.

    Another space that could stand some livening up courtesy of LEDs is your engine bay, especially if you’ve invested in a lot of chrome and polished engine trim. We offer flexible LED strip engine bay lighting kits in various colors, so you can highlight your engine compartment in a complementary shade. They’re waterproof and heat resistant to withstand the rigors of engine bay use and easily attach with 3M adhesive. There’s no better way to accent the heart of your machine than with bright, colorful light reflecting off chrome and polished stainless steel, and with these lights installed your ride will be the hit of the car show or drive-in whenever you pop the hood. In addition, we also have universal-mount heat resistant white LED lights to illuminate the engine bay for servicing.

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    XKGlow® KS-Moto-Standard - XKchrome App Control Multicolor Motorcycle LED Underbody Kit
    So far this kit works as described and have enough length for me. Price there was unbeatable! Look hot at night and remote control works without any issues. Happy with this order!
    Posted by Renee Williams Jr (Essex,dagenham, LO) / August 5, 20181999 Indian Chief
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