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      # sp5273
      Disc Brake Hardware Kit by Carlson®. When you are installing disc brake pads, install new hardware to ensure quiet, dependable braking performance. This kit by Carlson makes a world of difference giving you the confidence in knowing...
      OE quality at an affordable priceOE fit and function
      $1.81 - $25.84
    • (3 reviews)
      # sp5283
      Drum Brake Hardware Kit by Carlson®. To complete your brake job, use this kit by Carlson that offers all the components necessary for even shoe contact and wear. It includes all the components necessary to return the shoes after brake...
      Restores like-new braking performanceReduces brake noise
      $2.57 - $21.76
    • (1 review)
      # sp5292
      Parking Brake Hardware Kit by Carlson®. This hardware kit by Carlson includes all parts needed to make the parking brakes operate properly ensuring even shoe contact and wear as well as eliminating brake noise and drag. The components...
      Minimizes brake drag to improve gas mileagePrevents premature brake wear
      $3.49 - $20.18
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      # sp5285
      Drum Brake Return Spring Kit by Carlson®. This kit includes all the return springs necessary to ensure that the shoes will be pulled away from the drum maintaining a specified amount of running clearance between shoes and the drum for...
      Keeps brake shoes in proper position and returns them to a proper resting state after braking for optimal performance and extended lifeMeets or exceeds original part specifications
      $2.15 - $7.54
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      # sp5262
      Brake Bleeder Screw Set by Carlson®. A brake bleeder screw is normally mounted at the highest point on each cylinder or caliper and used to release air and old brake fluid from the brake system. When it comes to replacement, this...
      Releases air and fluid from the brake systemOE fit and function
      $2.35 - $6.22
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      # sp5265
      Disc Brake Anti-Rattle Clip Set by Carlson®. Say good bye to irritating brake noise with this premium set. These components are all you need to get a direct replacement and ensure quiet brake performance. All units are manufactured to...
      Helps reduce brake noise and dragMeets or exceeds original part specifications
      $1.37 - $17.46
    • (1 review)
      # sp5267
      Disc Brake Caliper Guide Pin Boot Kit by Carlson®. Designed to meet the highest OE standards, this product will provide extreme durability, excellent performance, and precise fit. The kit includes all guide pin boots needed to reduce...
      Protects the caliper guide bolts and slide pins from moisture and contaminates that can cause corrosionHelps protect your investment by assuring brakes perform at an optimum level
      $1.97 - $12.02
    • (1 review)
      # sp5270
      Disc Brake Caliper Guide Pin Set by Carlson®. The components provide a precise fit and require no modifications for installation. This set includes all guide pins you need to complete your brake repair job ensuring proper caliper...
      Ensures proper caliper movement and brake system stabilityHelps prolong the life of rotors and pads
      $1.47 - $10.85
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      # sp5264
      Brake Shoes Hold Down Kit by Carlson®. Designed as a direct replacement for your corroded and deteriorated brake shoe hold-downs, this kit includes everything you need to properly install the shoes eliminating brake noise and drag while...
      Properly secure shoesEliminates brake noise and prevents brake drag
      $3.01 - $45.49
    • (1 review)
      # sp5271
      Disc Brake Caliper Piston by Carlson®. If the finish of the caliper piston is damaged, the piston can't slide smoothly causing a caliper sticking problem. To restore braking performance, replace your piston with this one by Carlson...
      Provides proper performance throughout the lifetime of the caliperOE quality at an affordable price
      $4.29 - $48.75
    • (1 review)
      # sp5272
      Disc Brake Caliper Repair Kit by Carlson®. Rebuild your brake caliper using this repair kit that includes OE spec seal(s) and boot(s) needed to prevent leaking and ensure long-lasting service life of the caliper.
      Restores the caliper to leak-free optimal performanceEconomical alternative to caliper replacement
      $1.52 - $12.31
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      # sp5276
      Disc Brake Key Spring by Carlson®. If a caliper key spring is lost or damaged, install this quality replacement from Carlson to ensure the caliper key is secured. It is designed to provide a precise fit, excellent durability, and high...
      OE quality at an affordable priceOE fit and function
      $1.46 - $3.29
    • (1 review)
      # sp5278
      Disc Brake Pad Installation Kit by Carlson®. When replacing brake pads, install this kit. The components included are manufactured using exclusive Quiet Clip Technology, which ensures quiet brake performance. The kit meets the most...
      Designed for the vehicles’ first brake jobVarious materials available including exclusive Quiet Clip Technology
      $3.17 - $8.06
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      # sp5280
      Drum Brake Adjusting Lever by Carlson®. As the brake shoes wear down, the running clearance between shoes and the drum should be adjusted to provide predictable and reliable braking performance. The adjusting lever is an essential...
      Ensures adjustments occur at proper intervals, which helps improve the life and performance of the brake systemHelps prevent excessive pedal travel
      $1.84 - $3.63
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      # sp5279
      Drum Brake Adjusting Lever Return Spring Set by Carlson®. As the shoes wear down, the gap between them and the drum increases. When it reaches a predetermined distance, the adjusting lever advances the adjuster gear to maintain proper...
      Ensures proper adjustment lever operation so adjustments occur at proper intervals, which helps improve the life and performance of the brake systemMeets or exceeds original part specifications
      $1.18 - $3.95
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      # sp5296
      Backing Plate Dust Hole Cover Set by Carlson®. Openings in brake drums or backing plates are necessary to allow brake shoe adjustment, but they must be covered otherwise to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from contaminating the brakes....
      Prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from entering the brake drum and causing damageDirect replacement
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      # sp5294
      Brake Hold Down Spring Top Cup Set by Carlson®. Whenever the shoes are replaced, the brake hardware should be inspected and replaced to ensure reliable, efficient, and quiet braking performance. The hold down spring top cups are no...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsExact fitment and direct replacement
      $1.05 - $2.69
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5289
      Drum Brake Spring Hold Down Pin Set by Carlson®. With these products by Carlson Brake Parts, you get OE quality, and durability at a competitive price. Manufactured to the highest standards of the industry, these spring hold down pins...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsExact fitment and direct replacement
      $1.37 - $15.36
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      # sp5295
      Brake Hose Lock Set by Carlson®. Made of premium material, these locks will provide extra strength and superior durability. This set includes all the hose locks you need to complete your brake repair job and secure all brake flexible...
      Secures flexible hosesPremium quality at a competitive price
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      # sp5266
      Disc Brake Caliper Bushing Set by Carlson®. Install this set by Carlson to restore brakes to like-new performance, ensure proper guide pin function, and protect the pads from premature wear. All the bushings included are designed to...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsDirect replacement
      $0.91 - $5.70
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5282
      Drum Brake Adjusting Screw Assembly by Carlson®. To ensure the proper amount of running clearance between shoes and the drum is maintained, replace your adjusting screw assembly with this one made by Carlson. It meets all OE...
      Ensures adjustments occur at proper intervals to improve brake system's life and performanceMeets or exceeds original part specifications
      $4.06 - $8.45
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5281
      Drum Brake Adjusting Screw Spring Kit by Carlson®. The components are made of high-quality materials to last long and meet all OE requirements for fit, form, and function. This kit includes adjusting screw springs for one axle, so the...
      Keeps adjustment screw securely attached to brake shoesEnables brake adjuster to operate and keep shoe to drum clearance within specification, which helps improve the life and performance of the brake system
      $1.64 - $4.42
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      # sp5284
      Drum Brake Hold Down Spring Set by Carlson®. Ensure your brake shoes are properly positioned on the backing plates and ready for effective braking performance by replacing weak and deteriorated hold down springs. Carefully designed to...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsExact fitment and direct replacement
      $1.40 - $5.04
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      # sp5287
      Drum Brake Self Adjusting Cable by Carlson®. After many miles and years of use self-adjusting cables can stretch or break, leaving you with excessive shoe clearance, poor braking performance and too much pedal travel. Keep your shoes in...
      Maintains operation of self-adjusting lever for proper brake shoe adjustmentManufactured to OE standards and specifications
      $1.87 - $3.54
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5286
      Drum Brake Self Adjusting Cable Guide Set by Carlson®. Designed to properly route self-adjusting cables, these guides provide a precise fit while ensuring OE quality and superior durability. With these products, the cables will be...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsExact fitment and direct replacement
      $1.58 - $2.36
    • (1 review)
      # sp5288
      Drum Brake Self Adjusting Repair Kit by Carlson®. Manufactured to the highest OE standards and specifications, all the component included will look, fit, and function like an original part without breaking the bank. This kit includes...
      Maintains clearance between the shoes and drumEnsures balanced braking performance
      $2.78 - $23.05
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5290
      Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder Link by Carlson®. This product is made from the highest quality material and offered at a price you can afford. Meeting all OE standards and specifications, the product is properly positioned in the shoe notch...
      Meets or exceeds original part specificationsExact fitment and direct replacement
      $1.34 - $3.43
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5291
      Electronic Pad Wear Sensor by Carlson®. The pad wear sensor will illuminate the brake light on the dash, alerting you that brake pad replacement is required, and allowing enough time to make repair before rotor damage or complete brake...
      Senses when brake pads wear outOE fit and function
      $1.85 - $13.26
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp5277
      Low Frequency Noise Damper by Carlson®. Say good bye to irritating low frequency brake noise with this innovative product by Carlson. Thanks to its incorporated silicone spring, this low frequency noise damper successfully eliminates...
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
      $9.80 - $14.67
    • (0 reviews)
      # sp12399
      Disc Brake Caliper Support Springs by Carlson®. These anti-rattle springs will help prevent vibration which can result in brake noise. Made of premium material to OE standards, this set will bring you the highest level of quality and...
      Reduces brake noiseOE quality at an affordable price
      $2.21 - $12.91

    Constantly striving to develop new products and provide its clients with the highest quality brake parts, Carlson has become one of the most respected brake part manufacturers in the world. From its base in Lima, Ohio, today the company develops, designs, and manufactures products built on a long tradition of quality workmanship using all the knowledge and experience it has gained during its more than 40 years of existence.

    Being an innovator in domestic and foreign brake hardware, Carlson Quality Brake Parts provides premium brake materials for all segments of the automotive aftermarket, including but not limited to medium duty trucks. Thanks to its competitively priced products and unique availability, the company remains a leader in aftermarket brake hardware. Today their catalog includes a comprehensive selection of Carlson brake hardware and repair kits.

    Carlson brake parts are made using the company's exclusive, noise-reducing Quiet Clip technology to eliminate brake noise and brake drag while ensuring proper pedal feel and even brake pad wear. Developed especially for domestic applications, the company offers new Carlson Caliper Pin Boot Kits and Drum-In-Hat Parking Brake Kits that are designed to help technicians make faster and easier hardware replacements.

    Every product by Carlson is independently tested to ensure the highest level of quality and durability as well as a precise fit. It takes only a few extra minutes during a pad and rotor replacement to install new brake hardware, which is an inexpensive way to ensure the brake repair job is complete, and you can say good bye to irritating brake noise. Moreover, Carlson products eliminate brake drag while preventing soft pedal feel and premature brake pad wear.

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    Bench Bleeding Does Not Prevent Hemorrage
    Carlson® - Master Cylinder Bleeder Kit
    It sounds good. Bench bleed the MC. The return hoses do their job. You bolt the bled MC in place. By the time you get the brake lines - those semi-rigid steel tubes - reconnected, your MC has been loosing brake fluid and that means you have a mess to clean up. The MC went in fine - exact fit, etc. Skip the bench bleeding. Do all the bleeding at once in a far more controlled and LESS MESSY manner. Install the MC and connect all the lines Bleed each line one axle at a time. Skip bench saves mess and wasted brake fluid.
    Posted by Gilbert L (Mechanicsburg, PA) / June 13, 20181995 Toyota Avalon
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